Don’t Leave it Late – the Advantages of Booking your Removals Company in Dorset Early.

Posted on 07/08/2018 by Nick Johnson
Don’t Leave it Late – the Advantages of Booking your Removals Company in Dorset Early.

You’ve done it! All those months of viewings and negotiations are over, and you’re moving to your new dream home in Dorset.It’s a massive achievement and a fresh start in a new location. However, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. There are a few things you need to organise before you pop the cork on the champagne. And the first place you should start is finding a reliable removals company.

One of the main things to avoid is leaving things until the last minute. If you plan ahead and keep to a timeline, you’ll be ready for your big relocation to your new home. Johnson’s of Shaftesburyhas been moving people in Dorset for over one hundred years. We have first-hand knowledge of every part of Dorset, and we guarantee to make your relocation as stress-free as possible.

Booking Up Early for a Stress-Free Relocation –

There are a few practical things you’ll need to be aware of when booking your removals service. One is that you’ll need to know what day you can move into your new home. Then, you’ll need to work around your work or home schedule to choose the most suitable day. This is where the main advantage of booking with Johnson’s as early as possible becomes important.

If you contact us when you’re beginning to plan and organiseeverything, it will be much easier to secure your date for relocation. However, if you try to do it the week before you move, we may have no available spaces for that specific date.

Another excellent reason for getting in contact with us earlier is to prepare for any potential issues. Even the best planning doesn’t rule out unforeseen problems. That’s acting promptly becomes crucial because you have plenty of time to make alternative arrangements.

The Johnson’s team will also be able to give you some handy pointers, such as what days of the week are better to relocate. For example – many people try and move on a Friday, so they have the weekend to settle in. The only problem with choosing the end of the week is that it’s the most popular day for relocations and traffic is at its peak.

The earlier you contact us, the sooner we can assist you with organising your big move. Our team will arrange to visit you to assess the volume of items, in addition to agreeing a time for us to help pack your belongingsand take an inventory.

Using the Right Removals Company in Dorset –

It goes without saying that you should use a reliable removals companylike Johnson’s of Shaftesbury for your relocation. If you have any other services you need to use when moving, it’s essential that you do your homework to find the right companies to work with.

There is one method that can improve your chances when doing some online research. Most companies must go through a process to become ‘live’ on Google. This also means that customers can leave ratings and reviews after the job is done. This means you can see which companies get high ratings and the others that don’t.

A general rule of thumb is to avoid any company that has less than four stars. It usually means that they are inconsistent if their customer service or delivery, or they’re consistently bad at both. Fortunately, Johnson’s is a five-star company, which means our customers are in good hands.

It’s our mission to assess and work out what your exact needs are. With that information, we can suggest the most suitable removals package for you. This will include the right vehicle size and the correct number of team members to assist you. We consider everything to make sure we provide the most affordable and efficient removals service for you.

Johnson’s – We’re Dorset’s Favourite Removals and Storage Company –

At Johnson’s of Shaftesbury, our primary focus is matching your needs with the right service. We believe that providing a high standard of customer service is what makes our company stand out from the crowd. People return to use us for future moves and often recommend us to their family and friends.

By contacting us and securing the date you want as early as possible, you’ll have us in your corner throughout your relocation. That way, if there are any issues we can advise you from our collective experience of tens of thousands of relocations.

If there are any gaps in moving dates, we have various storage optionsto tide you over. There’s no need to let negotiations stall or end because the seller needs to amend the moving schedule. You can store your belongings with us while you work out the details.

Don’t leave things until the last minute. Contact ustoday, and we’ll go through our removals services with you.