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Top Tips for First-Time Homeowners in Dorset

Posted on 17/10/2022 by Nick Johnson
Top Tips for First-Time Homeowners in Dorset

For tenets who rent their homes and seem to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of renting, becoming a homeowner would be a dream come true. However, there’s a reason why millions of people find themselves in this predicament, and it’s often impossible to pay rent and save for a deposit. And for people who don’t have a safety net of staying with a relative, this can often rule buying a house or flat out of their immediate plans.

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Property Prices in Dorset 2022 – What’s right for You?

Posted on 19/09/2022 by Nick Johnson
Moving Services Dorset: Your Ultimate Checklist for a Stress-Free Move

If you’re looking to buy property in Dorset, we’re sure you will be looking at the local market conditions and are very mindful of your budget. Whether you’re thinking of making a move or want to stay ahead of the curve, read on for our guide to Dorset property prices. This is relevant to first-time buyers and others looking for a change of scenery.

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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Moving House

Posted on 09/08/2022 by Nick Johnson
Choosing the Most Efficient Removals Company in Dorset

If you’re moving house soon, there are a few mistakes that you need to avoid. It can be easy to forget something important amid all the chaos. But, if you take the time to plan, you’ll make the process much smoother. Plus, you can reduce the chances of something going wrong if you give yourself time to prepare for your relocation.

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Garden in Dorset

Posted on 05/07/2022 by Nick Johnson
Upgrading Your Garden in Time for Summer in Dorset

The English Country Garden 

For many people, a home isn’t complete without a garden to exercise their green fingers and landscaping techniques. Luckily for people in Dorset, it’s one feature that most properties have as standard.  Dorset is a very green country, with a lot of open fields, rolling hills, and wide skies.  Quaint thatched cottages and the quintessential English country garden.  A great place to cultivate this timeless art of English heritage, with plenty of formal gardens to visit for inspiration.  As we are talking about the quintessence of English Country gardening, here are two sets of five suggestions for what you can do this time of year in your treasured plot. 

Five things to do in your garden in late summer 

1. Trim back your wisteria 

Once this classic trailing beauty has flowered it is time to cut its voracious growth back.  Cut back the green shoots of the current years’ growth to five or six leaves.  Pay attention to where the enthusiastic wisteria has climbed, particularly where it may be encroaching on your neighbours, or any guttering and drainpipes.  A rigorous pruning will encourage flowers next year, rather than leggy stems. 

2. Prune back climbing roses 

Deadheading roses is a given, in order to keep their flowers coming. If you have climbers which do not flower again, now is a good time to cut them back and tidy up.  Cut back long messy new shoots from this growing season, and shape for next year. 

3. Don’t dry out the lawn

Be aware in late summer that if you cut the lawn too short in a dry spell, you will lose the green lush feel of it.  If you can cut lightly this time of year it is advised unless it’s been a rainy summer. Avoid using lawn fertilisers this time of year. 

4. Trim back hedges 

As the birds have finished their nesting season, it is a good time to tackle the task of the hedges.  As the summer growth spurt is underway, it’s a great time while you have good weather on your side to shear back to what looks sharp and trim. 

5. Kitchen garden 

As your harvest is likely have begun trickling in, your activities will be dependent on what you grow.  There will still be growing opportunities for quick growing radishes, herbs and mizuna and pak choi, so continue to sow these seeds.   Pinch out the top of your runner beans to encourage side shooting.  If you need to pinch out the side shoots on tomatoes, try to keep up with them. Now is a good time to feed tomatoes high-quality potash feed. 

Five Ways to uplift your garden

1. Painting

When the weather is good and dry, it’s a great time for some outdoor renovations. Consider if you have outdoor buildings that could do with a new facelift. Once you have a colour scheme, you can add old, tired garden benches to the upgrade list.  Also, if you have old shelving units from the house and garage, they can create great spaces for arranging your container garden.  Unify them all with the same colour outdoor paint, and you will have a steady vibrant theme. 

