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Are You Moving to Shaftesbury? A Guide to a seamless move.

Posted on 04/01/2024 by Nick Johnson
Are You Moving to Shaftesbury? A Guide to a seamless move.

Starting fresh in a new place can be tricky – lots of exciting times ahead, but plenty of questions, right? Especially if Shaftesbury or Dorset is not precisely your stomping ground. But no worries, a warm welcome from Johnson’s Removals – the go-to movers in Shaftesbury.

We’ve been at this for decades; trust us, we’ve got some convenient tips to make settling here a breeze. In this blog, we’re dishing out the need-to-know info so you can easily kick off your new chapter in Shaftesbury. Let’s keep it honest and straightforward – just like catching up with a friend over a cuppa.


  • Local Council and Resources for New Residents
  • Tips for Finding a Suitable Property in Dorset
  • Transport and Commute Information
  • Cost of Living and Property Information
  • Setting Up Utilities and Services
  • How to Book Removal Service to Shaftesbury
  • Benefits of Using Storage When Moving

Local Council and Resources for New Residents

In Shaftesbury, it’s not just about living; it’s about thriving. Dive into local councils, high standards for education, and health hubs – all stitched together for a top-notch community experience.

Local Council Information:

The village has its own caretaker – the Shaftesbury Town Council. They handle local perks like parks, playgrounds, and community centres. Find them at the Shaftesbury Town Hall on High Street. Need to drop a line? Check the contact page on the website and choose an option that suits you.

Administrative Jurisdiction:

Dorset Council plays sheriff over Shaftesbury in some matters. They’re all about the Shaftesbury Neighborhood Planv, mapping out the lay of the land. Dorset Council’s got the reins regarding benefits, bins, recycling, and road arrangements.

Community Services:

Both Dorset Council and Shaftesbury Town Council roll out the community red carpet. Dorset Council handles the big picture – from adult social care to libraries. Shaftesbury Town Council’s got the local scoop. Teamwork makes the community dream work.

Law Enforcement:

Keeping things safe in Shaftesbury falls on Dorset Police, the Shaftesbury and Queenstown Safer Neighbourhood Team, to be exact. They’re the local heroes tackling crime head-on. Plus, Shaftesbury Town Council’s got their back, boosting community safety.

Education Opportunities:

School’s in session! Shaftesbury’s has options for all ages. Shaftesbury School’s the spot for secondary education, part of the Southern Academy Trust. Little ones? Head to Shaftesbury Children’s Centre Nursery for early years education.

Healthcare Services:

Looking after your health in Shaftesbury? Here’s the rundown:

  1. Shaftesbury Medical Practice: Your NHS go-to for services and treatments.
  2. Shaftesbury Clinic: Top-notch acupuncture services.
  3. Long-Term Conditions Service: Support for those with long-term health needs.
  4. Shaftesbury Care GRP Limited: Health and social care maestros.
  5. Social Prescribers: Connect with community resources and boost your well-being.

Tips for Finding a Suitable Property in Dorset

If you’re diving into the Dorset property market, start by sizing up the average property prices. Jot down your home must-haves – how many rooms, bathrooms, outside spaces, and where to stash your stuff. Crafting a budget might sound dull, but it’s your roadmap – tweak it when you get the scoop on new digs.

Local estate agents are the VIPs in this property safari. They’re the gatekeepers, filtering out the duds and setting up group viewings. Don’t forget the online auction buzz – it’s a secret trove for potential bargains. And if you’re eyeing a fixer-upper, moving companies are your sidekick. They’ll sort storage for your gear and a man with a van to shuffle it all around.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Break it down. Big moves are just a bunch of small tasks strung together. Your Dorset dream home is out there – we hope this will give you a decent starting point in your search.

Transport and Commute Information

Are you navigating Shaftesbury and beyond? Consider it done! Whether it’s a swift train ride, a bus adventure, or cruising the town’s roads, you’ve got options. Keep it flexible, stay informed, and let the journey unfold.

Public Transport:

Shaftesbury keeps it local with limited public transport, but there’s a silver lining. Hop on the town’s buses, the main stop’s at Town Hall on High Street. If trains are your jam, Gillingham’s got you covered, just 5 miles away. It’s a gateway to London and beyond.

And for a more personal ride, Shaftesbury Car Link is your go-to – they prioritize medical appointments. Are you feeling a bit adventurous? Pedal your way around with cycling routes like the North Dorset Trailway.

ULEZ and Driving:

Good news for drivers – Shaftesbury’s not in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone. Navigate the town’s roads stress-free, or ride on the local bus routes and Gillingham train station. 

Shaftesbury Car Link’s got your back, especially for those medical appointments. There are no tolls on these roads – smooth sailing. As a bonus, the roads are well-kept and a breeze to navigate.

Commuting Between London and Shaftesbury:

Let’s talk about options. The train’s the speedster – around 1 hour and 20 minutes to Shaftesbury, tickets from £45-£120. Catch it at Gillingham station, part of the London Waterloo – Salisbury – Exeter line. Buses, like Salisbury Reds, are a scenic route taking about 5 hours and 48 minutes, typically stopping at The Town Hall.

Driving’s an option, too – give or take 3 hours and 12 minutes. Parking in the town centre is a bit snug, but there are spots in the car parks. Flexibility is the game’s name – check the operators’ websites for the latest scoop.

Cost of Living and Property Information

The overall costs in Shaftesbury might be a tad pricier, but with some savvy moves, you’ll find the sweet spots. Whether it’s renting or grocery shopping, a bit of local knowledge goes a long way. Let’s make those pounds stretch.

