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Freelancers – How Moving to Quieter Places Can Improve Productivity

Posted on 02/07/2021 by Nick Johnson
Freelancers – How Moving to Quieter Places Can Improve Productivity

Living in metropolitan areas usually means you’re closer to attractions and vibrant things a city has to offer. There’s always a downside, though – typically, the non-stop pace makes it harder to concentrate and get more work done. Additionally, there’s a lack of outdoors spaces when you’re in the centre of a city or larger town. And this was noticeable during the lockdown when thousands of people were moving to the countryside or smaller areas.

That’s why thousands of people are relocating to quieter areas permanently as they strive to find a different path. The reasons might surprise you, particularly when it comes to productivity and reducing distractions. In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of moving to somewhere like Dorset. And the focus is for freelancers who have slightly more freedom of choice for location.

Escape the City and Get More Done –

This might initially sound like a strange suggestion, especially for people who readily associate the business world in terms of city life. But it’s a situation we saw a lot during the lockdown when moving our customers. People were trading in their busy cities for the countryside in droves. And while many did this on a temporary basis, it would lead to something akin to a complete change in mindset.

One of the interesting trends of online data was location searches for moving out of places like London. Like most moving companies, Johnson’s Removals continues relocating people to outlying areas from bigger cities and towns. Issues such as outdoor spaces are a common point of discussion. Additionally, there were issues with interior spaces when you’re inside more.

The rise in remote working has also pathed the way for this new movement of workers who no longer have the same constraints. It’s all about looking at things from a different perspective to see if your current situation benefits you. This can work as a positive affirmation – we can change the way we work. Conversely, it also acts as an ultimatum – I can’t work or live like this anymore.

While the latter is a catalyst for change, we’ll try to look at things proactively. It’s possible to make changes that also improve things like productivity by relocating to somewhere more peaceful. 

Top Tips of Increasing Productivity –

As you can guess already, we’re leaning heavily into the idea of moving to a quieter place. The emphasis is for freelancers who want to increase their productivity and get more out of their homes. One of the perks of big city life is convenience and lots going on. The downside is distractions and a poorer interaction with your home and its living spaces.

So, we’re heading out of the urban non-stop situation to search for a better quality of life. Make sure you take advantage of noise reduction to get a better sleeping pattern. Experient with your daily schedule for the first month and record how long it takes per task. Then you can create a personalised daily plan where you block off timeslots.

When it comes to distractions – try to eliminate them before they work themselves into your day. Use software to block social media sites to line up with your time blocks. Set up your workstation in a room without a TV or other devices. And remember to try and avoid watching a series or the news on your lunch break. The idea is to pack every minute of your workday and then wholly free the late afternoon and evening.

If you don’t have a spare room to convert into an office, the next best option is to use a divider. The main priority is to separate yourself from the house or apartment. You need to have this area to concentrate and complete tasks. And when it’s time to log off, don’t answer work calls, messages or emails. Turn off notifications, set your email to out of office, and tackle them all tomorrow.

Pros and Cons of Remote Working – 

There are pros and cons to consider when working from home if you’re still weighing up your options. We touched on a few in the previous section, and one common downfall of remote working is distractions and procrastination. And they often go hand-in-hand, and it’s necessary to find ways to avoid allowing outside influences to damage your work output.

If you manage to create a separate space and have discipline, there’s no problem, and you’ll find it easy-going. It’s a learning experience, and things will take time to adopt and familiarise yourself. You’ll soon see the benefits of remote working for freelancers, and better working habits will become second nature. The result will be everything tailormade to fit around your commitments and responsibilities.

For every possible con, there’s a solution to counter the issue, and we have a suggestion for how to approach this. By reverse engineering any problems, you’ll be able to plot the steps you’ll need to take. Freelancing away from the hustle and bustle opens up new possibilities and complete control of how you organise your day. Additionally, the likelihood is you’ll get much more property for your money.

Moving to a Commuter Town or Village –

Let’s look at another option where you can commute between locations instead of entirely relocating. And we’ll base this on the example of someone working in London and moving to a nearby town or village. You swap for any large city or town, and this will play out similarly. The bottom line is you can live in a nearby area and still work in the capital. There are some practical considerations, but the goal is feasible.

Train travel is the chosen method for most commuters because it removes the need to use a car and any related traffic delays. If you can find somewhere with a journey time within an hour, this might be the best choice. Then think of things in terms of utilising then travel time for paperwork, catch up on emails, or anything that aligns with your workload. You’re never wasting time by doing this, and most modern trains have Wi-Fi and electrical points.

Additionally, you can mix the two methods – remote working and commuting into your workplace. Discuss things with your boss (if you have one) to see if you can test out a hybrid shift pattern. The likely set-up is a couple of days in the office, then the rest at home. With the advances in technology, it’s just as easy to do without having to be physically in the office all the time. And it’s possible to consider Dorset within a commutable distance to London.

Benefits of Removals and Storage –

A lesser-known service for removals companies is the good ones can set up home offices. Johnson’s were able to offer this during the pandemic and it organically became something people asked us to do. It’s something we’re still open to undertake for our customers. And we have the expertise and equipment to perform this without you lifting a finger.

On top of that, there’s self storage to increase space at home to separate your work and home life. If you’re trying to covert a room for an office, this will help you move your possessions out of the room. Instead of using a divider, just rent a self storage unit and enjoy the additional space it allows. You’ll have no limit on access during our opening hours, making this an extension of your home.

Most importantly – we can move you to Dorset from anywhere in the UK when the time comes. When you’re ready to leave the city behind, we’re an email or call away and can start discussing your requirements. We’ll assess your situation from the first contact, creating a free quote and suggestion of the most suitable service. We’ll promise to make it as stress-free and efficient as possible.

Johnson’s Removals – Dorset’s Number One Mover for Freelancers –

We hope this article gives some insights into how freelancers might benefit from quieter surroundings. For some people, the lockdown was an eye-opener, and it brought about a need for change. People are altering their priorities to improve their quality of life, which directly ties into how they work. You can remove distractions and escape the endless noise of the city.

Customer service plays a pivotal role here at Johnson’s Removals, and we put it at the forefront of everything we do. We think this applies at every stage, which is why we write blogs like this. If we can help someone make positive changes, we’ll do our best to provide information. And we can think of no better place to get more work done than in Dorset.

It’s time to take your freelance career to more productive level. Click here to request a free quote and to inquire about our range of services.