Getting Rid of Clutter Before Your Next Relocation in Dorset

Posted on 13/11/2018 by Nick Johnson
Getting Rid of Clutter Before Your Next Relocation in Dorset

The moment you have been waiting for is happening! Your bid is in the process of being accepted, and the reality of your new home is becoming very real.Now that you have a rough idea of your moving in date – it’s time to start organising your big move. You should take the opportunity to get rid of some clutter and items you no longer use. It’s a fresh start, and you should only move with things you need.

Moving home is a mixture of conflicting emotions and priorities. You might be leaving a home or area you know well and holds some sentimental value. A lot of us keep possessions for similar reasons, even when we no longer use them. That’s why you should look at your belongings objectively and sell, give away or recycle wherever possible. And to help you in your quest for less clutter – The Johnson’s teamhas some tips for you to work through.

Tips of How to Declutter Before You Move in Dorset –

There are three ways of assessing things when you undertake the brave task of decluttering. How often do you use each item? All the time – you can keep it. There’s no need to make decluttering overly complicated. Use it, sell it or give it away.

Use it. If you’re adamant that your power drill you haven’t touched in over a year will be of use, then keep it. The only rule here is to make sure it still works and has a proper case. If you’re unwilling to get rid of alliances and gadgets that are broken, then you’re probably hoarding. So, be sure to enlist a family member or friend to prevent any hoarding activity.

Sell it. If you can make some money while you declutter, then you’re winning. Sites like eBay and Gumtree are an easy way to check if something’s is valuable. You can also sell items at second-hand dealers or high-street shops, but you may lose some of the potential profit.

Give it away. It’s better to give something away if you aren’t using it. Many charities specialise selling second-hand goods at affordable prices. If you look online, you’ll also find a lot of upcycling companies who repurpose old items, and recycling collectives and businesses who take donations and give packages to people on low incomes.

Fresh Starts and Choosing the Right Removals Company –

You don’t want to traipse things you don’t use anymore to your new home. This is a new chapter in your life, and it should only include useful furniture and appliances. The one thing that is essential is that you book with a reputable and reliable removals company like Johnson’s of Shaftesbury.

One of the advantages of using a reputable and reliable company like Johnson’s is the additional assistance you’ll receive. Our team are friendly and approachable, with many of our first-time customers in need of some helpful advice to plan their relocation. We do everything we can to make your relocation an enjoyable one.

Johnson’s has two primary removals services– a Man & Van and Home Removals packages. For smaller moves, we often use our Man & Van removals service and the smaller vans are ideal for peak traffic conditions. If there is unforeseen congestion, it’s easier to change route and utilise side roads with a Man & Van vehicle

If you have a significant volume of furniture and possessions to transport, we have various larger vehicles available. It can often be more efficient to move everything in one go with our Home Removals vans.

Johnson’s – Dorset’s Number One for Removal and Storage –

Johnson’s of Shaftesburyis Dorset’s favourite removals and storage provider. We move hundreds of people in Dorset and surrounding areas every week, and we make a point of delivering a high standard of service. That’s why we have some many loyal customers, as well as hundreds of new ones each month.

The Johnson’s ethos is to make sure our customers receivethe right service. To us, customer service is an essential part of our company. Furthermore, all our services and removals packages stem from feedback from our clients. By doing this, we can offer a holistic removals service that covers all bases.

Moving home is a new challenge and adventure – make sure you don’t drag old furniture or appliances with you for the sake of it. It’s time to make a positive new start by decluttering before you relocate.

Contact ustoday to discuss your next relocation, and we’ll gladly go through our removals and storage packages.