Cost of Living in Shaftesbury:

Living here comes with a bit more on the price tag, generally higher than the national average. Let’s talk property prices – semi-detached homes at £354,566, terraced houses at £282,447, and flats at £189,690. Overall, the town’s average property price sits at £340,588. What’s the deal? The location, amenities, and quality of life are playing their part—plenty of property types on the menu – detached, semi-detached, terraced, and flats/maisonettes. Plus, Shaftesbury Town Council’s got your back for cost-of-living tips on the Dorset Council website.

Cost of Rent in Shaftesbury:

Rent is on the radar, too, varying with property type and bedrooms. Snag a two-bedroom spot for £958 a month or bump it to three bedrooms at £1,125 monthly. Are you eyeing a four-bedroom? It’s around £1,850 a month (five-bedroom averages, not spilling the beans). 

Flats tick in at an average of £995 monthly, while houses come in at £1,295 monthly. But watch out – these figures can changed based on the property specifics and where you land.

Cost of Groceries and Utilities:

Food facts first – the search results are a bit mum. Utilities for an 85m2 spot in Dorset? About £152.50 monthly, says Numbeo. Now, the good stuff – groceries. Tesco Metro, Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods Market, Morrisons Superstore, and Casanova & Daughters are holding it down. 

Prices? Depends on what you’re after and where you grab it. For the real lowdown, hit up locals or check local sources. Keep it accurate; keep it bright.

Setting Up Utilities and Services

Sorting your Shaftesbury life is as simple as a few clicks and calls. Power, water, tax – we’ve got the roadmap. Let’s get those services set up and rolling.

Gas and Electricity:

Sorting out your utilities is a breeze. Take your pick from the providers – uSwitch or MoneySuperMarket got the goods. Found your match? Dial them up, set up the account, and bingo, your home’s all lit up.

Telephone, Mobile Phones, and Broadband:

Staying connected is key. Scope out deals on MoneySuperMarket or Broadband Choices. Spot a winner? Give them a buzz, set up your account, and voila, chats and cat videos at your fingertips.


Water wizardry? Wessex Water’s got Shaftesbury covered. Pop them a call or hit their website to sort your water setup. Hydration mission accomplished.

Council Tax:

Council tax dance? Dorset Council’s partner in crime. Give them a ring or surf their website to sort out your council tax saga—one less thing on the to-do list.

Community Transport:

Need a lift? Shaftesbury Car Link’s the community chariot. Reach out to them or check their website – they’ve got rides for everyone. Easy-peasy.

How to Book Removal Service to Shaftesbury

Booking with a reputable moving company will make your move feel like a breeze. It starts with understanding what you need, finding the right fit, and ensuring every detail fits your style. Let’s make moving day the smoothest day.

Understanding Your Needs:

Moving can become a bit of a puzzle, especially if this is your first relocation. But don’t worry, that’s where a reasonable removal company steps in. Google’s your mate here – search for movers in Shaftesbury. Now, here’s the trick: look at those ratings. Shoot for the stars – anything over 4.5 is your goldmine. Dive into the reviews and see what others have to say. It’s like getting the inside scoop from your mates.

Requesting Quotes and Balancing Standards:

Budgets matter, we get it. So, get quotes from a minimum of three different providers. Combine them with those Google ratings you checked earlier. It’s not just about the price – think customer service and reliability, too. A good balance is the key. And don’t be shy – ask questions. Have you got unique needs? Special situations? A decent moving company will do its best to cater to diverse needs.

Specific Requirements and Unique Situations:

Have you got something special in mind? Ask away. Any solid moving company should be game for your unique twists and turns. Whether it’s tricky items or unique timing, get the details straight. It’s your move, your way.

Benefits of Using Storage When Moving

Last-Minute Rescues:

Picture this – a sudden move, and you’re not quite ready. Enter storage – your moving problem-solver. It’s your safety net, a place to cradle your stuff while you sort out the chaos. Johnson’s Removals got your back here. With our man and van, we do the heavy lifting – picking up your items and keeping them snug in our storage.

Simplify with Storage:

Pack those boxes, store them away, and voila – extra room to breathe. It’s like a magic trick, making your home feel more ‘you’ even as you get ready to jump ship. And here’s the cherry on top – Johnson’s Removals links storage with your move. No double-handling, no extra stress. Load straight from the storage unit to the moving truck on the big day. We’re here to make it smooth.

Team Johnson’s Got Your Back:

Delegating tasks is a game-changer, especially regarding the big move. Our team at Johnson’s Removals doesn’t just move stuff – we streamline the whole shebang. From storage to removal, we’ve got the coordination game strong. Many happy customers have found relief in passing the organizational baton to us. It’s what we do – making your move feel less like a hurdle and more like a breeze.

Seamless Moves, Smiling Faces: Choose Johnson’s Removals

Moving – it’s a rollercoaster, and we get that. But guess what? You’re not alone. With Johnson’s Removals, you’re stepping onto a stress-free journey to Shaftesbury. We’re not just about moving your stuff; we’re about ensuring your move is a tale of joy, not chaos.

Booking with Johnson’s Removals isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic move. We’re not just for good service; we’re here for the best and believe in keeping it affordable. Our Quality Policy isn’t just words on paper – it’s our commitment to setting the bar high. We’ve got the standards, we’ve got the monitoring, and most importantly, we’ve got your back.

Ready to take the leap? Reduce the chaos, ditch the stress. Click here to kick off a free assessment and quote. We’re here whether you want to discuss the nitty-gritty or get a feel for our offer. Johnson’s Removals is where seamless moves meet smiling faces.