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How to Use Google Reviews before Booking a Removals Company in Dorset

Posted on 25/11/2022 by Nick Johnson
How to Use Google Reviews before Booking a Removals Company in Dorset

If you’re planning a relocation soon, finding a moving company isn’t difficult – there are plenty to choose from. The problem isn’t the lack of options – how do you know what service you’ll receive? If you’ve moved home a few times, you’ll likely have at least one negative experience. And the reasons behind them are typically common, like movers turning up late or not being careful with boxes.

The best way to avoid falling into the same traps is by looking online to see how each prospective company stacks up. Every business on Google has an option where customer can review their service. This collective consumer power makes it easier for others when booking a service provider. We’ll discuss how you can leverage Google Reviews when hiring a moving company in Dorset.


  • Why Do Online Ratings Matter for Removals Services?
  • Are there Other Ways to Check a Company’s Reputation?
  • The Importance of Turning Up and Finishing the Move on Time
  • Excellent Customer Service Leads to Return Customers
  • Sometimes, It’s Better to Avoid Cheaper Moving Companies
  • Professionalism Makes a Huge Difference When Moving
  • Johnson’s Removals – Dorset’s Favourite Removals and Storage Company

Why Do Online Ratings Matter for Removals Services?

In yesteryears, the only way to find a service provider was by asking your family, friends, and colleagues for tips. Word of mouth is still valuable to vet a potential company now. But it’s still subjective or anecdotal to the person giving the recommendation. Otherwise, it was a case of thumbing through the phonebook and hoping for the best.

Luckily, those days are over, and we have far more effective ways of finding the best service. Every business that’s live on Google is subject to a review system. This is independent of both Google (excluding moderation) and the company. That means they can’t remove unfavourable reviews and are subject to evaluation for false ones.

This level of accountability keeps businesses on their toes and ready to provide the best customer service. No one wants to tarnish their professional reputation, and people will post negative responses. At Johnson’s Removals, our five-star ratings are something we’re proud of and aim to maintain. And we always suggest that you balance your quotes with the potential service you’ll receive.

Are there Other Ways to Check a Company’s Reputation?

We suggest going slightly further when you start doing some online sleuthing. You might consider doing additional research if you’re moving to a new city or country. Business removals are always trickier, so don’t short-change yourself by overlooking this stage. The more you know about a prospective moving company, the better, which applies to any service.

There are two ways to give you the upper hand when trying to find a company with an excellent reputation. First, you should contact each company directly by phone and email. This gives you some insight into how they treat potential customers. You’re in a good position if you feel informed and at ease with their response.

Next, when you communicate with them, check if they have quality controls. Johnson’s Removals has a stringent Quality Policy that manages service delivery and customer service. On top of that, we’re BAR-compliant and an active member of the Master Removers Group. That’s why we’re confident we can take on any job and perform the highest removal and storage services standards.

The Importance of Turning Up and Finishing the Move on Time

“Ben, Shaun and Luke did our removal today and I cannot praise them more highly. They were punctual, courteous, helpful and professional. They were also innovative when it came to sorting problems such as getting beds up narrow stairs! I would strongly recommend Johnson’s for a very impressive service” – Arabella Elwes via Google Reviews.

Most assume their moving company will turn up on time and won’t put much thought into it. However, that’s often not the case; many find themselves in a tight spot when they don’t turn up. Johnson’s Removals will occasionally get a frantic phone call from someone in this position. And we’ll arrange an emergency removal to try and avoid any issues with their relocation.

It’s crucial that you agree on arrival and completion times with your movers in the weeks before the relocation. While a move can run slightly over, this mustn’t be due to a late start. The Johnson’s Removals team are sticklers for being punctual. We know that even minor delays have a knock-on effect, and we’ll go through the timeframe of the moving day in advance.

Excellent Customer Service Leads to Return Customers

“Thank you to your team for a great moving experience. From start to finish it was a friendly and professional company. Would definitely recommend them and use them again.” – Charlotte Burton via Google Reviews.

We’ll return to a point from earlier in this article regarding the importance of online ratings for consumers. Online reviews are so effective because they set a standard and promote accountability. Business owners want a certain reputation because it leads to more clients. And they’ll put protocols in place to ensure performances remain high, which benefits everyone.

This extra effort returns to them more than flattering ratings. A reliable moving company that genuinely cares about what they do will get more customers. People will pay good money if they’re confident in who they’re working with. And that’s something Johnson’s Removals enjoys – a loyal base of customers who return to use us for future relocations or other services.

Sometimes, It’s Better to Avoid Cheaper Moving Companies

“Wow! What a top-notch company. Not the cheapest, but certainly the best we’ve ever used and reinforces the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’. These guys really took the sting out of the planning and the move, with reassurance all the way – coupled with sound advice based on their immense experience. On the day of the move there were complications with the legal aspects of ‘completion’, which meant everything ran late (to the wire!), but Johnsons’ crew for our move were both sympathetic and patient. Net result is that we still got moved in on the day, with everything intact and in it’s nominated place. Thanks so much guys. Highly recommended.” – Karl Goatly via Google Reviews.

We’ll be upfront – some cheaper removals companies offer bargains and other discounts. The problem is that doesn’t mean their service delivery or customer care levels are up to scratch. If you remember the point from the previous section – it might mean issues with punctuality and completing the move on time. Plus, it’s often a case that these removal companies will heap on additional fees.

At Johnson’s, we know moving days can be fraught with unforeseen problems to tackle, even with the best planning. In the above review quote, the client had issues with the completion of their mortgage. We have decades of experience, so we always adopt a flexible attitude. It’s also why we employ experts who are masters are problem-solving. So, if an issue crops up as it did for Karl, it’s no problem – we’ll do whatever we can to accommodate you.

Professionalism Makes a Huge Difference When Moving

“Luke returned items from storage and was very helpful, professional and friendly. Another excellent service from Johnson’s, thank you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this removal/storage company. A modest job, but Johnson’s were professional, friendly and efficient throughout. We had some items packed and removed to storage to facilitate an extension. The two man crew were punctual, professional and friendly taking excellent care of our property. Great service from start to finish. Thank you Johnson’s Removals.” – Tony Moore via Google Reviews.

If you take every quote from this blog and link them together, you’ll soon see a pattern emerging. Johnson’s Removals stakes our claim as Dorset’s number-one moving company. But it’s not about boasting – we set a high standard of professionalism and prioritise meeting these goals. By doing so, we know every job we sign up for will be a success.

It does take more preparation to attain the management controls we set. That said, we also know that it saves time later, so everything balances, and we get the results we’re aiming for. Not only that, but we’ll also avoid any unnecessary issues that come with a lack of planning. You can read the results for yourself here, straight from our previous customers’ write-ups.

Johnson’s Removals – Dorset’s Favourite Removals and Storage Company

Rather than telling people we’re Dorset’s number one for removals and storage, and it’s better to let our reviews do the talking. That’s the win-win aspect of social media – there’s no accountability for businesses. And this benefits customers because they can find more information about companies before they part with their money.

At Johnson’s Removals, we understand that moving to a new home is a big deal, and we won’t cut corners. We pay attention to every detail because that’s where issues often come from – not being thorough and missing something. Whether helping you with a moving checklist or unpacking the last box in your new house, we’re with you every step of the way.

Click here, and we’ll begin assessing your upcoming relocation in Dorset. We’ll put together a free, no-pressure quote and will happily discuss our range of services in more detail.