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How do I Store Archive Documents in Dorset?

Posted on 06/02/2020 by Nick Johnson
How do I Store Archive Documents in Dorset?

This year is already setting a marker in business history, where a lot of major changes in how many companies operate are adapting to incorporate greener practices. The end result is a move towards paperless offices; however, there’s still a need to retain important physical documents. Additionally, many companies are creating more space in the workplace by using Johnson’s of Shaftesbury for storage.

And part of this drive is using archive document storage, but what is it?

What is Archive Document Storage?

Here are some of the advantages your business will gain from using Johnson’s of Shaftesbury for your document storage:

  • Archive document storage frees up space in the office
  • Easier to recycle and organise your office
  • Helps you rethink how you print and store non-essential documents
  • Gives you the highest level of security for crucial documents

One of the first benefits most companies realise when they use Johnson’s Archive Document Storage service is the additional space. They no longer need several large filing cabinets that take up significant floor space in the office. Most companies find that they have nearly twice the amount of room and can get rid of cumbersome storage cabinets.

Now that you have more space, you can continue your greener efforts by organising the office. A recycling bin is a must for any scrap paper and cardboard. An electronic memo to your staff can act as a reminder to only print essential documents. You can also look at ways of reducing energy usage by turning off computers and other appliances when they’re not in use.

A lot of our archive document clients adopt better working practices with all their documents. Although it’s time-consuming, it’s usually a good idea to scan the necessary documents before storage. That way, you’ll have everything on file for ease of reference. You can also consider using a cloud storage system, rather than printing non-essential documents.

One of the critical aspects of any type of storage is the additional level of security you receive. If part of your business requires you to have physical records of documents, it’s vital to avoid any damage. Johnson’s Archive Document Storage service prevents any issues with loss or theft. You will be able to inform your clients that you go above and beyond the standard guidelines for Data Protection. This can help you build trust to retain and secure customers.

Other Types of Business Storage –

We’re confident that by using our Document Archive Storage service, you’ll enjoy lots more room in the office or workplace. Although this doesn’t need to be the end of organisational work. By renting a self storage unit from Johnson’s, you can further increase your workspace while ensuring complete security for any valuable or expensive items.

This is especially true if you own a business with limited or no storage provisions. For companies who operate out of small property, equipment, materials and products can take up a lot of room. By using storage, business owners can increase their workspaces vastly by using a storage unit. Even a fifty-square-foot container can store the equivalent space on an entire apartment.

If your business has periods where your stock or material amounts increase for seasonal events, storage is the ideal solution. A lot of supermarkets and retail stores use Johnson’s when their storage spaces are full. They might only need them for a month or two for the busier holidays, which is no problem for us.  There are no lease periods – you can keep your storage unit as long as you need to.

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury – Unbeatable Archive Document Storage –

At Johnson’s, we’re proud we can confidently say that we’re Dorset’s best storage and removals company. The only way to be the best is to offer a range of services. That way, everyone will get the service they need. We believe that our holistic approach to the storage options we offer cover all storage requirements.

Even with the progress made towards greener offices, most companies need some provision for their important documents. Things like medical reports, contracts and legal documents all need to be printed as originals. By using Johnson’s Archive Document Storage service, you’ll be able to safeguard these documents while creating more workspace. Utilising offsite storage can also make your office more efficient.

If you want any information on the benefits of our Archive Document Storage service, please contact us today. We’ll gladly discuss our range of business services and will pass on any other advice for making your company greener.