Searching for the Perfect New Home in Dorset for 2019

Posted on 09/01/2019 by Nick Johnson
Searching for the Perfect New Home in Dorset for 2019

If 2019 is going to be the year in which you search for a new home in Dorset, it’s better to kick things off on a positive note by starting early. Although the term New Year resolution isn’t as popular now, the ethos of making positive changes to our lives continues. Same goes when we renege on those good intentions before January closes. It’s possible to find your dream home in Dorset, but it will take a lot of research and action to make it happen.

The Johnson’s of Shaftesbury team are all Dorset residents, and we love our county. We fully understand why people choose to pack everything up and relocate here because we live the experience daily. Although there is plenty of work ahead of you scouting for a new house here will give you ample excuses to visit several times. Here are some of our tips on finding the perfect home in Dorset this year.

Tips When Searching for Your Ideal Home –

The first suggestion on our list is to contact an estate agent or a few who operate in Dorset. They will be able to liaise with you to arrange viewings and filter out any unsuitable properties. Next, you’ll need to create a list of everything you’re looking for in your ideal property. That means things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the house.

It’s also important to work out what type of property you’re in the market for including any notable features. This list will be crucial when your estate agent begins arranging viewings as they’ll understand your requirements and tastes. You can also use Zoopla to check out the local area’s housing market.

You can’t beat first-hand experience and knowledge, so make arrangements to visit Dorset at least two to three times. It’s essential that you experience the areas you’re interested in overnight, so try and spend a few days in each location. By doing this, you’ll get to know how lively each village or town is through the day and at night. And by the time you relocate, you’ll have a decent understanding of your new area.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Dorset –

Dorset has some of the best seaside resorts in the UK which are likely because of the amazing weather. You won’t anywhere else in Britain with more sunlight per day than Dorset. And this means there are lots of outdoors and beach activities on offer. Dorset offers a better balance of work and family life, which is why many people chose to live here and commute to larger towns and cities for work.

You’ll also find that the housing market is favourable in comparison to larger cities like London. For the price of a luxury apartment there, you can easily find a four-bed detached property in Dorset for a similar or cheaper price. And for those who can afford it, they retain their house or apartment in London and purchase a second home in Dorset.

Dorset is a vibrant and exciting place to visit and live. Some events and festivals showcase all year around, so you’ll always find something to do in your spare time. We have some of the finest restaurants and public houses in the South of England, as well as plenty of culture and entertainment on offer.

Johnson’s – Dorset’s Favourite Removals and Storage Company –

We can’t say it too many times – the Johnson’s team love living in Dorset, and we’re 100% confident you will as well. Whether you like outdoor adventures, or you prefer to catch a movie or a show, you’ll find everything you’re looking for here.

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury relocate thousands of people every month in Dorset and the surrounding areas. We have a range of services available, including storage which is often useful if there are any gaps in moving dates.

Customer service is at the foundation of everything we do at Johnson’s, and it’s something we strive to attain daily. Make 2019 an unforgettable year; one you’ll always remember as the one you found your dream home in Dorset.

If you would like to discuss our range of services, please contact us today. We are confident that you’ll find your ideal house in Dorset in 2019, and we’re ready to relocate you.