2 Wildflower zones 

Wildflower zones are increasingly popular in gardens. Firstly, they provide a lot of pollinating opportunities and encourage bees and wildflife.  Secondly, they are beautifully striking when flowering. Finally, they require minimum upkeep, and provide belts of living floral foliage.  In order to prevent them from spreading, penn them in with steady borders of stone or sleepers. 

3. Lighting and fire features 

Although it is a departure from the traditional English country aesthetic, solar lighting is a cheap way of adding some nocturnal enchantment to your garden. For instance, illuminating a pathway with solar lights can be both practical and appealing.   For a striking and classic look, you could invest in some outdoor firelamps that work with oil or natural gas.  Alternatively, you may find that having an outdoor firepit answers all your elemental needs in one location. 

4. Restructure your beds for next year 

Striking combinations of grasses and salvias can renovate beds dramatically.  Deer resistant Salvia’s block planted can provide incredible structure and colour. Offset with feathery fine grasses, you have a combination that will require little maintenance and deliver contrast and airiness to your border or bed.  As a perennial bed, you can rely on the bright colours and structure of the Salvia to be a great backdrop for highlighting other zones of the garden.  Get ideas this summer for where you can make changes for next summer’s display.

5. New seating areas

Eating and drinking in the summer garden are the best ways to enjoy these halcyon moments. Creating new spaces to dine or get refreshments can give you a whole new angle on your garden experience.  Above all, it maximises the outdoor potential for getting together, which we all appreciate these days.  While you may think this involves a major redesign or investment in garden furniture it need not be the case. For instance, a seating zone can be defined by an existent boundary.  Consider a garden wall as a great place to plan a new seating area, or against the wall of a garden building.  Where you have a sense of shelter and shade is going to be ideal.  With some upcycled garden benches and tables, painted in your theme colour, you can easily construct a whole new region in your garden paradise. 

Garden storage 

At Johnsons of Shaftesbury, we have a number of keen and professional gardeners and landscapers that use our storage units. We offer excellent domestic and business storage options to suit everyone’s needs. There is no lease or minimum storage period to worry about, making it easy to store for as long as you need to. If you are developing a gardening or landscaping business, we can provide you with ample storage for you safely and securely store tools and any equipment you may need to hire from time to time. 

Johnson’s – Dorset’s Number One for Removals and Storage –

The Johnson’s of Shaftesbury team serves the whole of Dorset and the surrounding areas. With over one hundred years of experience in removals and storage, our team has a rich history of providing the best customer service in Dorset. That’s why we have a loyal set of customers who always return to use us for all their removals and storage needs.

Johnson’s offers a range of removals and storage packages to suit everyone’s requirements. It’s a simple but effective ethos: more service options equal a better service for our customers. And for us, customer service is our number one priority. At Johnson’s, we always approach a job with a positive attitude and a drive to provide the best service possible.

We appreciate how important upholding the tradition of gardening is in Dorset, and how much value it can add to a property.   If you require more storage space to fulfill your landscaping dreams, then we are happy to help.  You can find our willing team here ready to give you a competitive quote. 

What’s on in North Dorset this Spring 

Posted on 02/05/2022 by Nick Johnson

After the Easter weekend, Spring is well and truly in full swing, and thankfully 2022 sees the return of many local festivals and activities.  Dorset hosts many music festivals as well as food festivals and sporting events for residents and visitors alike. Along with the Purbeck passion for outdoor activities, North Dorset also celebrates its beautiful landscape with the Dorset Cycle Ride and various running festivals. With a range of incredible food festivals, it’s possible to indulge your passion for gastronomy and stay in shape in the most scenic surroundings.  

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Relocating to Spain from the UK – Superior European Removals

Posted on 04/04/2022 by Nick Johnson
Relocating to Spain from the UK – Superior European Removals

For decades now, people have chosen Spain as their new home, and it remains a favourite destination for Brits who want a better quality of life. Moving to a new country is the ultimate test of anyone’s organising and multitasking skills. Some parts of Spain are now synonymous with the large contingencies of expats. But is it too difficult to move there after Brexit?

While there are some additional steps, nothing officially prevents people from setting up a home in Spain. It does mean checking rules and regulations thoroughly before making any commitments. That’s where you need to consult the experts, and we’ll give you pointers. You’ll enjoy the highest levels of European removals with Johnson’s Removals.

