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Storage In Dorset

Self storage & Container Storage

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Self storage & Container Storage In Dorset

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Storage is a central part of what Johnson’s of Shaftesbury provides. We know that buying and selling a home in a difficult market can be fraught with worry. Often, the sale and purchase do not coincide, causing a limbo period during which you may need your furniture and treasured possessions to be looked after. If you’re downsizing, you may find that you have too many belongings for your new property; our storage can give you the time to work out what you want to do with the overspill.  

Storage Dorset

Many estate agents will advise that decluttering before you move house can help with the sales process. If you’re decluttering but don’t want to throw things away, then our large, secure warehouse, next to Gillingham Station, can provide the solution. We can store your belongings in wooden containers (shown in the picture). The containers are 8ft by 5ft by 7ft at the base; that adds up to over 250 cubic feet of space. The wooden containers create an environment that protects contents from the ravages of time and climate and what you store with us will stay in the same condition.

Our storage service uses specially designed trucks to carry the empty containers to your home. There, we will load your items into the vehicle and make a careful inventory of everything in each container before taking it all back to our storage facility. Containers are sealed before we leave your home, giving you absolute peace of mind that your possessions will be secure whilst in our custody.

Some items, such as curtains, artworks and pianos, need special care and handling. We’ll label and then hang your curtains (as pictured, below) and your piano will be taken to our temperature-controlled piano room.

When you want your belongings returned, we simply reverse the process, using a forklift truck to load your container back on to the truck, returning it to your new home when you’re ready. We will break the seal in your presence and then tick off all the items on the inventory, comparing it to the original inventory to leave nothing to chance.

We now also offer Self Storage in Dorset