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Part-load / Groupage Service By Road / Sea

Shipping and relocations

Part-load / Groupage Service By Road / SeaGet a quote

Part-load Groupage Service (by road or sea)

If you’re moving overseas and want to reduce the cost, you can share a moving consignment with other customers travelling to the same country. Johnson’s of Shaftesbury’s part-load international service lets you save money while getting the same high-quality service. The only difference is that you may have a slightly later delivery date, but this detail will be known well in advance, allowing you to plan accordingly. Part-load moving is ideal for people transporting a relatively small amount of belongings (e.g. a typical one-bedroom flat). It’s a Johnson’s service, so it’s staffed by courteous, highly competent movers, drivers and packers and is held to BAR (British Association of Removers) and FIDI (Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux) standards.

With our full packing/unpacking service, we can have all your worldly goods ready for transit, packed up using the best, most durable materials so that they’re absolutely safe either on road or at sea. Your consignment will breeze through customs because we’ll have ensured that all documentation is completed in a timely fashion. In the destination country, the consignment is split and each individual shipment travels on to its customer’s new home. We can unpack you and have your new home completely set up and habitable from day one. The Johnson’s part-load service is popular with many of our customers, from young professionals moving abroad for work to students whose degrees involve a year abroad. Our storage facilities can help if you want to leave some of your belongings