Storage for Local Artists near Sherborne

Posted on 10/02/2018 by Nick Johnson
Storage for Local Artists near Sherborne

No matter where you go in the UK, you’ll find artists, photographers, musicians and many other creatives. Even in smaller towns have their own art galleries displaying the work and creations of the local artists. In fact, a fair amount of working artists will move to remote locations to help them get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Even though it’s a small town in Dorset, Sherborne has its fair share of art galleries. Artists of all distinctions live in Sherborne, which isn’t a surprise. The vast amounts of green spaces, make It an ideal place for artistry inspiration.

How Storage Can Help Local Artists in Sherborne –

Depending on what sort of studio you have or if you have one, storage is always an important space you need to factor in. Many local artists use their home as studio space for a few reasons. One, it’s cheaper than renting a studio. Secondly, in places like Sherborne, there aren’t many artists’ studios or suitable commercial rental spaces.

While having a home studio setup is an excellent option, there are issues when it comes to storage. Although most houses and apartments have storage space built in, these spaces are not suitable for storing art. The reason is that things like damp can readily occur, especially if lofts and garages. And damp conditions and canvas don’t mix. They end up warping your artwork and possibly other equipment.

By using a self storage unit, you give yourself a central place to store all equipment and work. That means you create more space at home and you have more security for valuable works or expensive equipment or tools. Another advantage of self storage is that’s it’s easy to access whenever you need. You can also use the storage unit to store personal items to create even more space at home.

Potential Alternative Studio Spaces –

Artist studio space is not only expensive, but artists in Sherborne might need to look further afield to find studios. One popular option that a lot of people go with is to create their own studio at home. Converting a room at home could be the answer, and you already know the facilities are up to scratch. The only issue that sometimes happens is concentrating and keeping art and home life separate. It’s much like a home office – there are family noises, telephones, doorbells, next door’s dog, your dog. It all adds up to a very unartistic atmosphere.

If using a home studio isn’t for you, there might be some affordable commercial rental spaces. You should check the local papers and notify your local estate agent what you’re looking for and give them your budget.

One type of alternative studio and workspace that has become more popular in recent years is using a self storage unit to work from. Storage units are excellent alternative spaces for artists and creatives to use as a studio. You have plenty of space to create, store work, and use as an office for the pesky admin and email. There is no lease making it flexible to move in and out when you need to.

Johnson’s – Dorset’s Favourite Storage Provider –

Johnson’s works with several artists in Sherborne and the surrounding areas, and they us for their storage and removals needs. Artists find our rates lower than commercial rent and better than storing their work at home. They can keep both sides of their life separate and have somewhere they can concentrate and store their works in progress and finished artwork.

Our Home Move service is popular for moving art to galleries for exhibitions due to specialist care is given to artwork. What people often overlook is the need to treat each object differently. For example – if you wrap certain types of paintings incorrectly, you can damage the paintwork. At Johnson’s, we pay attention to the small details to make sure everything reaches the final destination in perfect condition.

Johnson’s cover everywhere in Dorset and the surrounding areas. The Johnson’s ethos is to make sure our customers receive the right service to suit their needs. To us, customer service is paramount. All our services and removals packages stem from feedback from our clients. A happy customer will return to use us again in the future, as well as recommend us to their family and friends.

If you’re an artist and you’re looking for the ideal space to create, contact us today to discuss our storage units and packages.