Storage in Dorset from £14 per week for 250 Cubic Feet – Imagine What You Could Fit in That!

Posted on 20/02/2019 by Nick Johnson
Storage in Dorset from £14 per week for 250 Cubic Feet – Imagine What You Could Fit in That!

Whether you’re looking to improve your living spaces at home or increase the usable size of your office, everyone can benefit from using storage. For some reason, quite a lot of people feel that storage is expensive and restricts them to long rental contracts. This isn’t the case when you rent a storage unit with Johnson’s of Shaftesbury. We provide container storage from as little as £14 per week, and we don’t force people onto any length of a contract.

In addition to our container units, Johnson’s also offers self storage units which are ideal for regular access. It’s all about our dedication to customer service and how a wider choice of options helps attain that. There is no better way to protect your belongings than storage. And at these prices, it makes sense to consider storage.

The Best Storage Costs per Week in Dorset –

At Johnson’s, we think that everyone can and should be able to benefit from storage. That’s why our prices for container storage start from just £14 per week which is cheapest available in Dorset. All our storage units are temperature controlled to ensure all the items are kept in perfect condition.

And you get a lot of storage space for that low price. In fact, you can fit the equivalent of a large wardrobe’s worth of clothing and various other items. What’s more, we will assist with the packing of your storage unit to ensure the things are safe from damage. Without a doubt, storage offers complete security for your possessions from theft or damage.

The Johnson’s team will deliver the empty storage unit to your address and will collect and deliver the full unit back to our storage facility. And to ensure that everything is accounted for, we’ll help you create an inventory of your possessions. We always advise our customers to try downloading a free app for this purpose.

Container Storage and Self Storage Services –

Johnson’s container units are ideal for long-term storage for people who don’t need to access their possessions regularly. Because containers are sealed and stacked, it does require some notice to access your contents. People often use container storage for valuable items that are either expensive or are irreplaceable. They don’t use things like furniture or artwork on a regular basis, but they don’t want to store them at home. ‘

Container storage offers the ultimate level of safety and security for your possessions. The Johnson’s facilities are monitored by CCTV and can only be accessed via our main entrance. By using storage, you’ll be protecting from belongings from water and fire damage. These storage units are also handy for people who have seasonal items like skiing and fishing equipment. Lots of businesses also use container storage if they have surplus materials or products. Using storage helps to create more space in their factories and storage rooms for busy periods.

Johnson’s also offers self storage for people who want regular access to their items. It costs more than container storage, but our rates are still well below the typical industry standard. Because of the ability to access your unit whenever you need to, many businesses that have very active stock rooms choose this option. It often means that they’re able to downsize their premises and use us solely for their warehouse purposes.

Johnson’s also works with a lot of university students who often use self storage when going home for holidays. Many have found that leaving their belongings in their student accommodation or shared housing is too risky. We also have customers who travel for business who use our self storage units for the same reasons. It offers peace of mind that their possessions are safe while they’re not in Dorset.

Johnson’s – Affordable Storage in Dorset with Excellent Customer Service –

Johnson’s has been operating in Dorset for over one hundred and fifty years, and we’re proud to call it our home. During this time, we have made it our priority to provide the best removals and storage possible. And it’s part of our ethos to keep our prices affordable so that everyone can benefit from our services.

From your first call or email to us, you’ll notice the level of professional care and attention we offer our customers. It’s crucial that we gather as much relevant information as possible so that we can make a correct assessment of your needs. For us, it’s all about taking your requirements and pairing them with the right storage service.

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury is a member of the Master Removers Group which is an elite network of removals, storage and logistics companies. This collective of businesses has warehouses and depots spread throughout the UK. There’s no job we can’t undertake – we have the equipment and expert staff available to assist with packing and unloading into your storage unit.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our container and self storage services, contact us today. From prices starting at £14, it’s possible for everyone to enjoy the benefits of storage.