Start off 2018 With More Living Spaces with Storage in Dorset

Posted on 11/01/2018 by Nick Johnson
Start off 2018 With More Living Spaces with Storage in Dorset

It’s over and done – the Christmas dinner is a distant memory; New Year’s Eve is a bit hazy. If you’re back at work, it may all feel like it was an eternity ago. One of the best ways to tackle this month is to get active and tackle 2018 with gusto. And there is no better way to do this than some home improvements.

A lot of people are more than happy to tackle some DIY or gardening. However, many of us shrink away from trips to B&Q. Each to their own – you don’t always need to do anything drastic to breathe new life into your house or apartment. One of the easiest places to start is to create more living space.

Out with the Old to Create More Living Spaces –

The best way to start creating more space at home is to declutter. Get rid of anything you don’t use. And you’ll need to be brave about your possessions, and set some boundaries for your family as well. If some cables and plugs are tied in knots, they’re not being used. If you have boxes full of random things, again, it’s time to go through them.

Sell it, give it away, or store it. A good way to test whether you should keep something is to work out if you’d pay to store them. If you wouldn’t, then you can sell, donate, or send them for recycling. Your local tip will have various skips for items, and your local charity shop will gladly take any donations. You can try and sell things at a second-hand car boot sale, or online with eBay or Gumtree.

If you go room-to-room to declutter, you’ll end up with loads more space. You can put the car back in the garage or use it as a utility room. The loft can store the items you sometimes use but want at home. You may even be able to convert a spare room or attic into a brand-new study or home office.

How Self Storage in Dorset Can Help –

One of the things that a lot of people don’t know is how much space you can free up with storage. If you pack it correctly, you can fit the equivalent of a small bedroom in a 50-sq-ft self storage unit. That means you can empty the entire contents of your garage or spare room if you want to. That’s a tremendous amount of space with a lot of potential for you to use for something else.

Storage is the secure way to keep your possessions safe, especially if you have valuable or items that can’t be replaced. If you have heirlooms that you have if the loft, you may want to rethink whether that’s the best place to store them. Your home isn’t made for storage purposes, meaning there is a potential for damage to occur. The typical house roofing can leak during heavy rain, even in newer properties. And while the water doesn’t always seep through, it can cause damp and rot, which can then damage your possessions.

Storage is an affordable way to create more space at home and to safeguard your items against damage or theft.

Johnson’s –  We’re Dorset’s Favourite Storage Providers –

The Johnson’s team are experts in removals and storage, and we aim to provide the best customer service possible. That’s why we keep our prices low, so everyone can afford to store with us. That doesn’t mean we cut corners. Our number one priority is customer service. Every customer we work with is important to us, and we make a point of getting to know everyone.

Johnson’s works with hundreds of removals and storage clients every year. We get repeat customers who use us for when they relocate and then return to rent self storage or container storage unit. Johnson’s also enjoys a lot of referrals from happy customers who recommend us to family of friends.

There’s no job we can’t undertake – we have the right storage size unit to suit everyone’s needs, as well as our range of service. We pride ourselves on being Dorset’s number one company for removals and storage.

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