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How Property Developers Can Use Our Removals and Storage Services in Dorset

Posted on 02/03/2022 by Nick Johnson
How to Deal with an Emergency Winter Relocation

Whether you’re a professional property developer or you have an interest in home renovations, it’s useful to have various options for associates and partner companies at your disposal. Even in a housing market that doesn’t have a massive influx in new builds, Dorset still has a vibrant property development industry. Ultimately, it’s about hard work understanding the local market and potential customers, all while keeping your costs low. That’s why you should have a reputable company like Johnson’s Removals on your list of contacts.

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Why Do People Move to Dorset?

Posted on 01/02/2022 by Nick Johnson
How to Use Google Reviews before Booking a Removals Company in Dorset

Thousands of new residents move to Dorset every year, and it’s one of the prominent places for people who relocate from larger cities and towns. As evident throughout the various lockdowns, a shift in what homeowners consider vital features is changing. And the lure of city life seems to be on the wane. But what’s makes Dorset so appealing to those who want to trade the 24/7 lifestyle, and does it necessarily mean a completely new way of living?

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Relocating Your Office in Dorset with Johnson’s

Posted on 03/01/2022 by Nick Johnson
Relocating Your Office in Dorset with Johnson's For any business owner who's looking into moving to a new office or workplace next year, there are some things you need to consider before jumping into the deep end. For many, budget is a crucial part of this, and, understandably, you're looking to trim costs wherever possible. Even the cheapest office removal will set you back with some upfront costs. It's worth remembering that things aren't always what they seem, especially for bargain removals prices and DIY moves. Remember, the main thing is to cost things out in detail from various perspectives. Using professional like Johnson’s Removals will give you a level of service that's not possible if you do this yourself or with some removal's providers. The Low-Down on Office Relocations – If you're moving from a smaller office into a larger space, you will want to take your current office furniture with you. Most office desks and chairs aren't cheap, and if they're in working condition, it doesn't make sense to buy new ones. Additionally, you'll be doing a good deed for the environment by reusing instead of buying new. Your IT system and other electronic equipment will be even more expensive, and the added cost of purchasing any new items is a cost your company can do without. You may need to buy additional equipment later, so it's best to keep the money for that and retain what you have now. Once you're in the new office, it might be a good idea to undertake a furniture and equipment audit to check. For now, it's better to try and conserve your budget and put it towards your upcoming office removal. However, nothing stops you from pricing new work items for ease of reference. The same goes for organising your big move. Start by getting at least three quotes for the relocation, starting with Johnson's Removals. DIY or Work with the Professionals? To save money, you can hire your own vehicle, roll up your sleeves and do the move yourself, but this isn't always as cost-effective as it first looks. For one, you're paying for a hire vehicle on a daily rate, and if you go over that day, you must pay the next day again. You've also taken an entire day of your own time to do the removals. Because you're not a qualified removal expert, you risk damaging your items and yourself significantly if you don't lift heavy objects properly. So, what's the best option for removals that is also cost-effective and will ensure that your office move happens seamlessly as possible? The solution for businesses in Dorset is Johnson's Removals. We have the perfect balance between affordability and providing the best customer care and service delivery available. We offer a range of removals and relocation services – and we're known as the best company for office relocations in Dorset. Our team works within strict deadlines to ensure that your office move concludes on time and every aspect of your move is planned in detail to consider things like traffic issues. Johnson’s knows every area of Dorset consummately, and we use this knowledge and our specialist removals skills and training to full effect. Why Some Businesses Use Storage – Businesses have storage requirements that aren't always met within their work building, much like a household situation. Then there are times where seasonal demand increases and additional space is necessary for a temporary period. Regardless of your needs, Johnson's has the right service to meet your requirements. We also offer an Archive Service if you want to store your legal and/or essential paperwork and documents offsite to help free up space in your new office. The more space you allocate to your primary work, the easier it will be to promote efficient work practices and health and safety measures. Furthermore, you won't have a series of filing cabinets taking up room in your office, and your vital documents will have the best protection. Our storage warehouse offers a range of self storage packages to suit everyone's circumstances. If your company has a production element and you'd prefer to have an offsite option, then we