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Relocate Your Entire Office in Dorset

Posted on 24/03/2024 by Nick Johnson
Smaller Home Moves with Johnson's Man with a Van Dorset

When relocating your business, many factors can contribute, with common reasons being space issues, an increase in rates or rental costs, to name a couple. Before you make this decision, it’s crucial that you take your time and don’t rush into securing a property or booking your removal service.

Whatever your reasons for moving are, you should use a reliable removal company like Johnson’s of Removals for your office relocation.


  • Is It Easy to Relocate an Entire Office?
  • What Are My Office Removals Options?
  • What’s the Difference between DIY and Pro Movers?
  • Can I Use Storage to Move Gradually? 
  • Will My Office Relocation Cause the Company Downtime?
  • When Should I Start Organising Office Relocation?
  • Finding Removal and Storage Provider in Dorset

Is It Easy to Relocate an Entire Office?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. That doesn’t mean this will be an uphill struggle, but moving an entire company will never be a walk in the park. However, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of issues occurring. The best way to do this will be to book your office relocation with Johnson’s Removals.

The next thing you’ll do is read your current lease and determine the final date of tenancy. You must notify your landlord or agency of your relocation plans within the agreed notification period. You can look for other commercial properties once you are on top of this stage. To help you search, you should find a reputable estate agent specialising in commercial rentals.

Additionally, work backwards from the departure date to the present day. This is how you’ll split your relocation tasks into more minor action points. Once you have your action points, assign deadlines to each one and delegate them to your team. Creating this comprehensive list of tasks will make things much easier regarding the big moving day. Not only that, but you’ll have more time to avoid any undue delays and unnecessary downtime.

The first task now is to contact Johnson’s to book your relocation. We will help during the planning stages. It will help if you complete at least two or three action points per week in the run-up to your final week. The goal here is to prevent loss of productivity and to complete an efficient relocation. You’ll have plenty of time to notify your clients and suppliers as you complete each action point.

What Are My Office Removals Options?

At Johnson’s, we will discuss your specifications at length to create a tailor-made office relocation for you. We have a fleet of removal vehicles to choose from, making it possible for us to take on any size of office or commercial relocation. We can move you out on Friday to start in the new office on Monday morning, especially if we can start planning as early as possible. We’ll assign a lead person to oversee the relocation for larger or more complicated removal jobs.

The Johnson’s office removals team are experts in business relocations, often with experience in IT or trade. We can undertake all your IT and communications infrastructure and migration, including equipment installation. We can arrange your office so it’s a mirror image of your current one, or we can start with a fresh design layout.

Johnson’s not only delivers a high standard of removal service, but we also do it all at affordable prices. Every company deserves a quality relocation service, so our rates are below the industry standard.

What’s the Difference between DIY and Pro Movers?

Several factors should be considered before deciding to relocate. Weigh these factors to determine the best route for your budget and available resources.

Van Hire Quotes

Firstly, there are vehicle hire costs, so ring around and get at least three separate quotes for the van size you need. That does lead to a potential issue because knowing the correct vehicle dimensions for an efficient move is challenging.

Helping Hand

Secondly, ensure you have support from at least one other person, but ideally two – you’ll need extra hands and strong backs for lifting and the strenuous stuff.

Plan the Moving Day

Lastly, don’t forget to consider when you’ll perform the relocation—weekends are better due to the extended completion period. Still, hire rates may be more or less available.

DIY Costs Explained

While DIY moves are typically cheaper on paper, they have some downsides. You will pay double the van hire if you run overtime, which occurs frequently. Even with the best organisation, you could lose a helper in the run-up and be a person short. However, the biggest problem is that this is a lot of work slung onto your shoulders – quite literally, in this instance.

Benefits of Using Movers

The main benefits of professional movers are their years of experience and expertise, our ability to minimise downtime, and the fact that we use proper removal equipment.

Insurance Liability

One final point – insurance providers often stipulate conditions for your coverage against a relocation, stating the need to use a reputable mover – check this before deciding on the route for you.

Can I Use Storage to Move Gradually? 

