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7 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Business in Dorset

Posted on 15/05/2023 by Nick Johnson
7 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Business in Dorset

Starting a business is exciting but requires careful planning and preparation to ensure survival over and above year one. In the current climate of economic uncertainty and rising living costs, many may wonder if it’s worth taking the risk of starting a new venture. The answer is a resounding yes! There has never been a better time to start a business in Dorset, with a growing economy and a supportive business community.

And with the right support and guidance, new businesses can thrive in this environment. One option for new businesses in Dorset is Johnson’s Removals. You can save money and streamline your operations with our services. This blog will cover some starting points for new companies in Dorset, including market research, developing a business plan, seeking advice and support, and partnering with us.


  • Conduct Market Research for Your Business
  • Create a Comprehensive Business Plan for Your Dorset-Based Enterprise
  • Seek Expert Advice and Support for Your Start-Up in Dorset
  • Establish Your Online and Offline Presence
  • Save Money on Collections and Deliveries with a Professional Removal Company
  • The Advantages of Self Storage for Your Growing Business
  • Embrace the Lean Start-Up Mindset for Your Enterprise
  • Johnson’s Removals – The Ideal Partner for Your Growing Business in Dorset

Conduct Market Research for Your Business

What are the latest market trends and opportunities in Dorset? 

One truth about starting or running a business applies to every industry: you must solve a problem. Once you cut away all the jargon and specific traits of each sector, that’s what you’re left with. And it’s where many newer ventures run into early issues when trying to market their product or service.

It might sound counterintuitive, but you should start market research before finalising your offer. That’s because you could find some inherent flaws in your concept that you must fix before an official launch. Furthermore, at this point, you start identifying your target audience, competitors, and demand for your products or services.

Here are a few points to cover to begin your research:

  • Flesh your initial business idea into a one-page document.
  • Include a summary of what business sector it fits into.
  • Also, note any specialise niche aspects.
  • List five potential competitors and take notes.
  • Begin looking for any gaps your idea could fill.

You’ll research creating a customer avatar and other more advanced information later. But you’re starting to lay the foundations of your business, and you’ll develop this regularly.

Create a Comprehensive Business Plan for Your Dorset-Based Enterprise

What key elements should you include in your business plan for a successful enterprise in Dorset? 

Another tip that often ends up as an afterthought or needs to get a look in. Your business plan should be your blueprint, but you shouldn’t wait for the perfect moment to start. It won’t be perfect – the likelihood is that you’ll rewrite it several times. Each revision happens as you gain knowledge and remove unnecessary parts.

So, don’t delay this – open a Word or Google Doc today. You can copy and paste the list from the previous section and add that information to the business plan. We also suggest going online and looking for some examples or templates. This will give you an idea of a typical structure and what information goes in.

One section could make or break your concept – the SWOT analysis. This is where you’ll battle-test and poke holes in your idea. To summarise, you scrutinise every angle to stop issues from the outset. Identify any weaknesses and think of solutions now, and you’ll win.

As you develop and iterate your plan, it will require some financial projections. If this is something other than your strong point, it might be worth outsourcing this.

Seek Expert Advice and Support for Your Start-Up in Dorset

Who is Dorset’s key business advisors and mentors who can guide you through the start-up process? 

As the famous book and quote state – no man is an island. Everyone succeeds or fails due to how willing they are to seek assistance. Even if you’re a sole proprietor and intend to remain so, you’ll still work with other entrepreneurs or SMEs. It might be part of a supply chain, but it still counts as your support system.

Most business sectors come with accreditation and regulatory compliance. And it rarely makes sense if you’re starting your first enterprise. That’s where your municipal and NGOs come into the scenario. The first point of call is the Dorset Council and the Dorset Chamber of Commerce. Both institutions have stacks of resources and experience for legal requirements, financial tips, and other crucial reference points.

The next logical step is networking. Councils and COCs have insider contacts who organise workshops and networking events in regional and localised settings and sector-specific ones in other areas of the country. While most are in-person, you’ll find online options if you can’t attend.

Establish Your Online and Offline Presence

How can you build a strong online and offline brand presence in Dorset? 

All successful enterprises exist online in an increasingly equal presence to the real world. In fact, this is so true that we often say offline, which shows how crucial being online is. For newer companies, you won’t need a sophisticated setup. A website and at least one social media page are enough to get the ball rolling.

