Providing Removals and Storage for Gillingham, Sherbourne and Shaftesbury

Posted on 05/09/2018 by Nick Johnson
Removals Company Dorset

If you’re looking for a removals and storage company in Dorset, it’s essential that you book with a reliable company. There are lots of ways to find potential companies online, in addition to checking out their online reviews. By using previous customer feedback, you can determine whether they match up to the standard you’re looking for. It’s worth the extra research and effort to ensure that your possessions are free from damage.

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Garden in Dorset

Posted on 22/08/2018 by Nick Johnson
Easy Ways to Improve Your Garden in Dorset

There aren’t many sayings that evoke instant cultural heritage more than a ‘proper English garden’.The concept of an English landscape garden is something many people consider an essential part of their home. And more importantly – it can add value to your home. If you have a garden that could do with an upgrade, there are some affordable, quick fixes to help improve your pride and joy.

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Don’t Leave it Late – the Advantages of Booking your Removals Company in Dorset Early.

Posted on 07/08/2018 by Nick Johnson
Don't Leave it Late – the Advantages of Booking your Removals Company in Dorset Early.

You’ve done it! All those months of viewings and negotiations are over, and you’re moving to your new dream home in Dorset.It’s a massive achievement and a fresh start in a new location. However, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. There are a few things you need to organise before you pop the cork on the champagne. And the first place you should start is finding a reliable removals company.

One of the main things to avoid is leaving things until the last minute. If you plan ahead and keep to a timeline, you’ll be ready for your big relocation to your new home. Johnson’s of Shaftesburyhas been moving people in Dorset for over one hundred years. We have first-hand knowledge of every part of Dorset, and we guarantee to make your relocation as stress-free as possible.

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Need More Room? Tips on Upgrading to a Larger Property in Dorset

Posted on 24/07/2018 by Nick Johnson
Questions To Ask When Viewing A Property

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for people to buy one house and remain there for decades. Nowadays, it’s more likely that we will live in several properties as our needs change. From our student share-house to our first mortgage, we tend to look for something larger with each move. And if you’re finding your current apartment or house is cramped, it might be time for you to search for an upgrade.

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Enjoy the Summer at One of Dorset’s Best Coastal Hotspots

Posted on 09/07/2018 by Nick Johnson
Enjoy the Summer at One of Dorset's Best Coastal Hotspots

Dorset is one of the UK’s favourite summer destinations, with thousands of visitors descending on the Jurassic Coast every year.The appeal is a guarantee of plenty of sunshine, stunning beaches, friendly seaside resorts and beautiful scenery. Once you visit the unique county, we’re confident that you’ll be back to enjoy many holidays here.

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The Importance of Our Community Work at Johnson’s

Posted on 21/06/2018 by Nick Johnson

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury is known as Dorset’s favourite removal and storage company. This is all down to our customer service and friendly staff who go the extra mile for our customers. In addition to providing the best removals and storage services, we always promote positive work in our community. And when we can, we do our part to contribute.

The Johnson’s team are all residents of Gillingham and Dorset. And we believe that everyone benefits from the positive action in our community. That’s why we try and play our part whenever we can. We recently had the opportunity to help out Gillingham School with a donation of a musical instrument.

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Dedicated Elderly Moving Service in Dorset

Posted on 05/06/2018 by Nick Johnson
strorage in Dorset

Moving home is one of the most stressful experiences anyone can undertake. If you’re planning a relocation for an elderly relative or friend, it can get even trickier. For some people, moving might be less of choice than a necessity. And that means a lot of furniture and items aren’t as easy to pack up and prepare for collection. That’s why it pays to book with a reliable removals company like Johnson’s of Shaftesbury.

At Johnson’s, we understand that any relocation for a senior needs additional planning. Not only that, but the move itself requires a professional level of courtesy that elderly people deserve. We not only respect our elders, but it’s also our job to make sure that their relocation is stress-free. That’s why Johnson’s has a removals service that is specially designed for elderly people.

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Archive Document Storage in Dorset

Posted on 24/05/2018 by Nick Johnson

Are you finding that your office is becoming overcrowded with paperwork and filing cabinets? Even with the drive for greener office solutions, the use of paper is still relevant for most companies. And with proof of purchase and other invoices for accounting, it’s vital to retain some of your paperwork. So, what’s the solution for a company in Dorset that’s finding it difficult to find suitable storage for their documents?

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Smaller Home Moves with Johnson’s, Man with a Van Dorset

Posted on 09/05/2018 by Nick Johnson

If you’re thinking of moving home in 2018, you’ll thank yourself if you start planning as early as possible. This will help you find the right services for your relocation, in addition to reducing any stress. Even if you’re moving to another part of Dorset, it’s still a very stressful and challenging task. And if you’re relocating to Dorset from another part of the UK, it can seem even more so.

One of the advantages of starting to plan everything early is being able to find the right removals provider. Johnson’s of Shaftesbury is Dorset’s favourite removals and storage company, and we go the extra mile for our customers. We always assess each move to ensure you receive the right service, which includes the right vehicle.

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The Best Days Out this Springtime in Dorset

Posted on 23/04/2018 by Nick Johnson

Spring is a magical time of the year, especially if a county with lots of green spaces. Dorset is the ideal location for anyone who’s looking for outdoor activities and events. You won’t find anywhere else in the UK with as many days of sunshine. Nor are you likely to find somewhere with so many things to do. And even though we’re halfway through spring, there is still lots of unmissable events.

The Johnson’s of Shaftesbury team is fortunate enough to be able to enjoy Dorset all year. We know that there is always something to do when we have time off. It’s also no surprise when people decide to relocate to Dorset. That’s why we’ve put together some of our top tips for the best upcoming events and days out in Dorset this spring.

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