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Choosing the Most Efficient Removals Company in Dorset

Posted on 25/04/2024 by Nick Johnson
Choosing the Most Efficient Removals Company in Dorset

For anyone planning a move to Dorset, finding a removal company that puts your needs first is essential. Moving can be daunting, and the last thing you need is to be hit with unexpected costs. Fortunately, the convenience of online reviews empowers you to thoroughly evaluate potential companies, giving you control over your moving experience.

There are some other aspects that you should apply to any prospective removal company. Regardless of the size of your relocation, they should provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. At Johnson’s Removals, we have excellent online reviews. We will always aim to make your relocation as efficient as possible.


  1. Finding the Best Removals Companies Online
  2. Man & Van: Efficient and Affordable Removals
  3. The Best Time of Year to Plan and Relocate
  4. Creating a Moving Checklist & Who to Contact
  5. Benefits of Self Storage when Moving Home

Finding the Best Removals Companies Online

The internet’s ability to research companies before we use them has given consumers more power. Every company that is live on Google is now subject to customer reviews and a rating out of five. This makes most businesses strive to improve customer service to increase their online reputation.

Rating platforms like Google offer a reliable view of a company’s reputation, providing you with valuable insights from previous customers. Their ratings and comments are a trustworthy indicator of a company’s authenticity and reliability. Reading these reviews gives you a clear idea of the expected service quality. Discover why our customers consistently rate us as a five-star company here.

Once you’ve identified a few potential companies, the next step is to initiate contact. This can be done via phone or email. This initial interaction aims to gauge how each company handles your query. A reputable company like Johnson’s will strive to put you at ease from the first communication. We’re confident that our friendly staff will provide all the necessary information to assist you in making an informed decision to book with us.

Man & Van: Efficient and Affordable Removals

Dorset is a county with few densely populated areas. Because of this, there are many roads that a smaller van can handle better than large vehicles. This is especially true in the autumn and winter months. Rural roads often have sharp corners, which suit a man and van vehicle.

Using a smaller van might also be cheaper than booking Johnson’s larger vehicles. You get the same high-quality service while saving money. Less expensive deals are also available during quieter periods, which you can contact us to discuss further. This would typically be earlier in the week when we still have available job openings.

If your new location is close enough, it might be more cost-effective to make several trips in a smaller van instead of one trip in a bigger vehicle. This can even benefit people with a lot of possessions. A man with a van package may be better if the items aren’t large or bulky.

Johnson’s smaller vans are also better for more built-up areas. The man-and-van vehicles find it easier to drive in congestion. If an accident causes traffic, our team can change the route to avoid delays wherever possible. The smaller vans can also use more minor roads that larger vehicles would struggle with.

The Best Time of Year to Plan and Relocate

There’s one question we often receive from first inquiries: How long should you give yourself before moving?

When to Book Removal

We recommend a minimum of three months between now and your moving day, but even that’s cutting it fine. The average time to sell and move in the UK is between 12 and 27 weeks, and we suggest adding another 4 weeks to any estimate for cleaning and repairs.

The significance of timing in the moving process cannot be understated – it’s the difference between a positive relocation and the opposite.

Start Planning Now

By starting early, you’re gifting yourself wiggle room should something unforeseen cause a problem. If you waste time, it can come back to haunt you because you need more time to complete everything. 

One vital aspect to understand is what time of year to relocate. We’ll cover some of the basics by season, but we suggest you dive deeper into the details. 

Summer Most Popular

Summer is the most popular month to relocate, and this is due to people traditionally taking more time off and better weather conditions. The downside is fewer booking spaces with popular moving companies, so you struggle to book your removal job.

Spring & Autumn

Although spring has been less predictable weather-wise lately, it tends to attract more bookings due to the milder climate. Autumn relocations are also favourable for this reason, especially during September, with the tail-end of summer close by

Winter Least Popular

Winter is the least favoured time of year to move, primarily due to the harsher conditions. Sunlight factors into this, with few hours of daylight to perform the move. However, there is a silver lining because the availability of removal companies increases.

Johnson’s for All Seasons

Regardless of when you choose to move, Johnson’s Removals adapts its services based on the time of year. You won’t have to worry about us struggling with rain, sleet, or snow – we plan and accommodate them all.

Creating a Moving Checklist & Who to Contact

Next, we’ll go over some practical tips for planning and performing the move. The only way to do this properly is to write it down on paper (or its digital equivalent).

Create Moving Checklist

Map out a detailed checklist covering various aspects of the moving process, from pre-planning to post-move tasks. Start today by reading about moving checklists and creating your own. It’s simple to adapt an existing one like ours to your needs.

Use Blank Calendar

Use this alongside a blank calendar – this allows you to timeline the entire relocation. Then, use the calendar to allocate tasks per day, week or month.

Who to Contact

Finally, start listing everyone who retains your personal information. Here’s a brief list of typical providers, but it’s not exhaustive:

  • Gas and electric.
  • Internet and telecommunications.
  • Council tax.
  • GP and healthcare.
  • Bank/building society.
  • Subscriptions and store credit.

Finally, if you book with Johnson’s, we’ll send you prompts and reminders wherever necessary throughout the build-up to your big move.

Benefits of Self Storage when Moving Home

Most people don’t consider one aspect of moving: how cramped and messy things get. As you begin decluttering and packing, you’ll struggle for space. Luckily, a solution solves a few issues in one go.

Self Storage

If you’re moving home, you have one ace up your sleeve: storage. Imagine this: somewhere outside your house or apartment where you can move packed boxes? Many of our customers do this. They rent a self storage unit and transport and store anything they’re not using, and store it.

The beauty is your moving day – we’ll pack everything from the unit before heading over to pack the items from your home. It also helps when decluttering because the simple way to evaluate whether to keep something or not is to decide whether you would pay to do so

Security Matters

Security is a priority concern at Johnson’s Removals. Your possessions are safe and secure in our storage facilities. CCTV coverage of the entire depot and site, including vehicle recognition and individual pins and alarms on each unit. Nothing gets in or out of the depot without our knowledge and clearance.

Storage Options

Johnson’s has various storage options, including short-term, long-term and business solutions. We integrate storage services into their relocation packages and the added convenience they provide customers.

Johnson’s Removals – The Best Moving Company in Dorset

At Johnson‘s, we have a range of vehicles to make it possible to undertake every type of relocation. No job is too big or too small; we do it all. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into your first apartment or upgrading to a four-bed detached house. We will match the right vehicle and removal package to make it an efficient and affordable relocation.

It’s crucial to the Johnson’s team to keep our prices as low as possible. We believe in making removals and storage packages affordable for everyone. Couple this with our high customer service standards, and you can enjoy the best of both worlds—a value-for-money service that provides you with the best removal service possible.

Johnson’s team prides itself on being Dorset’s favourite removals and storage provider. We are part of the Master Removers Group, an elite network of companies that can move people from anywhere in the UK.

Contact us today to discuss our range of removals and storage services. We’re confident that we can offer the most efficient and cost-effective relocation in Dorset.