International Removals Dorset

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International Removals Dorset

International Removals Dorset

We handle all aspects of international moves; by road and ferry for European destinations, or shipping for destinations outside the EU, and even airfreight for smaller, more valuable items.

By Road and Ferry

We use our own vehicles and men to take your belongings normally to second homes on the continent. France, Spain, Switzerland and Italy are popular destinations.

If you have just a few items we call part loads which are not time sensitive we can often hold them for you until we get another booking for a delivery in a similar area en route. This helps keep your and our costs to a minimum.


If you are emigrating or moving outside the EU it is economically sensible to send your belongings in a shipping container which come in two different sizes, the smaller being 20ft in length providing just under 30 cubic meters and a 40ft container which provides 60cbm. Normally we will collect your belongings from your house in a suitable removal truck as access and space for a container is not possible at most people’s homes. All your treasured belongings are then export packed which is our jargon for increasing the level of protection at our warehouse in Gillingham before loading into the container and ensuring safe transit on the high seas.

We will take care of all the customs requirements and work closely with approved agents we know in the country you are moving. Our agents will clear customs and carry out the last leg of your move from the port to your new home. We will monitor progress all the way and will be your main point of contact throughout.


Normally associated with smaller and higher value items which often need to get to another part of the world quickly. As you would expect this is a more expensive way of transporting your belongings but has obvious advantages.

We are experienced in building bespoke wooden crates for high value items such as pictures and other works of art. Like the shipping process we will take care of the paperwork required and will control the last leg of the delivery in the country of destination through our network of approved agents.