If you work with a removal and storage provider that promotes flexibility, then it’s a firm yes. At Johnson’s Removals, we consider this staggering your move due to breaking the relocation into parts. This option is perfect for companies who need to make space by packing non-essentials and moving out of the office or workplace.

It’s also worth noting that this enables us to load directly from the storage unit on your moving day, so it’s no extra hassle for you. Many people use storage for archive documentation retention to streamline and reduce office clutter, so this is the perfect opportunity to begin that process. Additionally, you have more space to figure out your new office workspace layout, which reduces downtime.

Last but by no means least – this is the best way to safeguard your equipment and furniture. Business self storage through Johnson’s Removals offers the ultimate level of protection for your items from theft or unforeseen damage, which can occur with packed boxes and containers around the office. In a nutshell, storage gives you control over your timeline and clutter, not vice versa.

Will My Office Relocation Cause the Company Downtime?

We wish this were a solid no, but regardless of how much effort you put into preparing your office move, there will be downtime to navigate. The primary consideration here is working with a professional Dorset moving company that can efficiently reduce it.

In most instances, extended downtime happens because of poor planning, cutting corners, and using heavily discounted removal packages. Even domestic removals fare better when there’s a plan in place, but a strategy is non-negotiable for an office or workplace relocation. If your movers don’t have one, it’s time to replace them with a more credible provider as soon as possible.

Johnson’s first point of order is correct assessment and determining how your business operates. If an operational element involves a production line, we need to know this from the outset.

Another example of how we reduce operational interruptions is working over a weekend. We begin the move on Friday and try to have you up and running by Monday morning. That’s no easy task, but it’s possible with the correct organisation and oversight.

By working with Johnson’s Removals, you’re hiring the best Dorset has to offer. Our team has expert-level packing and handling skills, with partners who can handle complex tasks like IT migration and white glove distribution. This ensures we provide a high-quality service that meets our lofty performance standards.

When Should I Start Organising Office Relocation?

We often receive this question, so it’s worth covering to ensure you don’t run into a timeline issue or forget essential tasks.

Start Today

After reading this blog, the short answer is straight away – even if you’re only pondering an office or workspace move. A key factor in any successful office or commercial relocation is time and making the most of what you have. You must avoid wasting your time by creating more of it with prompt action.

Minimum of Three Months

If we give a general number, we suggest a minimum of three months between now and the relocation. This gives you ample time to find a new location and sort out the lease and paperwork.

Benefits of Professionals

Similarly, you can find a reliable moving company to assess and help you form a strategy. Then, it’s a case of updating your staff and assembling a team to help you plan and execute the move.

Room to Sort Issues

You also have wiggle room for unexpected issues that crop up because it’s also business as usual while juggling the big move. You now have plenty of time to contact suppliers and customers, which means you can add it to your marketing to create some buzz – essential for retailers seeking some opening-day traction.

Finding Removal and Storage Provider in Dorset

We won’t beat around the bush—Johnson’s Removals can cover every point raised in this blog. But let’s review some best practices for sourcing a removal provider.

Get Three Quotes

However, do some due diligence and seek at least three quotes from different moving providers to compare the costs and services offered. Note that every quote should be free and without obligation to sign up.

Balance Cost and Excellence

Remember – balance is necessary, so the aim is to align the budget with customer service. You achieve this by checking out Google for ratings – look for companies with over ten reviews with a score of 4.5 average and up.

Accreditation and Quality Standards

Next, check their accreditation – BAR (British Association of Removers) is the standard, but a solid internal Quality Policy is proportionate. Unsurprisingly, Johnson’s Removals meets every point, and we relocate hundreds of businesses annually.

Johnson’s Removals – Dorset’s Office Removal Experts

At Johnson’s, we cover Dorset and its surrounding areas, including Dorchester, Shaftesbury, and Sherbourne. Customer service is vital to our company ethos and influences everything we do. That’s why we’re the number one choice for businesses in Dorset—they know we can deliver the right removal service for their company.

When moving an entire company, it pays to use a reliable and reputable company. And that’s what thousands of businesses do every year in Dorset. Our expert office removal team can dismantle your current office and quickly get you up and running in your new location.

If you want to relocate your business to Dorset, contact us today. We guarantee to reduce your downtime and have you operational immediately.

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