Top Fitness and Lifestyle Apps for People in Dorset

Posted on 28/08/2019 by Nick Johnson
Top Fitness and Lifestyle Apps for People in Dorset

If you’re looking to get fit, apps are a great way to improve your health and other important things in your life. You’ll be amazed at what you can track with your Android or iPhone with little to no expense to download. Apps are an excellent example of how technology can have a positive impact on our daily routines without becoming a burden. Many apps are either low in cost or are free, making them accessible to anyone with a phone.

And if the outdoors is more your thing, Dorset has some excellent walking and hiking routes throughout the county. Most if not all apps have some form of map system and other ways to calculate your progress. This information to help improve health and look for areas for improvement in our workout routines. To help you, we’ve put together some of Johnson’s favourite fitness and lifestyle apps.

Best Free Workout Apps 2019 –

Freeletics – this app focuses entirely on exercises and workouts that don’t need any equipment. Freeletics shows you hundreds of ways you can use your own body weight in place of weights or equipment. Additionally, you can follow the routines from anywhere, and it’s all to fit around your schedule.

Couch to 5K – the aim of the Couch to 5K app is to encourage more people to get into the habit of exercising. The ultimate objective is to be able to run 5K, and the training programme lasts for nine weeks. Although this app’s primary target group is beginners, people of all abilities can test it out. It’s also advisable for people who haven’t done much exercise and want to get back into shape.

Yoga Studio – this workout and lifestyle app offers yoga classes at the touch of a button. Whether you’re just starting, or you do yoga regularly, it’s possible to create custom workouts with Yoga Studio. There’s even the option to schedule classes, so they fit in with appointments you have added to your calendar.

Strava – due to being one of the most popular fitness apps, Strava is one of the best-known running apps out there. While most users turn to Strava to track runs, it can also be used by cyclists and swimmers. This app connects your smartphone with a GPS smartwatch. This makes it possible to track your exercise routes on a map so you can keep a record of your times and distance stats.

Tips for Getting More Exercise in Dorset –

The first piece of advice that most people tend to overlook is the importance of starting and being consistent with an exercise routine. While fitness gurus and personal trainers demand more from each session, remember you’re just starting out. A significant jump into a strenuous exercise regime could cause injury, which would mean less exercise and a recovery period.

Begin with something simple like counting your steps and increasing them with long walks or hikes. If you include outdoor routes with various inclines, you’ll give yourself a workout and burn lots of calories. And you can monitor your steps easily with several free apps for your phone. Furthermore, you’ll be strengthening your core muscles as you gear up towards a more thorough routine.

Once you’re fitter, you can consider a gym membership and a personal trainer to push you a bit more. If the gym isn’t your thing, think of a sport or activity that will include pushing your limits more as well as endurance. Keeping fit isn’t a race – it’s a change of lifestyle that should also include better-eating habits.

Johnson’s – We’re Fans of Apps and Improving Lifestyle –

The Johnson’s team are always happy to pass on good advice to our customers. Mobile app technology has the power to improve our lives.  In addition to testing out fitness apps, it’s also possible to download a home inventory app to save your house’s contents. You can send your details to your insurance provider, and it will save you time if you’re relocating.

Johnson’s relocates thousands of people every year, and Dorset is a favourite destination for people who are relocating from London. It’s an excellent place to enjoy a better quality of life and enjoy some fresh air and outdoor activities. Dorset is the ideal place to test out those fitness apps, due to the numerous routes for walking and running.

Johnson’s is proud to call Dorset our home, and we’re happy to talk about anything. That includes seeing what mobile apps our team is using and which ones might help you. It’s impressive the range of things apps now cover, and we’re sure that you’ll find ones that will improve your life.

If you’d like to know more about Dorset or our range of services, contact us today. We hope that you’ll be ready to start your new exercise routine with the help of an app.