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Moving elderly people to a new home presents a whole new set of challenges for the family. As well as the many belongings that have to be accounted for and properly packed, there is a whole set of emotional baggage that needs to be dealt with too. Whether you are moving with elderly parents to a smaller home, helping them relocate to be closer to family, or going into assisted living accommodation, the move must be planned and executed safely and sensitively to avoid any heartbreak.

Whether you are moving your loved ones to the Dorset or Wiltshire area to be closer to you, or planning removals for elders who are leaving the area, our top tips for elderly moving will help to make the whole experience more comfortable for them.

Three top tips for elderly moving

1. Planning removals for elders
The key component of successful planning is to empower your elderly relatives to make their own choices about removals. Allow them to be sad, to express emotion and to let go of the memories that their old home hold. When moving with parents, expect there to be a lot of trinkets and emotionally valuable ‘clutter’ to plan for as well as important items.

2. Sorting tips for elderly moving
When you are sorting through belongings, appreciate that what may seem like junk to you may be incredibly important to them. No doubt you are trying to downsize, but that doesn’t always have to mean things get thrown away. Consider putting some things into storage, so they still have them even if they can’t have them in their new home.

3. Making removals for elders safer
It is important to plan for safe removals with elders, so that nobody ends up injured or in danger on the day. Don’t overfill boxes so they are too heavy to lift, and encourage your elderly relatives to keep busy with cleaning and directing the move rather than shifting heavy items themselves. Choose a removal company that is accustomed to elderly moving needs and which has the patience and sympathy to help with this big day.