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The Best Places to Buy a Second Property in 2020

Posted on 09/01/2020 by Nick Johnson
The Best Places to Buy a Second Property in 2020

While many people are returning to work after Christmas and New Year, others are starting 2020 with exciting plans for buying a second property. And there are plenty of places within a comfortable journey from Dorset for you to consider investing in this year. Johnson’s of Shaftesbury moves hundreds of people into second and holiday homes in Dorset and the surrounding areas every year. That’s why we’ve put together our very own top tips for buying a second home.

Best Places in Invest in Property in 2020 –

Poole, Dorset – even for people who live in Dorset, buying a second property in one of the coastal hotspots represents an excellent investment opportunity. Dorset is one of the most popular visitor destinations in the UK, and there’s no shortage of demand for overnight guests.

Bath, Somerset – Bath is somewhat of an anomaly when it comes to property prices. While the UK housing market had an overall slow and decline in value, Bath continues its steady growth. Couple this with the prominent role Bath plays in the UK tourism sector, and you have a rock-solid investment outlook.

Manchester, Lancashire – we include this on our list because it’s highly likely that Manchester will continue to thrive as an economic capital in England. Many people are leaving London to work and live in Manchester, but they aren’t all buying properties. This means investors have opportunities to buy and rent out to new residents.

London – there are plenty of investment opportunities for the up and coming areas in London. Areas like Crystal Palace, Bexley, Croydon and Woolwich are a few examples of locations that are benefitting from regeneration projects. Although the prices for anywhere in London is often higher, the return on investment is favourable.

Top 5 Tips on Finding Your Second Property –

Online research – you’ll need to undertake a lot of research into potential places to invest in a second property. That means looking at property prices on average and for specific areas. It’s also wise to get information on things like healthcare, schools, local amenities and transport links.

Estate agent – getting an estate agent on board will help you sift out unsuitable properties to avoid viewing them. This is especially useful if you don’t live near the area in question. You can put together a list of specifications and requirements so they can help narrow down your list of potential properties.

Create a wish list – before you can start to do any involved research, you need to create a wish list. This should include all the features your new home needs, with things like how many bedrooms and bathrooms. Then you’ll need to have a rough idea of what your budget is.

Visit the area – you can only do some much online, even though it’s an excellent resource. You’ll need to budget for and allocate time to visit the area of interest at least two or three times. This is so you can experience it first-hand.

Second income opportunities – this one is more about the potential return on investment possible that people often overlook. If you buy a second home in a tourist hotspot, you can then rent it out on Airbnb during times you aren’t there. You can enjoy a holiday home that also has potential as a second income.

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury – Helping You Find Your Perfect Second Home –

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury relocate hundreds of people every year into Dorset and the surrounding areas who have a second property here. From this experience, we get an insight into what drives people to purchase second properties and the potential for things like a second income from renting them out.

The of the main advantages of using Johnson’s for your move is we can relocate you anywhere in the UK. Not only that, we can collect you from other counties to move you into Dorset. We’re part of an elite group of removals and storage companies that form the Master Remover Group. This makes it possible to provide the same high level of customer service to people in other parts of the country.

If you would like to discuss our range of services, please contact us today. We’re confident that you’ll find the ideal place to buy a second home and we look forward to relocating you there.