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Tips For House Moving

Tips For House MovingGet a quote

Moving home is up there with death and divorce as one of life’s most stressful experiences, and if you are planning a relocation in the near future, no doubt your head is already full of questions and concerns about the physical moving process. As a company that has carried out many hundreds of house removals over the years, we hope to be able to share some key house moving tips that will help to put your mind at ease a little.

Our top house removal tips

1. Start early
If you are in the waiting period of getting contracts signed and finding out your final moving date, it might seem like you’ve got ages to plan for your move. However, the four to six weeks you have to get organised will soon fly by, so one of the most important tips for moving house has to be start now! Even if it’s just a little sorting out, planning or list making, every little will help.

2. Clear out your clutter
We accumulate immense amounts of clutter in our lifetime, so start sorting yours out and make your house removals job much easier. When planning a house removal tips to help you be clutter free include:

  • Do ten minutes a day and see great results in a week,
  •  Don’t try to do everything at once,
  •  Start in one area and move on,
  •  Make three piles: Keep it, sell or give it away and bin it.

3. Pack from the top down
Start packing as soon as you like, but start at the top of the house and work down. This means you can clear one room at a time and that you won’t be falling over boxes all over the ground floor before your movers arrive. Make lists and label boxes so you remember what’s in them and make sure you know where they need to go at the other end.

4. Find out about your new area
Don’t forget that as well as all the stuff, the most important thing you’ll be moving is yourself. Most house moving tips will forget this important step, but as it is your whole household moving, it will help everyone settle in if you know where the major facilities are and how things work at your new address.

5. Find a good, local moving company
As a specialist Dorset removals company, we know the towns and villages well. This means we can find a good place to park, and will not have to rely on our sat nav to find our way around!

We hope that our house removal tips have helped you plan for your move. For more house moving tips, contact us today.