How Property Developers Can Use Our Removals and Storage Services in Dorset

Posted on 31/03/2019 by Nick Johnson

Whether you’re a professional property developer or you have an interest in home renovations, it’s useful to have various options for associates and partner companies at your disposal. Even in a housing market that doesn’t have a massive influx in new developments, Dorset still has a vibrant property development industry. Ultimately, it’s about hard work, understanding the local market and potential customers, all while keeping your costs low. That’s why you should have a reputable company like Johnson’s of Shaftesbury on your list of contacts.

Johnson’s has a range of removals and storage services that are ideal for any property development project in Dorset. We’re a business-friendly company that has an intimate knowledge of running a successful enterprise for many decades. At Johnson’s, we keep our rates competitive which helps property developers reduce their costs for each project they work on. It doesn’t matter if you’re developing a building for commercial or domestic purposes – Johnson’s is the right partner for you.

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Storage in Dorset from £14 per week for 250 Cubic Feet – Imagine What You Could Fit in That!

Posted on 20/02/2019 by Nick Johnson
strorage in Dorset

Whether you’re looking to improve your living spaces at home or increase the usable size of your office, everyone can benefit from using storage. For some reason, quite a lot of people feel that storage is expensive and restricts them to long rental contracts. This isn’t the case when you rent a storage unit with Johnson’s of Shaftesbury. We provide container storage from as little as £14 per week, and we don’t force people onto any length of a contract.

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Auction Houses in Dorset – Use Johnsons Removals for Collections and Deliveries

Posted on 24/01/2019 by Nick Johnson

Dorset is home to a plethora of auction houses that provide unique events and purchasing opportunities throughout the year. For buyers who attend auctions or auction house owners – you may need assistance with the collection or delivery of items. This might be because you don’t have a have a suitable van available when you need to transport goods home or to a buyer’s address. Fortunately, Johnson’s of Shaftesbury has been working with auctioneers for years and often undertakes collections and deliveries.

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Searching for the Perfect New Home in Dorset for 2019

Posted on 09/01/2019 by Nick Johnson
Searching for the Perfect New Home in Dorset for 2019

If 2019 is going to be the year in which you search for a new home in Dorset, it’s better to kick things off on a positive note by starting early. Although the term New Year resolution isn’t as popular now, the ethos of making positive changes to our lives continues. Same goes when we renege on those good intentions before January closes. It’s possible to find your dream home in Dorset, but it will take a lot of research and action to make it happen.

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Preparing to Sell – How to Get the Most for Your Dorset Home

Posted on 30/11/2018 by Nick Johnson

When people put together a plan for selling their home, they often jump forward several steps by placing their house or apartment on the market straight away.They immediately think of speeding up the process, rather than trying to work out the best way to present their property. This approach works well for properties that need little to no work. But it can also have the opposite effect if there are some aesthetic or maintenance issues.

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Getting Rid of Clutter Before Your Next Relocation in Dorset

Posted on 13/11/2018 by Nick Johnson

The moment you have been waiting for is happening! Your bid is in the process of being accepted, and the reality of your new home is becoming very real.Now that you have a rough idea of your moving in date – it’s time to start organising your big move. You should take the opportunity to get rid of some clutter and items you no longer use. It’s a fresh start, and you should only move with things you need.

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Reasons Why You Should Relocate to One of Dorset’s Scenic Towns

Posted on 08/10/2018 by Nick Johnson
Reasons Why You Should Relocate to One of Dorset's Scenic Towns

There are many reasons why people consider uprooting and relocating to a new village or town in another part of the country.It could be because of an upcoming retirement, and you no longer need a large house. If you have a young family, maybe you’re looking for somewhere with low crime and decent schools. It’s all about finding something that suits your needs in a place where you can enjoy your free time. And many of them find themselves drawn to Dorset’s many quaint towns or villages.

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury relocates thousands of people into Dorset every year. We always encourage feedback to see why they chose our county as their new home. For some people, it was necessary to get better value for money which is especially true if you live in London. The one thing we’re confident about is that there is a new home to suit everyone’s tastes and budget in Dorset.

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Providing Removals and Storage for Gillingham, Sherbourne and Shaftesbury

Posted on 05/09/2018 by Nick Johnson
Removals Company Dorset

If you’re looking for a removals and storage company in Dorset, it’s essential that you book with a reliable company. There are lots of ways to find potential companies online, in addition to checking out their online reviews. By using previous customer feedback, you can determine whether they match up to the standard you’re looking for. It’s worth the extra research and effort to ensure that your possessions are free from damage.

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Garden in Dorset

Posted on 22/08/2018 by Nick Johnson
Easy Ways to Improve Your Garden in Dorset

There aren’t many sayings that evoke instant cultural heritage more than a ‘proper English garden’.The concept of an English landscape garden is something many people consider an essential part of their home. And more importantly – it can add value to your home. If you have a garden that could do with an upgrade, there are some affordable, quick fixes to help improve your pride and joy.

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Don’t Leave it Late – the Advantages of Booking your Removals Company in Dorset Early.

Posted on 07/08/2018 by Nick Johnson
Don't Leave it Late – the Advantages of Booking your Removals Company in Dorset Early.

You’ve done it! All those months of viewings and negotiations are over, and you’re moving to your new dream home in Dorset.It’s a massive achievement and a fresh start in a new location. However, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. There are a few things you need to organise before you pop the cork on the champagne. And the first place you should start is finding a reliable removals company.

One of the main things to avoid is leaving things until the last minute. If you plan ahead and keep to a timeline, you’ll be ready for your big relocation to your new home. Johnson’s of Shaftesburyhas been moving people in Dorset for over one hundred years. We have first-hand knowledge of every part of Dorset, and we guarantee to make your relocation as stress-free as possible.

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