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Piano Removals Dorset

A piano is a beautiful piece of home furnishing, and a wonderful thing to own. But when it comes to moving time, planning to pack and move something as big and heavy as a piano can be a daunting task to say the least. Get it wrong, and you could do some serious damage to your piano, to your home and to your back.

Piano removals should really be carried out by a specialist moving company who can ensure everything is conducted safely. Covering Wiltshire, Dorset and the surrounding area, we are happy to help with the packing and safe removals of all types of pianos and can perform piano removals UK wide should you need us to. We are adequately insured to protect your home and your instrument too.

However, if you are set on doing your piano removals yourself, then here are some tips from our moving team to help you plan safe removal of your piano.

1. Get help:
You’ll need 3 or 4 people to safely move a piano. They are heavy, awkward and unbalanced. Upright pianos hold all their weight up top, and often have fragile legs below so will need plenty of support to avoid damage.

2. Hire some equipment:
You’ll need a heavy duty dolly or sack truck to move the piano, and some serious straps to help you get a hold on the instrument. You will also need to hire or purchase plenty of blankets and padding to protect the piano from bumps, as well as protecting the walls of your home.

3. Lock the lid:
People often forget this, but leaving the lid unlocked can end up damaging the keys, or could mean you or a co-worker get your fingers trapped at a crucial moment in the move. Not fun.

4. Keep it upright:
Laying pianos on their sides is not good for their inner mechanics, so keep it upright as much as possible. Once in the moving vehicle, you will need to ensure the surface it is on is level, potentially by using planks of wood, so there is not too much strain placed on the castors or legs, and that it is securely strapped in place for the journey.

If doing your own piano removals sounds less appealing after reading this, get in touch with us and find out about our professional moving service which can take all the strain out of relocating your instrument.