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The Best Home Security Tips and Using Storage

Posted on 08/06/2021 by Nick Johnson
The Best Home Security Tips and Using Storage

If you ask someone what’s the thing they want to improve in their homes, they’ll usually start to talk about redecorating or an ambitious room conversion. However, there’s a far more pressing matter people overlook all too often when it comes to their house or flat. The security of your property and outdoor areas should be a priority, especially for protecting our belongings. And it doesn’t necessarily mean forking out considerable costs to upgrade with a fancy alarm or lighting system.

At Johnson’s Removals, we take security seriously and leave no stone unturned when it comes to vigilance. Our branch provides customers with complete protection for their belongings, especially valuable items. That’s something everyone should give themselves at home as well, and we’ll go into more detail about the how and why in this article.

An Honest Appraisal of Home Security –

Taking care of the security needs of your home will put you at ease and allow you to have confidence in your family’s safety. Remember that feeling of anxiety if you’re not 100% about it? It’s something everyone can improve with some simple steps without having to cost a fortune. The first one sees where you at now with an honest security appraisal.

There are two ways of gauging the current level of quality of security for your house or flat. You can check your area’s crime rates to see the data highlights a higher propensity for burglaries. Places with lots of students tend to have more break-ins and other forms of opportunistic crime. But it’s just as accurate for estates with semis and detached houses.

If you’re in a position where both seem to play a factor, you can hire a security expert to do a professional evaluation. They’ll look at each potential weakness and entry points, note any issues, and provide suggestions to solve them. Then it’s a case of working out your budget for upgrades and repairs. Alarms and CCTV aren’t the only things to consider.

It’s a case of combining deterrents, making repairs and installing security systems, depending on your budget. This should be in line with the burglary stats for your estate and surrounding areas. You can quickly improve your overall security without breaking the bank. But it’s also worth investing where necessary.

The Dos and Don’ts for Key Security –

At one time, we’ve all lost our keys and the sinking feeling that goes along with a realisation. That painful disbelief as we scramble through our pockets and bag, desperately hoping to find them, even after the third check. It’s a hammer blow, especially after a busy day in the office or at work. Plus, it can be unnerving if it’s late at night.

We always suggest having at least two sets cut, so you have a spare set for these instances. The question of where you leave the spare keys become essential. Security still matters and leaving them under a plant pot, or a similar place isn’t a good idea. Intelligent thieves will likely feel around these places and check under stones and plant pots first.

There are two better options to consider which fits into the overall due diligence side of security measures. The first is to leave the spare set with someone you trust who lives nearby, such as a family member or close friend. You might have another issue, though, especially if they’re not at home when you lock yourself out. The answer is to leave the set in your storage unit for self storage customers, and many Johnson’s Removals customers do this.

We’ll reiterate the point of not leaving them outside again, just to make sure it’s the furthest idea from your mind from now on. All it takes is one person to watch you do it, and the hiding place is blown. It’s also worth noting your insurance policy might be at risk if the entry point of a break-in traces back to leaving a key outside.

Fix Broken Gates and Fencing –

A dodgy gate doesn’t just look bad; it attracts unwanted attention from people you wouldn’t willingly invite into your back garden. It’s a means of entering your property with more ease for those who rub their hands at the prospect. And this is where any initial corrections should begin. Securing the perimeter is the foundation of home security, and it’s the bare minimum everyone should aim for.

Start with the woodwork and make sure the gate is in good working order. This includes replacing or adding a bolt lock and a functioning latch. You might need to check the hinges are still attached and aren’t rusting over. If necessary, you can put a deterrent on top of the gate like mini spikes but side with caution if you have pets or small children.

Broken fence slats might seem innocuous, but they present the same opportunity as we mentioned above. Remove it by swapping broken pieces with new ones and treating the wood for longevity with creosote. You’ll need to maintain and check this setup every six months to keep the wood in good condition. It’s worth making a note to complete security checks bi-annually to make sure everything’s up to scratch.

Effective Home Alarm Security Measures –

When it comes to alarm systems, it’s worth remembering that they’re effective but only to a certain degree. One of the problems with an alarm is people tend to ignore them, thinking it was a false trigger. They assume it’s going off by mistake and rarely check to verify this, especially if the alarm stops. By this point, even if they do check, someone could have already gained access.

If you’re considering doing this, we suggest investing in a system with a call-out response add-on. This can be a bit on the expensive side, and there’s the possibility of a few false incidents. However, having a response team gives you the ultimate level of security. On a lesser scale, having a visible alarm box portrays the impression you have decent protection.

When you look into alarm systems, it’s worth including some CCTV or camera system as well. If a would-be criminal sees something watching them, they’ll think twice and will leave. There are obvious ways for them to return and hide their identity, but it’s unlikely. There are improved ones where you can speak with anyone outside your home remotely.

Use Self Storage as Part of Your Strategy –

We mentioned using a self storage unit for your spare key earlier in this blog, and it’s worth revisiting. Many of our customers utilise storage as part of their security strategy. And it’s essential to think of security holistically with several components. And sometimes, it’s better to keep things somewhere more secure than your house or garage.

This includes any valuables, and most of us don’t feel comfortable keeping things at home. You could consider using a safe to protect very expensive or irreplaceable items. However, this only works for things that fit inside of the container. Larger objects are unlikely to fit but might still hold too much value, whether financial or sentimental, to keep in the house.

Self storage offers the ultimate level of security for your possessions, and our units are built to protect. We will discuss any specifics and suggest ways of preparing your items before storing them. Then we’ll go through our storage options to match them with your needs. You’ll then be able to safeguard valuables and keep any spare keys inside, just in case.

Johnson’s Removals – Part of Your Security Improvements –

Many of Johnson’s Removals customers work with us when improving their home security. That’s because our facilities have top-notch security measures and systems. We have a nothing in or out policy – everything needs to have permission to enter or leave our facilities. This means you’ll have peace of mind everything is safe and secure.

Johnson’s Removals has a broad range of removal and storage services available, all at affordable rates. We can match your requirements by adapting packages to tailor them to your specific needs. It’s this tailor-made level of service that brings us repeat and new customers. By adding self storage to your security strategy, you’ll be safeguarding your belongings.

If you’re thinking of making some security upgrades, please contact us today. We can discuss the benefits of using storage and provide more tips to help you make the necessary improvements.