have the storage service to fit your needs. We'll give you a helping hand by performing a thorough assessment to determine the most suitable level of storage for your business. Every Type of Business Removals – At Johnson's Removals, we always look at each removal inquiry on an individual basis. From experience, we know that no two moves are the same. This also applies if we're working with companies with similar numbers of employees. Generalising is the first step to a mistake, and we always strive to understand every detail. We can undertake all types of office and workplace relocations. Johnson's has the equipment and expert staff to perform any removals or related service. We pride ourselves on being Dorset's number one company for business removals and storage. We offer the best prices on the market, and we match that with the best customer service you'll find anywhere in Shaftesbury and the surrounding areas. This means we can perform business removals of scale, regardless of the size of your company. Moreover, we'll put together a solid strategy that covers every aspect of how your business operates. The reason for this is so that we can avoid any unnecessary downtime or delays. Our number one objective is to have you up and running straight away. Move Managers for Complex Jobs – When we mentioned creating a strategy in the last section, it's worth delving into more detail about what this means. Office and other commercial removals jobs differ drastically from a domestic move. This is due to dealing with potentially complicated equipment, and specialist skills like IT migration and setting up sensitive electronic devices. Additionally, more coordination is necessary to keep things running right until the moving day, especially for businesses with a production line. You'll also need to factor in the human element regarding working patterns, annual leave, and anything that's HR-related. And let's not forget that you'll need to inform your supply chain, associate companies, and customers of your plans. This is all for what might be considered a typical office relocation. There will always be cases where things are more complex, requiring a higher level of organisation and execution. We'll assign a dedicated move manager to your office removal in situations that fit this description. They'll use their vast experience and expertise to arrange the entire relocation, from the beginning until you're ready to reopen in your new office. Balance Price and Customer Service – When you begin seeking quotes to compare, you'll inevitably find a disparity in prices and information. This is why it's essential that you get at least three quotes from any prospective moving company. However, this shouldn't be the only thing you consider when weighing up which removals provider to book with. You'll need to think of things in terms of good value for money and what type of service you'll receive. There's a lot of truth in the saying that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. More often than not, removals companies that offer very cheap prices do so because their range of services is limited. Similarly, they might not have a particularly good reputation for performing a high standard of service delivery. The problem is – how do you find this out before you commit? The answer is a straightforward one. All you need to do is check each company to see their Google Reviews and Trustpilot ratings. If they have an overall score over four stars, you're on the right track. More importantly – read the testimonials from previous customers. This will give you more insight into the type of service you can expect to receive. You can find our sterling ratings here, and we encourage you to read the related reviews. Johnson's Removals – Dorset's Number One for Business Relocations – While you can do a DIY and undertake the relocation to save money, remember to price it thoroughly. You might find it's not as cheap as you initially think, especially if you hire a van and then don't complete the move that day. Plus, you run the risk of damaging your work's furniture and equipment. That's why it's better to work with professionals when moving to a new office or workplace. The Johnson's Removals team perform complete office relocations every week, and we work with companies of all sizes and shapes. That makes it possible to relocate a small business with five people all the way up to a multinational with hundreds of employees. And we'll provide you with the highest standard of service possible, which is why we often receive bookings from companies in the neighbouring towns and even outside of Dorset. If you want to receive the best office and commercial removals service in Dorset – click here. We'll assess your requirements in full, providing you with a suggestion of the best removal package and a free quote.

For any business owner who’s looking into moving to a new office or workplace next year, there are some things you need to consider before jumping into the deep end. For many, budget is a crucial part of this, and, understandably, you’re looking to trim costs wherever possible. Even the cheapest office removal will set you back with some upfront costs.

It’s worth remembering that things aren’t always what they seem, especially for bargain removals prices and DIY moves. Remember, the main thing is to cost things out in detail from various perspectives. Using professional like Johnson’s Removals will give you a level of service that’s not possible if you do this yourself or with some removal’s providers.

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