Johnson’s – We Offer Every Type of Removals in Dorset

Posted on 27/11/2017 by Nick Johnson
Johnson’s – We Offer Every Type of Removals in Dorset

If you’re planning your next move in Dorset, it’s important to use a reliable company that offers more than just one type of removals service. Although a one-size, low-price fits all approach can look like a good idea, a lot of the time the service is lacking. The companies that provide these basic packages aren’t experts and don’t treat people as individuals. It’s always better to use a company that caters to your specific needs when it comes to your next relocation.

That’s why Johnson’s is Dorset’s favourite movers and storers. We offer everything you need under one roof, and we aim to help wherever we can. That’s why the Johnson’s team always pass on helpful advice about moving. Here are some of our best tips for moving to Dorset.

Your Pre-Move Checklist –

Moving can be a stressful experience, but there are ways to reduce the anxiety. The best way to start is to prepare as much as possible. Here are some basic things you can do to lessen the chaos.

Preparation is key – the earlier you start to plan; the smoother things will go. If you leave things until the last minute, your stress levels will go through the roof. Begin by going through places you’ll need to notify, like utility providers and the council. Make a list of people you’ll need to hire, and before you know it, you’ll have a ‘to-do’ list ready to go through.

Declutter – get rid of the possessions you don’t use. This one is an efficient way to make sure you don’t bring your old problems with you. No, you aren’t going to use those electric plugs you have in various boxes in the garage, it’s best to get rid of them. Same goes for the bundles of clothes you have in the spare room. If you can sell them, do it. If not, give what’s usable to a local charity.

Do your homework – read up on your new town or city in as much detail as you can. Where are the local schools and GPs? Is there plenty of public transport to get around? What are the local amenities like? Is there a lot for the kids to do after school? Make a list of everything that matters to you and see if you can match them to your new location.

Download an app – and possibly more than just one. There are lots of apps for people who are moving, one of the most important ones are home inventory apps. You can now catalogue every item you have and save it by room, making it easy to pack and unpack when you reach your new home. Home inventory apps are also handy when you need to update your insurance.

Book with a reliable moving company – to make sure you get everything to your new home in excellent condition, book with a reputable and dependable company like Johnson’s.


Johnson’s – We’re the Best Removals and Storage Provider in Dorset –

The thing that sets Johnson’s apart from other removals companies is our attention to detail. We believe that every job we do is different from the next. We like to get to know our customers and what their needs are.

That’s why Johnson’s has a range of services that cover every aspect of removals. We move hundreds of people into new homes in Dorset every year, but we also work with a lot of business customers from every industry. We relocate entire offices, including IT systems and furniture, with an aim to reduce as much downtime as possible. Not only that, Johnson’s has an Archive Document Storage service to help free up some space by storing paperwork with us.

When people relocate, there can sometimes be gaps between moves. This can cause issues if you need to be out of your current property by a specific date. It can even lead to a deal for a new house to fall through. By using Johnson’s storage, you won’t have to worry as you’ll have a safe and secure way to store your possessions. Johnson’s offer secure warehouse for long-term storage, or if you need something with more access, we now have self storage.

We don’t just move people in and out of Dorset. Johnson’s also provides removals for all the top European destinations, as well as shipping for international moves. Our team has the experience and expertise make sure everything runs smoothly.

There’s no job we can’t undertake – we have the equipment and expert staff to perform any removals or related service, and we pride ourselves on being Dorset’s number one company for removals and storage. Additionally, we offer the best prices on the market, and we match that with the best customer service available.

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