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Relocating to Spain from the UK – Superior European Removals

Posted on 04/04/2022 by Nick Johnson
Relocating to Spain from the UK – Superior European Removals

For decades now, people have chosen Spain as their new home, and it remains a favourite destination for Brits who want a better quality of life. Moving to a new country is the ultimate test of anyone’s organising and multitasking skills. Some parts of Spain are now synonymous with the large contingencies of expats. But is it too difficult to move there after Brexit?

While there are some additional steps, nothing officially prevents people from setting up a home in Spain. It does mean checking rules and regulations thoroughly before making any commitments. That’s where you need to consult the experts, and we’ll give you pointers. You’ll enjoy the highest levels of European removals with Johnson’s Removals.

A Comprehensive Removal to Spain with Johnson’s –

You won’t find an easy relocation – they all come with complications and specific preparation tasks. That said, it all becomes more challenging when a few hundred miles are added. All long-distance removal jobs need to perform at a higher level of planning. You need to be aware of this when booking a moving company.

By the time you finish this article, it should be clear that Johnson’s Removals has everything you need for a successful relocation. We lead with the ethos of offering a broad selection of services that attain the highest standards. That’s how we earned the reputation as Dorset’s number one for international relocations. And we strive to maintain and continually improve our service delivery.

You’re making a big decision – moving to Spain is a completely different set of customs and culture, not to mention a new language to learn. There’s lots of research and tasks waiting for you, so it’s vital you work with a removals company you can trust. Let’s begin this guide for relocation to Spain by going through what our European removals package entails.

How a European Removals Job Works –

The first thing on your agenda is to create a moving checklist, and we’ll go into more on that next. From there, you’ll look for prospective removals companies to perform the relocation. If you make the correct choice, you can access Johnson’s Removals range of services. We have various options for European moves specific to your needs.

We primarily perform moves to the continent by road, but a sea freight option is available. The aim is to match your requirements with a tailor-made service, ensuring we’re as efficient as possible. You don’t need to fill a shipping container – there’s part-load and groupage available. We’ll assist with the documentation and can give you suggestions for further research.

Moreover, we don’t just offer a comprehensive removal service to Spain from the UK. You can book us for the opposite way if you need to return to Britain. We simply reverse the process via our network of partner companies and can collect and pack your possessions. The result is a smooth-sailing relocation to Spain with Dorset’s elite European movers.

Your Moving Checklist for European Relocations – 

All successful relocations follow a framework of primary moving principles, with an emphasis on planning. With thorough preparation, you’ll significantly increase the chance of a positive experience. However, failure to organise could result in unwanted outcomes, such as breakages or delays. It will help if you have something to refer to as you put your plans into action.

You’ll achieve this with a moving checklist which acts as your master document or blueprint for the complete removal. We suggest people use the same process for local or UK relocations, but with a few additional steps to cover.

Here’s what needs to be on your checklist:

  1. A complete list of every task.
  2. A blank calendar to map a timeline.
  3. Allocate tasks from the checklist on the calendar.
  4. Research removals companies and seek quotes.
  5. Read their ratings and written feedback on Google and Trustpilot.
  6. Balance prices with customer service for the best outcome.
  7. Book your relocation to Spain with Johnson’s Removals.
  8. Contact your utility providers and council with departure details and meter readings.
  9. See our FAQs section for visa and property rental/ownership information.
  10. Start learning Spanish (check regional language variations) and read up on their culture.
  11. Double-check each point two weeks before your move.

It’s a good idea to do further research and add more points that you know are relevant for your relocation. This will likely centre on any healthcare and school requirements for your family. The more effort you put into this stage will benefit you in the long run. And if you work with Johnson’s Removals, we’ll send you prompts and reminders during the lead up to the big move. It’s all part of why we’re Dorset’s number one for European and international relocations.

