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The average size of a UK home has decreased by around 30% in the last 40 years.View Page With land at a premium, modern homes are getting smaller, and finding room to store everything a family needs is becoming a tough task for many. Household storage is often limited to a small attic and maybe a cupboard under the stairs, leaving many homes cluttered with belongings and struggling to find room to breathe.

Thanks to the generous self storage Dorset householders can use, tripping over your belongings could soon become a thing of the past. Storage units are the perfect solution for putting kids toys away for the winter, keeping old but useful furniture safe and housing all those Christmas decorations that you only need for three weeks of the year. Here are just some of the ways our customers are using our household storage solutions to make their lives a bit easier.

1. Furniture storage
When you move into a new house, sometimes the things you treasure just won’t fit. If you have furniture that you have inherited from a loved one or items that are fairly new, you know you will never get their true value back if you sell them on. With the self storage Dorset offers, you can keep hold of these items even if they don’t fit in the house you currently occupy.

2. Moving house
Moving house can be difficult when you are trying to work around all the things you already have in your home, but with our self storage Dorset customers are able to remove a good number of their belongings before their moving date. This creates more space in the home, and makes the packing and moving process much simpler.

3. Selling a home
With house prices teetering on a fine line, preparing your home for sale is all about making it look its best. Using our household storage solution means you can rid your home of all the clutter and really dress your house to impress. Make it seem more spacious, lighter and more attractive by getting rid of excess furniture and belongings and putting them in one of our self storage units.

4. Protecting antiques
If you have inherited valuable antiques, or even collected them yourself, you might not want to have them on display all the time. Our safe storage units mean they are tucked away securely until such time as you want them in your home again.

If you would like to take advantage of our household storage solutions, contact us about storage in Dorset today.