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How to Deal with an Emergency Winter Relocation

Posted on 19/12/2022 by Nick Johnson
How to Deal with an Emergency Winter Relocation

Most relocations are a straightforward process that, while it isn’t always pleasant, isn’t over and above what you might expect. You agree on a date that aligns with your completion date of the end of your tenancy. Then it’s a case of listing a few potential moving companies and choosing the one that meets your requirements and budget.

However, there are those rare but panic-stricken situations where you need to move asap. This defies the norms of a relocation because no one anticipates an emergency move. Unfortunately, they occur for several reasons – the good news is Johnson’s Removals can handle it. We’ll discuss some ways to prepare for the unpredictable and how to deal with a last-minute relocation.


  • The Main Causes of Emergency Relocations
  • How to Deal with a Gap in Moving Dates
  • The Completion Day Process and Potential Pitfalls
  • The Renters Problem – Hoping Everything Aligns on Moving Day
  • Use a Home Inventory Now to Prepare
  • Contact Johnson’s Removals for Last-Minute Help
  • Johnson’s Removals – Your Emergency Solution in Dorset

The Main Causes of Emergency Relocations

While there is any number of unique problems that might crop up, there are several common ones. We’ll discuss some of these in this article and hopefully give some tips to counter them. The main thing to remember in every relocation – early planning goes a long way. You can reduce issues by starting your preparation as early as possible.

Last-minute relocations tend to be external issues that are outside of expectations. Things like issues with a landlord or a problem with a mortgage chain are prime suspects. If something significant occurs, it can send everything into a tailspin. The best way of tackling this is to remain calm and contact Johnson’s Removals.

The main thing to sort out is the short-term priorities while remaining as calm as possible, no matter how difficult that is. Once your possessions are secure and safe, you can deal with the rest afterwards. We’ll begin by looking at how you can do this when an unexpected gap occurs in moving dates.

How to Deal with a Gap in Moving Dates

The relocation timeline isn’t always as set in stone as we would like. Through no fault of your own, you might receive a notification that you can’t move into your new home. This will undoubtedly put you in a tough spot if you need to vacate your current property. While it’s not a typical situation, it’s better to know how to tackle this problem if it arises.

First and foremost – you need a temporary secure place to store your possessions above all else. You could always ask family and friends to help, but it’s not the best choice. It’s still not sure how long it’ll take to sort out the issues causing the delay. That’s why taking control of the storage situation yourself is better.

Johnson’s Removals has various storage options to choose from, and we’ll go through each with you. We’ll be able to collect your belongings and transport them back to one of our units. You’ll have a secure place to keep your items, and you can deal with the underlining issue and find temporary accommodation.

The Completion Day Process and Potential Pitfalls

Completion day is when all the money moves from the buyer to the seller. If everything goes to plan, you can pick up the keys to your new home. The lender is an essential player in this process if you’re purchasing a property via a mortgage. And only when the lender receives a Certificate of Title from your solicitor can they release the funds for the transaction.

When the final checks are over and the money is transferred to your solicitor, they will pass on the funds to the seller’s solicitor. When these funds reflect in the appropriate bank account, the purchase is complete, and you can discuss the arrangements for collecting the keys to your new home. And if there’s an issue at any point that causes a delay in payment, this process comes crashing to a halt.

There are various reasons why this typically occurs. After the initial home loan approval, you must avoid taking out any credit. It can affect your affordability rating. Additionally, it’s worth getting all the payments through before Friday. If you miss the 3-pm bank transfer cut-off, your final payment won’t go through.

To summarise: don’t take on any new credit after successfully going through the home loan application process, and ensure all the payments are through before Friday.

The Renters Problem – Hoping Everything Aligns on Moving Day

There’s a long and non-exhaustive list of nonsense tenants will deal with. Forget about the dreaded deposit issues – that’s another story for another day. We’ll be looking at the unusual military planning that is the final day of your tenancy. And the expert coordination skill you’ll need to apply when moving between properties.

If you pack everything on time, the movers turn up on time, and you somewhat chaotically get to the new place a few hours later – you’re winning. It’s a bumpy ride, but this is the best-case scenario. The worst? Your movers cancel the night before, stating a mistaken double booking. Or even further down towards the bottom of the barrel – they don’t turn up.

There are a couple of ways to avoid this issue and give yourself a head start if things don’t go to plan. The first is vetting your prospective movers with a keener eye for detail. Check out their Google Reviews before the allure of a bargain sets in. Often, you’ll see a pattern of red flags appear amongst the phoney ratings.

Next, consider using self storage in the weeks before the big move to balance things. You can declutter and pack gradually, giving you time to inspect as you go. Then you can move your items from the storage unit and anything remaining on the day of your relocation. The main thing to remember – do your homework and balance customer service with prices.

Use a Home Inventory Now to Prepare

You’ll probably spot a theme now – planning early is something of a mantra at Johnson’s. Essentially, you aim to complete as much as possible straight away. That gives you room to breathe later, especially during the final week when things are anything but calm and collected. And if you don’t, then you’ll experience fewer stress-free moments.

Give yourself a boost by starting your home inventory today. You can download a free or cheap app for your iPhone or Android. Then you catalogue items from every room – most apps allow you to save images and write descriptions of each object. Now you can share this with your insurance company and removals provider.

You can also think about the future when you arrive at your new home. This helps when thinking about your new house or flat and where everything will go. If you notice various things you don’t use – it’s much easier to sell with the image and details. You’ll never regret putting together a home inventory, and it’s a win-win situation.

Contact Johnson’s Removals for Last-Minute Help

Now we’re at the final piece of the emergency relocation checklist – Johnson’s Removals. We won’t lie; our removal roster fills up quickly because we’re known as Dorset’s favourite movers. That said, we have a network of partner companies to work with. And if you’re in a challenging position, we’ll do everything possible to arrange a relocation for you.

It’s a natural reaction to panic if your moving dates change without warning or your original movers don’t pitch up. Remember that it’s a temporary blip – contacting Johnson’s is the next step. We’ll calmly go through your requirements and see what we have available. If needs be, we’ll liaise with our network and put a plan in place.

For some, that’s arranging a removal job immediately or within twenty-four hours. In other circumstances, we’ll consult our storage team to discuss the best option. It might be a combination of both situations – the only thing you need to know is if we’re here to get your move back on track. Additionally, we have a Packing service available for all removals packages.

Johnson’s Removals – Your Emergency Solution in Dorset

Moving is undoubtedly a stressful task to undertake, even if things go relatively smoothly. You’ll have plenty of things in your work and home life to add to the chaos. The main thing you want is for your movers to turn up and complete the job on time. And congratulations to Johnson’s Removals customers – you choose wisely.

We mean what we say, and we say what we mean. Our team goes above and beyond for every job we sign up for. And when we do so, that’s our commitment to provide the highest standard of removals and storage. So, if you need a last-minute relocation or secure storage, you know who to contact.

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