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Collectibles, antiques and fragile items need special care and attention when being packed up for moving. If they are going into storage, then it is even more important to ensure that the packing is done to the highest standard to keep them safe both during the removal and storage units.

As one of Dorset and Wiltshire’s premier removals companies, we are often called in to help with antique removals. If you are finding out about safe removals for antique items, then our guide to packing for antique removals should be a great help to you.

Packing to ensure safe antique removals

Get the materials you need: Antiques are irreplaceable, so if you want to keep them safe during the removals process, you need to invest in good quality packing materials too. New cardboard storage boxes are so much safer than used ones for antique removals, and you can never have enough bubble wrap, blankets and tissue paper.

Avoid newspaper: Newsprint can transfer to some items, particularly fine bone china and other ceramic pieces. To avoid this, and to avoid any colour being leeched from your antiques, choose acid free tissue paper to wrap around and in between any crockery or vases.

Avoid plastic sheeting for furniture: If your furniture is going into antique storage it is not a good idea to cover them in plastic sheeting. This will trap moisture, and as the storage unit warms and cools can create condensation next to the fabric of the furniture. This, over the long term, will cause mould growth and damage.

Protect edges and corners: To ensure safe removals for antique items be sure to protect the corners and edges of furniture, artworks and other larger pieces. Tubular insulation, usually used on water pipes, is ideal for putting around thin frames or edges, or you can buy purpose made corner protectors from storage or shipping companies. Use blankets to cover furniture to prevent scratching.

Work with a specialist: Antique removals are best carried out by a company that has done this type of work before. We can help with further advice on packing and preparing items for transport, and can even come in and pack for you if you prefer. If you are packing yourself, make sure every box is labelled with its contents, as well as which way up it goes and whether it is fragile so that we can ensure safe removals for antique items from your home.