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At certain points in its lifetime, a business has to move. It flourishes and grows and needs more room after a successful year of business. It takes on more staff and needs to process more product. Greater demands are placed on it. And at leaner times, it may need to tighten its belt and take up less space, divesting itself of some proportion of its workforce, cutting back.

Wherever your company happens to be in its trajectory, if your needs are changing then we’ll help you relocate to another premises. We’ll always make our main aim moving you while keeping to an absolute minimum any disruption. We can plan your move so that it requires absolutely zero down-time, meaning that you don’t incur any losses and that productivity is totally unaffected. We’ve streamlined the process thanks to two centuries of experience. Our tried, trained and trusted personnel are BAR-certified (British Association of Removers), meaning that we all meet rigorous standards. It’s all kept in-house, so no aspect of your move is handed over to uncaring sub-contractors (a widespread practice that can ruin relocations). Everything will be looked after by Johnson’s of Shaftesbury. Our polite, hard-working men and women have backgrounds in plumbing, carpentry, IT and electrics and know what they’re doing and we have experts at hand for any unusual items requiring special treatment. We can provide you with a free no-obligation quotation today.

We won’t simply move you; we’ll take the time to learn about your company and how it operates, taking this into account when we plan and schedule your relocation. Thanks to our weekend/overnight moving options, you’ll be able to leave your old office at close of play and then come straight into a fully-functioning new one the following day, with everything set up and ready to go.


Johnson’s of Shaftesbury isn’t like all the other removal companies. For a start, we sit down and listen to you and what you tell us will shape the way we plan your move. After all, a proper assessment of your needs and requirements can only be made by listening. We move thousands of companies every year, from small ones to vast multi-nationals, and we’ve received sparkling reviews on Google and Trustpilot.

A thorough, exhaustive assessment of your business will be made once you get in touch with us. We need to know all about your company’s operations and any additional information pertinent to the setting up of your new workspace.

Disruption and upheaval will be minimised and your move will not result in your business suffering. Well before moving day, we’ll have determined the likely amount of downtime the process will need. Throughout the move, we can keep your team up to date on developments and we can also help manage business relationships. We’ll present you and your staff with a schedule, a strategic timeline and a full project plan so that everyone’s on the same page and no deadlines or important tasks get missed out or forgotten.

We have considerable experience with every conceivable type of office relocation and our movers, drivers and packers will turn up with all the necessary equipment to get your old office boxed up and ready to hit the road. We have an array of different moving vehicles, allowing us to make sure we choose the right one for your needs. Everything will be noted down on an inventory and each item will be unpacked and set up in your new office so that you can get straight on with work the following day. That includes delicate and complex IT systems. We want you to be able to work at full speed from the very first day in your new premises.


Every Johnson’s of Shaftesbury team member has years of experience, handling a variety of business relocations. We can help, whether you’re moving into an office that’s similar to your old one or an entirely different space that needs some degree of redesigning/refurbishment. And no job is too big or too small – we do them all. Even if you’re a brand new small business with very simple requirements, you’ll get the same level of expertise we’d put in place if we were moving an international corporation.


A swift, efficient office move requires forethought and attention to detail. For that reason (and others), we assign your move its very own Move Manager. The presence of your Move Manager, a talented, energetic individual overseeing your relocation, also means that you only have to deal with one point of contact. Instead of having to struggle with a bulging address book of different phone numbers, you can do it all by contacting your Move Manager and the lines of communication remain clear, effective and uncluttered. He or she will also guide you and your team through each stage of the relocation, providing you with a step-by-step timeline that means everyone knows what’s going on.

Your Move Manager will ensure that timely updates are issued as crucial junctures. As the move proceeds, your Move Manager will keep a close eye on every last detail, spotting potential problems before they occur and nipping them in the bud.


You don’t have to worry about losing valuable daytime hours to your move. We can do it overnight or at the weekend. However you business works, we’ll move you when it’s quieter and when your team wouldn’t be working anyway. You won’t lose any business and nor will your communication with valued clients be jeopardised. With Johnson’s of Shaftesbury in place, you can go home on Friday night and then arrive at a brand new office that’s all set up and spotlessly clean on Monday morning.

The required time for your move will depend on several factors, not least of which is whether your new office requires design work. We’ll draw up a plan that incorporates these sorts of details and, at every step, we’ll ensure that no slow-downs or hiatuses are necessary.


We won’t leave you in the lurch as soon as the move is over; we’ll provide aftercare in the period immediately following your move. Whether there are issues with furniture, equipment, IT or workstations, we’ll stay in touch, assisting you as and when you need it, whether there are repairs you want done, help you need with waste/recycling or the requirement for additional refurbishment work. Since we also provide comprehensive storage services, we can discuss any long- or short-term storage needs you might have, including file/document management. You won’t have to go it alone just because the move is over. We’re here to help with new office teething problems and the ongoing success of your business is something we care about.


Our range of storage and self-storage solutions means you can get it all under one roof. We have storage options to suit all kinds of companies. Our secure storage and inventory-management facility is safe, fireproof and clean, with round-the-clock CCTV monitoring, state-of-the-art alarm systems and entry-point surveillance.

We’re set up to take care of unusual items, including the kind of office equipment that requires a climate-controlled environment in order not to come to harm. We’ll protect everything you entrust to us. Additionally, we provide commercial self-storage which is suited to companies that need frequent access to their stock/products/equipment/documents. We can also sit down with you and help you with business growth planning, reassessing your storage needs at pivotal junctures so that you’re always getting the right storage service for your requirements and not paying for something that isn’t helping you.


It’s the part of a move that can cause the biggest headaches if placed in the wrong hands. We have IT experts who work with the best equipment. They can have your complete network functioning properly from the day you start at your new office/premises. We make use of the most recent decommissioning/recommissioning strategies, and then support you with IT aftercare as part of the moving service.

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury employs skilled IT consultants who know IT migration inside and out. We’ll work hand in hand with your own IT people, because we know how fragile IT infrastructure often is. Before the move, we’ll pack and secure your hardware so that it can be transported in safety and, at the other end, we’ll clean it