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Relocate Your Entire Office in Dorset

Posted on 24/01/2020 by Nick Johnson
Relocate Your Entire Office in Dorset

When it comes to relocating your business, it can be the result of many factors, with common reasons being space issues, an increase in rates or rental costs, to name a couple. Before you make this decision, it’s crucial that you take your time and don’t rush into securing a property or booking your removals service.

Whatever your reasons for moving are, you should use a reliable removals company like Johnson’s of Shaftesbury for your office relocation.

Is It Easy to Relocate an Entire Office?

Unfortunately, the answer to this is no. That doesn’t mean this will be an uphill struggle, but you’re moving an entire company. And this is never going to be a walk in the park. However, there are ways to reduce the likelihood of issues occurring. The best way to do this will be to book your office relocation with Johnson’s of Shaftesbury.

The next thing you’ll do is read your current lease and work out what the final date of tenancy is. You need to notify your landlord or agency of your plans to relocate within the agreed notification period. Once you are on top of this stage, you can start to look for other commercial properties. To help you in your search, you should find a reputable estate agent that specialises in commercial rentals.

Additionally, you need to work backwards from the date of departure to the present day. This is how you’ll split your relocation tasks into smaller action points. Once you have your action points, assign some deadlines to each one and delegate them to your team. By creating this comprehensive list of tasks, you’ll make things a lot easier when it comes to the big moving day. Not only that – you’ll have more time to avoid any undue delays and unnecessary downtime.

The first task now is to contact Johnson’s to book your relocation. We will help during the planning stages. It will help if you aim to complete at least two or three action points per week in the run-up to your final week. The goal here is to prevent loss of productivity and to complete an efficient relocation. You’ll have plenty of time to notify your clients and suppliers as you complete each action point.

What are my Office Removals Options?

At Johnson’s, we will discuss your specifications at length to create a tailor-made office relocation for you. We have a fleet of removals vehicles to choose from, making it possible for us to take on any size of office or commercial relocation. We can move you out on Friday to start in the new office on Monday morning, especially if we can start planning as early as possible. For larger or more complicated removal job, we’ll assign a lead person to oversee the entire relocation.

The Johnson’s office removals team are all experts in business relocations, often with previous experience in IT or trade situations. We can undertake all your IT and communications infrastructure and migration, including the installation of equipment. We can arrange your office so that it’s a mirror image of your current one, or we can start with a fresh design layout.

Johnson’s not only delivers a high standard of removals service, but we also do it all at affordable prices. We think that every company deserves to have a quality relocation service, which is why our rates are below the industry standard.

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury – Dorset’s Office Removals Experts –

At Johnson’s, we cover the whole of Dorset and surrounding areas, including Dorchester, Shaftesbury and Sherbourne. Customer service is a vital part of our company ethos and influences everything we do. That’s why we’re the number one for businesses in Dorset – they know we can deliver the right removals service for their company.

When it comes to moving an entire company, it pays to use a reliable and reputable company. And that’s what thousands of businesses do every year in Dorset. We have an expert office removals team who will be able to dismantle your current office and have you up and running in your new location in no time.

If you’re looking to relocate your business in Dorset, contact us today. We guarantee to reduce your downtime and have you operational as soon as possible.