Moving to Dorset, Somerset or Wiltshire from London? Use a Local Company and Save Money

Posted on 02/12/2019 by Nick Johnson
Moving to Dorset, Somerset or Wiltshire from London? Use a Local Company and Save Money

If moving to a new house is on the horizon, and you’re planning on leaving the capital soon, it’s not always good value for money to use a London removals company. By shopping around for local providers in the area you’re moving to, it’s possible to save money and receive the same high standard. And if this sounds like the ideal situation, then Johnson’s of Shaftesbury is the company for you.

The Johnson’s of Shaftesbury team have decades’ worth of removals and storage experience under our belt. We can collect you from London and the neighbouring counties to relocate you to anywhere in Dorset, Somerset or Wiltshire. We’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and a choice of removals and storage packages that caters to every scenario.

Leaving London to Move to a New House in Dorset, Somerset or Wiltshire?

Owning or renting a home in London has lots of perks, and it’s undoubtedly an exciting place to live. But it can become a tiring experience. It’s one of the busiest cities in the world, and this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even if it was the place to be during your 20’s, things change, and we want other things as life moves on.

That’s why thousands of people leave London every year for counties like Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire. In fact, they all feature as popular destinations for former Londoners. And one thing people don’t think about is using a company from these areas for the relocation. Johnson’s spends a lot of time collecting people from London to move them to more scenic locations.

Our customer service means we always strive to better ourselves wherever possible. And that’s why we encourage feedback from our customers. By doing this, it’s possible to see if there are gaps in our range of services where we need to design a new package. Similarly, we use this process to improve our current services.

Finding the Right Removals Service and No-Obligation Quotes –

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury offers a range of removals packages for people who are moving to Dorset, Somerset or Wiltshire. Having more removals package choices is the foundation of our customer care focus. That’s why we have several different vehicles of various sizes, which means we can undertake just about any removals job.  We aim to make your relocation as affordable and efficient as possible.

Our Man & Van service is the ideal way to relocate if you have fewer possessions that don’t require a bigger van. The man with a van vehicle is usually the choice for inter-town relocations. The smaller vans can handle the rural countryside roads well, even with a full load. And it’s easier to change routes to avoid congestion or roadworks.

For people who are relocating from three-bed houses (and upwards) with lots of furniture and appliances, we would recommend our Home Removals service. This comes with the use of a larger vehicle and more team members to complete the job. We suggest this service because we can get everything done in one journey.

When situations arise, such as gaps in moving dates, we have storage units at our depot. With prices starting at just £14 per week, you won’t find cheaper storage Dorset, Somerset or Wiltshire. And we have a variety of storage unit sizes available. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about long contract lengths and can store for as long as you need to.

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury – Excellent Customer Service and Affordable Prices –

The reason why Johnson’s is the number one removals company in Dorset, Somerset or Wiltshire is down to our commitment to customer service. For us, every job is important, no matter how big or small. We bring the same level of expertise and professionalism for every task we sign up for. We had to work hard to become the area’s best removals and storage provider, and we won’t lower our standards.

At Johnson’s, we often receive referrals from satisfied customers who recommend us to friends and family. There is no better feeling than speaking to a new customer and hearing them say they made contact because of a positive referral. It makes our job even more satisfying, and we know that we’re on the right track.

The Johnson’s team can relocate you or your business anywhere in Dorset, Somerset or Wiltshire. Additionally, we cater to customers who are moving to another part of the UK or overseas. For this purpose, we work with an elite collective of partner removals, storage and logistics companies with depots all over the UK.

If your upcoming move is from London to Dorset, Somerset or Wiltshire, you can get the same high standard at cheaper rates. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss our removals and storage services.