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There are so many things to remember when moving house, it would be impossible to keep track of all of them in your head. That’s why so many people choose to create a moving checklist to ensure everything is done as it should be and that they know where all their items are during the move.

You might even end up with more than one moving checklist, with a removals checklist for your belongings and a moving checklist for other things like sorting out mail redirects and utilities. How you plan your checklist is really up to you, but here are a few of the things we think should be included on your moving and removals checklist:

Lists of belongings:
Write a list of your main possessions: appliances, large furniture pieces, garden equipment etc.
Note by each category as to whether it is going to the new house, into storage or being sold / binned.
Create an inventory of other items you own that will be coming with you. Make a list of any other items you plan to put into storage.

To do lists:
Cancel home insurance, notify car insurance and life insurance of the new address and moving date.
Transfer of services to your new address, for utilities, TV, internet, phone.
Book a suitable removals firm that you are confident can carry out the work needed.
Redirect your post, locate and hold onto important documents like your passport & drivers licence.
Have enough medication to cover the moving period, and start the registration process with your new doctor.

Packing lists
Your packing lists will depend on how and what you have to pack. Rather than trying to list all the contents on the outside of the box, which risks them getting damaged, lost or becoming unreadable, a simple solution is to number each box and keep a list of the contents of each numbered box in a notebook.

Survival kit
Packing a survival kit will ensure you can spend the first night at the new house in comfort, even if you don’t have time to tackle any serious unpacking. This should include:
Toilet roll
Hand wash and towels
Tea / coffee / sugar
One cup, one glass, one plate and one set of cutlery for every family member
A change of clothes and underwear for everyone
PJ’s and bedding for everyone
Kids favourite toys and stories

Last minute checks
Record all meter readings
Ensure you have the keys for the new house
Check all cupboards, shelves and rooms for any forgotten items
Secure all windows, switch off water, gas and electricity supplies