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Smaller Home Moves with Johnson’s, Man with a Van Dorset

Posted on 28/01/2024 by Nick Johnson
Smaller Home Moves with Johnson’s,  Man with a Van Dorset

If you’re considering moving home this year, you’ll thank yourself if you start planning as early as possible. This will help you find the right services for your relocation, in addition to reducing any stress. Even if you’re moving to another part of Dorset, it’s still very stressful and challenging. And if you’re relocating to Dorset from another part of the UK, it can seem even more so.

One of the advantages of starting to plan everything early is finding the right removal provider. Johnson’s Removals is Dorset’s favourite removals and storage company, and we go the extra mile for our customers. We always assess each move to ensure you receive the right service, which includes the right vehicle.


  • The Advantages of a Man & Van Service in Dorset
  • Why It’s Important to Start Planning Now
  • How to Use a Moving Checklist to Stay on Track
  • Vital Tasks to Remember When Moving
  • Man & Van Services for Businesses
  • Choosing the Right Removal Provider in Dorset

The Advantages of a Man & Van Service in Dorset

Dorset is a county that has a few densely populated areas. Because of this, there are a lot of roads that a smaller van can handle. This is especially true in the autumn and winter months. The more rural roads can often be windy, which suits a man & van vehicle.

Using Small Moves service is also cheaper than booking Johnson’s larger vehicles. You get the same high-quality service while saving money. There are also less expensive deals available during quieter periods, which you can contact us to discuss.

If your new location is close enough, making several trips might be more cost-effective. This can even benefit people with a lot of possessions. A smaller vehicle service may be better if the items are smaller or lighter.

Johnson’s smaller vans are also better for more built-up areas. The man and van vehicles find it easier to drive in congestion. And if an accident causes traffic, our team can change the route to avoid delays wherever possible. The smaller vans can also use more minor roads that larger vehicles struggle with.

Why It’s Important to Start Planning Now

Planning your move shouldn’t be a last-minute scramble. At Johnson’s, we’ve seen it all, and the earlier you start, the smoother your journey will be. Our calendar tends to fill up fast, often booked for the entire month. So, the sooner you secure your spot with us, the better. We don’t just stop at moving your belongings; our team becomes your moving partner.

Need advice on when to start your move to dodge traffic in a specific part of Dorset? We’ve got you covered and worried about roadworks. We keep an eye on them. Are you creating an inventory? We’ll help you out. We’re not just a removal service; we’re your relocation ally.

The Time It Takes to Sell

Sure, they say selling a property takes 12 to 27 weeks, but let’s dive deeper. Repairs and maintenance? Those add time. And don’t forget the intricate dance of a mortgage chain – aligning everyone involved takes time, too. So, that initial estimate? Tack on another month or two. It’s a maze out there; we’re here to guide you.

Navigating the Unseen Hurdles

Selling a property is like a chess game, with every move impacting your timeline. Repairs and maintenance? They’re the unexpected twists. The mortgage chain? It’s the strategic dance. Don’t let the average fool you; your journey might be more complex. The Johnson’s team understands these nuances. We aren’t just moving experts; we’re time maestros, helping you navigate the unseen hurdles of relocation.

Efficient Moves, Less Stress

Moving to a new home or office can be draining. With our early planning, tailored advice, and meticulous assessment, we turn chaos into order. Our experience isn’t just in moving; it’s in orchestrating seamless transitions. So, let’s start planning and make your move to Dorset simple.

How to Use a Moving Checklist to Stay on Track

Moving can be overwhelming, but with a well-organised moving checklist, you can turn chaos into a smooth transition. Here’s how to stay on track:

List Everything, Break it Down

Vital to your move’s success is a comprehensive moving checklist. List every task and break down large ones into manageable action points. It’s about turning the daunting into doable.

Create a Timeline, Allocate Tasks

Utilise a blank calendar to craft a timeline for each task. This isn’t just about lists; it’s about deadlines. Allocate tasks per specific week, ensuring consistent progress. Stay on top of things, and don’t let the move dictate your pace.

Johnson’s Extra Mile: Reminders and Support

Book with Johnson’s Removals, and we don’t just move your stuff; we move with you through the planning and packing stages. Expect reminders personalised to your timeline. We go beyond – taking packing duties off your plate, freeing you to focus on what matters.

Best Practices for Packing

For DIY packers, our previous blog walks you through best practices. It’s not just about boxes; it’s about ensuring your items reach the destination unscathed – expert advice for a stress-free packing experience.

Consider Storage for a Smooth Move

Clear space by using storage for non-essentials early on. We can collect directly from the storage unit on your moving day. It’s a strategic move, ensuring a clutter-free packing experience.