Why People Use Storage for Overseas Moves –

There are some practical things to consider for any relocation overseas that might also include people moving to other parts of the UK. If this is a work relocation, you might be doing this temporarily. Anything over six months will mean vacating your rental property, leaving you with a problem regarding your possessions. It’s unlikely you’ll be taking them all with you if you’re not moving to Spain permanently.

We have the ideal way to solve this conundrum, and that is by renting a self storage unit from Johnson’s. You can store your belongings in a safe and secure storage warehouse. There’s no minimum contract and no pressure to come back to change your storage arrangements. They can all happen over the phone, and we’ll contact you with any updates.

Another situation you should prepare for is settling into the Spanish way of life. People who move abroad with long-term ambitions don’t always accustom to their new country. This might be the sharp differences in culture, with Spaniards cherishing their laidback approach. Additionally, Spanish isn’t always the native tongue of each region, which can cause integration problems.

We don’t say this to put anyone off – it’s a better idea if you have a backup plan, even a hypothetical one. You can discuss your upcoming relocation with us, and we’ll give you a free quote. That means you know the ins and outs of storage, should you need to refer to it later.

Property Ownership and Post-Brexit Visa FAQS – 

How would I start looking for a property in Spain? You would enlist the services of a Gestor, who will then act as your intermediary. It would be best to do more research on any new property rules for foreign nationals owning property which also applies to renting.

Is it possible to work in Spain? Like any country, different employment rules tie into your visa. If you’re in Spain on a visitor’s visa, working won’t be possible. Additionally, you’ll need to apply for specific visas before entering the country that allows you to gain employment. It’s worth noting that a large percentage of UK expats are of working age.

Can I apply for a visa after I visit Spain? We suggest you find an immigration expert with knowledge of Spain’s visa regulations before travelling there. The Post-Brexit reality now removes the previous frictionless movement between the UK and EU states. That means Brits now face the same obstacles for entry and other limitations applicable to any other country.

Is the cost of living lower in Spain? Traditionally, there is data favouring the cost of living in Spain over much of the UK. This will differ regionally, with prices in Barcelona and Madrid much higher than in parts of the UK. You can Numbeo to compare your city or town with ones in Spain. With the severe rise in utilities in the UK, this gap might increase significantly in 2022/2023.

How to Find a Reputable Moving Company –

Much like the process of organising your move, this requires some additional action on your part, but you can also ask friends and family for recommendations. There’s a saying that rings true for removal companies – all that glitters is not gold. You might see a bargain deal for an international relocation that, on the surface, will save you money. Unless this is a one-off offer from a credible moving company, tread with caution for noticeably big discounts.

It’s necessary to strike a balance between prices and quality of service delivery for overseas relocations. You might pay over the odds or receive poor service by choosing one over another. We’re confident you’ll achieve the best of both with Johnson’s Removals. But we want to give you the process of finding any reputable service provider.

Start by finding a pool of potential companies and check their Google and Trustpilot ratings. Then contact them all and ask for quotes – only accept ones where there’s no obligation or pressure to book with them. Also, see their range of services and whether their website has its ratings available. Final points – they should offer a Quality Policy and note any relevant accreditation on their website.

When you combine all this, you’ll find the best removals company for your requirements. This will protect your belongings at all stages and give you a higher chance of a successful move.

Johnson’s Removals – Unbeatable Relocations to Spain and Europe –

We hope this blog gives you a better idea of things to consider when relocating to Spain or and this applies to any city or town on the continent. Equally important is to know how to find a reliable moving company and see how the process works. You’ll need to do further research for visa and property information – consult with the experts directly to avoid missing any important details.

By booking your move with Johnson’s Removals, you’ll enjoy a professional and flexible service that covers the best aspects of affordability and excellent customer service. We have a range of services that are adaptable to your needs. From experience, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all for European relocations. But there is a high quality of service delivery you deserve to receive.

Click here, and we’ll go through some introduction assessment questions to get more details about your upcoming relocation to Spain.