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Moving Home? Decluttering Tips Before Your Relocation

Posted on 11/08/2020 by Nick Johnson
Moving Home? Decluttering Tips Before Your Relocation

Whether you’re moving from a four-bed detached house or a 1-bed apartment, moving to a new home takes a lot of planning. It’s always a good idea to give yourself lots of time to work through the preparation stages of your relocation. You’ll put yourself in a position to deal with issues before they turn into full-scale problems, which will help lower the stress levels.

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury has plenty of ideas and useful bits of information you can use when selling your home in Dorset. Here are some of our top tips on how to start decluttering and preparing to move to your new house or flat.

A Clean Home Helps When Selling Up –

Nothing puts a potential buyer more at ease than walking into a clean home when they set up a viewing. The same can be said in reverse, where you’ll unsettle someone if the property seems dirty or the maintenance is lacking. It’s worth remembering old paintwork adds to the issue and will become the unfortunate focal point as someone enters each room. You should be aware of this and put yourself in a potential buyer’s shoes when you prepare your house.

It’s surprising how attention to small details can help when it comes to getting your house or flat on the market. Painting each room can drastically alter the aesthetic appeal, turning a dull property into a vibrant or cosy home. Additionally, you should have each carpet cleaned professionally to bring them back to life and remove any stains. None of this is expensive, but it will put your home in the best light.

Before the pandemic, the typical time a property spent on the market was between two and three months. This is what you might call an ‘ideal’ situation where everything goes according to plan. You can never assume this will happen, and in real life, delays occur, and things don’t always go smoothly. If your house or apartment isn’t clean, you might be waiting over this average time to sell your house.

You can tackle this today by organising a thorough clean of your property in advance. While you’ll need leave the cleaning as one of the last things you do, it makes sense to book the service now. Furthermore, you’ll also spot any maintenance issues, and you can undertake some small repairs.

How to Declutter in One Week –

We’re all guilty of putting things off until the next day, even if it’s possible to get the task out of the way now. While it’s necessary to repurpose wherever possible, this doesn’t mean keeping old collections of cables for appliances you no longer use or own. Decluttering is an essential part of organising and maintaining a tidy home. And the best way to tackle it is to jump in with both feet and get it done quickly.

Create a schedule – Giving yourself no more than one week to start and complete the decluttering job will save lots of wasted hours of procrastination. Just dive into the task with no other thoughts than to reach your goal within seven days or less.

Use a home inventory app – A good home inventory app can save you lots of time when you need to locate an item. It splits everything per room with images of each piece, and there are plenty of free apps available.

Set realistic targets – You should have a plan for each room to help keep focus. It will determine how much time you should spend in each room, so you’ll need to list specific tasks. By concentrating on one place at a time, you’ll be able to focus on what you’re doing, instead of finding excuses to procrastinate.

No more hoarding – be brave, be bold, and prepare to get rid. If you’re guilty of being a hoarder, then it’s a good idea to get someone to save you from yourself. Check that you’re doing your due diligence by undertaking regular monthly decluttering to make sure you don’t regress into bad habits.

The Three R’s: Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose –

You might be reading this and thinking about all the waste your decluttering will result in. Luckily, there are ways of doing things in an environmentally sound way. If you feel something is in good enough condition, then there are lots of places that will accept donations. Some upcycle collectives will repurpose things like furniture to sell at a modest price. And this helps people buy affordable items.

You can also look into ways of repurposing things to use in your home and garden. Plastic yoghurt and ice cream tubs are excellent for small storage pots and generally last as long as Tupperware. And things like wooden crates make unique garden furniture if you’re willing to do the work yourself. Alternatively, if you have any pallets, there will be plenty of people willing to take them off your hands.

Dorset has lots of recycling points in places all around the county; you’ll usually find them outside supermarkets. You can check out this link to see the closest one to you. There are council initiatives which makes it possible to recycle at least 50% of your waste. You can read up on Dorset’s local provisions and schemes for recycling here.