Vital Tasks to Remember When Moving

Moving involves more than just packing boxes. Let’s break down the vital tasks you must remember for a seamless transition.

Informing the Right People

First on your checklist – create a second list with names and contact details to inform the right people of your relocation plans. It’s not just about moving; it’s about managing the details. 

Inform your council about your departure date to avoid tax issues. Remember, it’s a two-way street; find details of your new council for the reverse process. No one wants nasty demand letters.

Utility Responsibilities

Don’t get caught in the web of unwanted bills. Record and send meter readings for water, electricity, gas, internet, and other services. Contact them and note the actions they request. Stay ahead, avoid surprises, and keep your move stress-free.

Scoping Out Your New Home

The last thing you want is a surprise after the move. Visit your new area at least a couple of times. Plan a weekend stay twice to understand the rhythm of the place truly. It’s not just about the house; it’s about finding your favourite pub and restaurant. We recommend it – an investment in a smoother transition.

Organising Your Belongings

Unpacking can be a straightforward or a nightmare. Opt for the former. Download a home inventory app for your phone – a simple but powerful tool. Save every item per room, and label each box accordingly. 

This isn’t just about moving; it’s about efficiency. These apps aren’t just handy for moving; they’re your secret weapon for insurance claims. Send them the contents of your inventory and let technology work for you.

Man & Van Services for Businesses

Man and van services aren’t just for homes; we’re also the go-to choice for businesses. Here’s why:

For All Businesses, Big or Small

Our man-with-a-van package fits all for big corporations or small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Save money and stay efficient – it’s about finding the right fit for your business needs.

Cost-Effective Solutions, No Confusion

If the idea seems perplexing, don’t worry; we assess everything. We aim to provide the most efficient service tailored to your business requirements. No confusion, just cost-effective solutions.

Beyond Relocation: Distribution Made Easy

We’re about more than just moving; many smaller and medium companies trust us for local and national distribution. Why? Cost-effectiveness compared to traditional couriers. Balance your books by eliminating the expense of buying or hiring vehicles.

Flexibility Tailored to You

Flexibility is key. With our approach, collections and deliveries align with your business needs. It’s about making the service work for you, not the other way around.

Stay in the Loop: Updates and Protection

Our moving team keeps you informed with updates for each drop-off. Your goods are not just handled; they’re protected with our team’s expert handling skills. It’s not just a service; it’s a partnership in the success of your business move.

Choosing the Right Removal Provider in Dorset

When it comes to moving, one decision can make all the difference. Choose a reliable removal provider early in the planning stage, and you’ll set the tone for a smooth journey.

That’s where Johnson’s Removals comes in – not just a choice, but the preferred choice in Dorset. Our commitment goes beyond the ordinary; we assess each move to tailor the perfect service for you.

Johnson’s Removals: Your Trusted Partner

Proudly standing as Dorset’s favourite removals and storage provider, Johnson’s is not just a local name; we’re part of the Master Removers Group, an elite network moving people from every corner of the UK. We’re the preferred movers of choice for a reason – our commitment, expertise, and knack for going the extra mile.

A Five-Star Experience: Hear It from Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it – dive into our Google reviews. We’re not boasting; we’re letting satisfied clients speak for us. Johnson’s Removals isn’t just a service; it’s a five-star experience. Real testimonials, real stories, absolute satisfaction – that’s what sets us apart.

No Job Too Big or Small: Your Customised Solution

Equipment? Check. Expert staff? Double-check. There’s no removal or related service we can’t handle. We go beyond the generic; we assess your move, ensuring the perfect match with the right vehicle size for your specific requirements. We’ve got you covered from the tiniest detail to the grandest move.

Quality Assurance: BAR Accreditation and More

Our commitment to quality is not just a promise; it’s a policy. We adhere to a stringent Quality Policy and hold BAR (British Association of Movers) accreditation. It’s not just about moving; it’s about moving with assurance. Check our terms and conditions for insurance details and more.

Johnson’s – We’re Dorset’s Number One Company for Man & Van Removals

At Johnson’s, we have a range of vehicles for every type of relocation. Our motto is – there is no job too big or too small; we do it all. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into your first home or upgrading to a four-bed detached house. We will choose the right vehicle to transport your possessions safely.

It’s important to Johnson’s team that we keep our prices as low as possible. And we often have reduced rates during quiet periods. You only need to contact us to see if we have any current offers or promotions. We believe in making removals and storage packages affordable for everyone.

Contact us today, and we’ll discuss our smaller moves vehicles and how they can benefit you for your upcoming relocation.