Unless you know how to build a website, it’s better to outsource this task. You can fall into the trap of doing everything yourself to try and save money, only to produce a mediocre site that took days to make. Social media isn’t as tricky, but getting an expert to do this for you is possible. Due to the system’s complexity, we suggest doing so for both if your website is an online store like Shopify, Ecwid or WooCommerce.

If you’ve taken our advice from the last section, you’re already lining up networking events. Now it’s time to prepare for in-person meetings with a business card, physical marketing materials, or portfolio. If your business relies on selling products, work with a designer and get some prototypes ready.

Save Money on Collections and Deliveries with a Professional Removal Company

How can a professional removal company help you save money on collections and deliveries in Dorset? 

Now we’re going to consider some hands-on factors for certain businesses. If your model has any form of collections and deliveries, you must cost this into your plan. First, let’s establish the things you’ll need if you keep this in-house:

  • A dedicated vehicle.
  • A team member to perform the duties.
  • A stock control system.
  • Someone to oversee the operation.

Now let’s consider the problems of retaining this within your company. You’ll have to purchase or lease a vehicle, which requires an outlay of capital. Then you need staffing to drive, load, transport and report their duties – and someone to oversee them. And to top it off, someone else needs to book every parcel or item that goes in and out. That’s a significant chunk of your time and finances.

Here’s why partnering with a reputable moving company like Johnson’s Removals is handy. By tailoring our Business Removal package, it’s possible to create a local distribution network. We have a fleet of vans in different sizes, making it possible to collect and deliver any number of objects. And we can oversee the entire process, providing you with regular updates.

The Advantages of Self Storage for Your Growing Business

What are the benefits of using self storage for your growing business in Dorset?

Next, we’re adding another part to this local distribution framework – storage. You’ll need someone to keep your goods, tools, and other assets. The traditional way is renting an office, warehouse, or factory to house them in. And while this is something to aspire to, your outgoings will be high, and you’ll find yourself tied into long-term contracts.

To keep costs down, we suggest using self storage. You can link this to your removals distribution setup to streamline the process. And you won’t have to take on more duties because the Johnson team will do it for you. It makes everything easier because these services work harmoniously, and we can oversee them.

One final surprise bonus is that you can even use a storage unit as an alternative workspace. It might sound far-fetched, but we work with several entrepreneurs and SMEs who do this now. You have electricity and internet access, and plenty of room for a desk and computer. With a few additional touches, you have a lockup and leave, no-frills office. 

Embrace the Lean Start-Up Mindset for Your Enterprise

How can adopting a lean start-up mindset help you launch and grow your enterprise in Dorset? 

Explain the lean start-up mindset and how it can help new businesses minimise risk and maximise efficiency.

You’re likely noticing a pattern here – most of the practical suggestions in this blog are budget-friendly. And this is on purpose because many new businesses stack up too many expenses. Most of these costs seem like necessities on paper, and we agree with their function. But we must also think outside the box to stick within a budget.

This is what a lean start-up model looks like. You’re stripping down each function and seeking cost-effective solutions that give you the outcome via a different method. We mapped out that in the previous two sections for local distribution and linking with a storage unit. They provide you with access to a vehicle, an option to delegate transportation and a dedicated stock room. Then you can bulk this out to form a local distribution and warehousing service.

It’s worth noting that this can be something other than your long-term structure. The likelihood is that you’ll eventually scale things up as you grow. However, you can learn the ropes and start small without overextending your cash flow. This will give you that precious liquidity that all new businesses must have. And not to mention the flexibility of avoiding vehicle and commercial rental leases at the beginning of your journey.

Johnson’s Removals – The Ideal Partner for Your Growing Business in Dorset

Why is Johnson’s Removals the ideal collection and delivery partner for your growing Dorset business?

The shiny allure of being the boss soon fades when you delve into the detail, especially when you line up the costs! That’s why partnering with Johnson’s Removals makes financial decisions sense. Not to mention being able to reassign various operational tasks to us while having the confidence that we’ll maintain your high standards.

Like all credible moving companies, all our removal and storage packages undergo constant evaluation. We have a stringent Quality Policy with management protocols. This is how we measure our performance to ensure we always provide excellent customer service. And that’s why hundreds of businesses in Dorset and beyond work with us yearly.

Click here, and we’ll review some preliminary assessment questions to see what services you need. We’ll discuss the most suitable package, including a free, no-obligation quote.