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If you’ve got a move to Spain on the horizon, then Johnson’s of Shaftesbury can get all your possessions relocated in a timely, efficient and courteous fashion. During the two centuries in which we’ve been operating, we’ve amassed the kind of expertise that only time can bestow. No matter how good they might be, it’s simply not possible for other removals companies to come up to our standards because they haven’t had that crucial amount of time. Our movers, drivers and packers are BAR-certified (British Association of Removers) and take pride in doing a good job. It’s thanks to them that our Trustpilot rating stays high and our Google reviews excellent. We’ve been moving people since the 1800s and are now part of the Master Removers Group, plugging us into an international network of moving experts. When we move you to Spain, we won’t hand out any of the related tasks to sub-contractors or third parties. Our team includes people fluent in Spanish and we’re able to maintain full quality control throughout the moving process.

Cast aside your worries about bureaucracy, form-filling and customs niggles; we’ll stay on top of it all so you don’t have to and any tasks that do fall to you we’ll guide you through so you won’t be alone. No move is too big or too small, so whether you’re simply moving some items of furniture over to a holiday home or retiring in Spain for good, we can help. Our full packing/unpacking service makes the process even easier for you; we can box everything up, label accordingly and provide you with a full inventory which can be referenced at the other end to ensure nothing gets left behind. Who said moving overseas had to be a thankless slog? With Johnson’s, it’s stress-free and you can focus on the other areas of your life while we do the moving work. If you do want to do your own packing, we can provide you with first-rate, export-quality materials.

We’ve relocated customers to Seville, Malaga, Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Córdoba, Mallorca and beyond. On the agreed date and in good time your belongings will arrive safely at your new home. We can unpack everything and place the contents of each box in the room to which it belongs, leaving you with a ready-to-inhabit home and uncluttered living space.


You can reduce the overall cost of your move by sharing a moving consignment with other clients heading to Spain. The Johnson’s part-load option brings you the same high quality service at a lower price and is best suited to people with lower than average moving loads (e.g a one-bedroom flat’s worth of goods). We travel to Spain several times a week, so there’s never any wait for a consignment sharing opportunity.


Returning to the UK is just a simple. We go back and forth between Spain and Britain every week and can move you home with the same efficiency we displayed on the outward journey. If you’re not ready to return but want to send some furniture back (or other bulky items), we’re ready and able to do that, too.