The key here is to rethink the way we do things. Wherever possible, we should be trying to reduce the volume of general waste we create. That means separating glass, cardboard and plastic so they can be recycled. Additionally, you might also consider creating a compost bin to help further increase your drive to reduce waste.

Self Storage Helps Create Space –

There are times where we need more space to realise the potential of our home and garage, which is where storage fits in. By using self storage, you can keep all your possessions safe from theft or damage without having swaying towers of boxes. Essentially, you’d be replacing the garage with something that would prevent the elements from damaging your metal equipment and other valuable items.

The great thing about having a storage unit is you can use it for multiple reasons. If you have an outdoor hobby like cricket or golf, you can store them with your gardening equipment, tools, and containers. And if you have any items from inside the home, you’ll be creating a lot more space in your house, garage and even your loft. Moreover, you’ll have the peace of mind that all your belongings are safe and secure.

At Johnson’s, we offer excellent domestic and business storage options to suit everyone’s needs. There is no lease or minimum storage period to worry about, making it easy to store for as long as you need to. Our storage rates are the lowest in the market because we believe everyone can and should benefit from using storage.

Home Staging and Light Renovation Work –

The idea behind home staging is to showcase your property’s best features. You’re showing off what’s already there, so it goes without saying everything needs to be in the best condition possible. This often means some light renovation work is necessary, although some people opt for more drastic development work. However, we want to keep things as simple as possible.

Fix all aesthetic issues – This might be dents in the walls and doors or cracks in the plaster. Remember to also include any wood features which you may need to replace. You’ll need to go through each room and storage space to assess any repairs, so it’s worth checking your insulation as well.

Professional cleaning service – Everything in your house needs to be spotlessly clean. This can either happen before the viewings start or any repairs and painting. Remember that it’s not a good idea to paint in an unclean area.

Repaint whole property – You’ll need to paint every surface, both inside and out, needs a new coat of paint. This is the ideal solution to cover over wall and door repairs, and it will make the property look significantly better.

Hire a gardener – First impressions go a long way, and a neat and well-maintained garden will create a positive setting in a buyer’s mind. Although it sounds far-fetched, this ethos is one that a lot of interior designers and home stagers consider to be essential.

Home staging – Sometimes it’s better to leave this to the professionals, and a home stager is likely to speed up the selling process. However, it’s an expense that you’ll need to cost out before you make a decision.

Choosing the Right Removals Company –

Being able to use the internet to research companies before we use them has given more power to consumers. Every company on Google is now subject to customer reviews, and a rating out of five. This motivates most businesses to improve their customer care and service delivery, as they strive to improve their online reputation.

Rating platforms like Google Live and Trustpilot provide online users with information from previous customers and a mark out of five stars. You can see their rating and comments to weigh up if a company is genuine and reliable. It’s also possible to work out whether you’ll receive a high standard of service from these previous customer write-ups. You can see why our customers rate us as a five-star company here.

After you have a few companies that seem reliable, the next step is to make the first contact. You can do this by phone or email, the aim here is to see how each company handles your initial query. A reputable company like Johnson’s will leave you feeling at ease, even from your first communication. We’re confident that our friendly staff will provide the necessary information to help you make the decision to book with us.

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury – Dorset’s Number One for Removals and Related Services –

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury is Dorset’s favourite removals and storage company, and we love working with the people who use our facilities. We make a point of speaking with as many customers as possible to see what their needs are and if we’re meeting them. It also helps us understand why people use storage and how we can use this information to assist and advise other people.

The Johnson’s ethos is to make sure our customers receive the correct service. We believe that a company should put itself in their customer’s shoes to understand the different needs of each person. This not only allows us to deliver the best possible service, but it helps us improve our domestic and commercial storage packages. We can use each job we do as experience for the next one.

Decluttering is a pain, but it will help you market your home to potential buyers by showcasing its best features. And the Johnson’s of Shaftesbury team is here to help out, so please contact us today and we’ll discuss our range of services in more detail.