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Top Tips for First-Time Homeowners in Dorset

Posted on 17/10/2022 by Nick Johnson
Top Tips for First-Time Homeowners in Dorset

For tenets who rent their homes and seem to be stuck in a never-ending cycle of renting, becoming a homeowner would be a dream come true. However, there’s a reason why millions of people find themselves in this predicament, and it’s often impossible to pay rent and save for a deposit. And for people who don’t have a safety net of staying with a relative, this can often rule buying a house or flat out of their immediate plans.

The good news for potential first-time buyers is that there are new ways for people to get their foot on the property ladder. An area like Dorset is a sound investment for any prospective buyer because property values tend to be stable. Additionally, new buyers have various options at their disposal when it comes to using purchasing schemes which we’ll elaborate on in this blog.


  • First-Time Home Buyer Tips 2022
  • Housing Schemes and Other Affordable Property Options
  • Don’t Forget to Consider These Things when Moving
  • What You Need to Remember About Completion Day
  • How to Choose the Best Removals Service for Value and Customer Service
  • Using Storage Between Moving Dates
  • Use a Reputable Removals and Storage Company via Online Reviews
  • Johnson’s – Here to Help Out First-Time Buyers in Dorset


First-Time Home Buyer Tips 2022

It’s time to get serious about saving by managing your money and recording everything you spend. Create an Excel spreadsheet and keep receipts and invoices as you buy things. You then record all the information once a week. And by the end of the month, you should see patterns emerge. Then it’s time for some tough questions on where you can cut costs and save money.

You will have to create a monthly budget, including your expenses and money for things like gym membership and entertainment. Anything leftover should go into a savings account, so go and open one now. If possible, set yourself some monthly savings goals. Check online to see if there are examples of typical mortgage deposits and any information that relates to saving.

Your following line of research is first-time buyers’ schemes. The government are making it easier for first-time buyers and low-income households to get onto the property ladder. You’ll need to work out what sort of scheme fits your situation. Some examples are Help to Buy, Shared Ownership, and Right to Acquire, but there are many more.

There are other avenues to explore when finding affordable ways to get your first home. Housing auctions in Dorset are an excellent way to acquire properties well below the average market price. However, it’s not as easy to see if there are any issues, so there are a lot of risks if you go this route.

Housing Schemes and Other Affordable Property Options

When you want to buy your first home, the odds stack against you. But with research and luck (or skill), things can go in our favour. You’ll need information on available schemes for new developments, like Shared Ownership programs that provide limited choices but may suit what’s needed most.

It’s time to do some homework before choosing which one best suits you as well as your finances. You can also check in with your bank’s home loan adviser or book an appointment with a mortgage broker. They’ll give you more insight into whether a housing scheme suits your circumstances or suggest other alternatives.

There are several other ways you can find affordable properties, such as property auctions and renovating a rundown building. You’ll have to be willing to project manage the restoration process in addition to your full-time job; this could result in an amazing new home. It’s more labour-intensive, but you can establish your style on the property.

Don’t Forget to Consider These Things when Moving

When looking for a first home, it’s essential to consider the specific details of what you need from your new place. This includes how many bedrooms and toilets are necessary and whether a double garage will fit those needs. You can draft lists with various items such as furniture but make sure that these don’t overwhelm any potential property listings- instead, concentrate on more essential features like the size of the garden required before going too far into debt.

A good idea would be getting quotes from estate agents who have filtered searches based on locations matching requirements set out by themselves. They’ll be able to check the local house prices for each area of interest and compare them with any properties you plan on bidding on. Researching before moving is essential, especially if it’s your first time in this city or town; there isn’t such thing as too much preparation.

You’ll also need to start scouting transport links, healthcare provisions, and educational institutions like schools. It’s important to be mindful of your circumstances when looking for a first home. This includes whether you’re buying with a partner or spouse, as this can affect things like your initial deposit and mortgage repayments each month. If children are involved, finding a place with good outdoor space and nearby amenities like parks and playgrounds is a must. And, of course, safety should always be a top priority.

What You Need to Remember About Completion Day

If you’re already further along in your journey, you’ll need to start thinking about the completion process. It has taken a lot of hard work to get here, and now you can finally live in a place where dreams become a reality. But before we hand over those keys, a few things need signing off on- so make sure both parties have paperwork from initial discussions, such as contracts or agreements regarding council tax status etc.

The date for completion will be set when all this goes into effect by talking it through with your solicitor, who has guided you throughout every step of the buying process.

Buying a home is often long and complicated, but there are steps you can take to ensure the entire thing goes smoothly. First off: be sure that any new credit or debit orders won’t strain your finances before signing up for these loans; make an appointment with lenders who will do their final checks on whether all conditions have been met (like having paid off enough taxes).

Once those passes come back clear – you’re all set. The property will then officially transfer from seller to buyer, and the latter can collect the keys. Then it’s high time to crack open a few celebration drinks and start enjoying life in your new home.

How to Choose the Best Removals Package for Value and Customer Service

When you need to arrange a moving company, it can be overwhelming to sort out all the different packages. Moreover, there are many options regarding how much they charge and what exactly comes with their removal service package. And every company states they’re the best in the area, but you can’t take that at face value.

Luckily, we’ll match your needs by providing only those removal packages that align perfectly with both budget and requirements. That means you’ll receive the service you need at an affordable price, giving you the best value and customer service. Furthermore, you can read our five-star reviews here to see what previous customers say about us.

Johnson’s Removals offers affordable and friendly removal services. We’ll give you the information to make an informed decision about your move without any pressure from us. We want our customers’ relocation to be as stress-free for them as possible. Then they can concentrate on taking care of any other important tasks.

Using Storage Between Moving Dates

Sometimes we need more room to get more out of our living spaces, which is where storage fits in. By using Johnson’s self storage, you can keep all your possessions safe from theft or damage without having swaying towers of boxes. Ultimately, you’re swapping the garage for something that would prevent the elements from damaging your belongings.

The surprising thing about having a storage unit is you can use it for multiple reasons. If you have an outdoor hobby like football or golf, you can store them with your gardening equipment, tools, and containers. And if you have any items inside the home, you’ll create a lot more space in your house, garage and even your loft.

At Johnson’s Removals, we offer excellent domestic and business storage options to suit everyone’s needs. There is no lease or minimum storage period to worry about, making it easy to store for as long as you need to. Our storage rates are the lowest in Dorset because we believe everyone can and should benefit from using storage.

Use a Reputable Removals and Storage Company via Online Reviews

When looking for a moving company, it can be hard to know how good they are until after the job concludes. But there’s no need to worry; customers can filter out lower quality service providers by doing some initial research on them online before booking their services (and checking out Google reviews). This system encourages companies to put their best efforts into each job to ensure they receive better ratings.

They have credible insight because they have used these movers before and can provide potential renters an idea of what kind/quality service might come with your chosen company.

At Johnson’s Removals, we strive to be the most effective and cost-effective removal company you can find. Our satisfied customers’ reviews show that they are highly professional with excellent customer service that always puts their needs first.

Johnson’s – Here to Help Out First-Time Buyers in Dorset

Johnson’s Removals is Dorset’s favourite removals and storage company, and we work with hundreds of people weekly. We cover the whole of Dorset and the neighbouring counties. Furthermore, if you have an area in mind that you are considering, we will gladly provide you with any information about it. We often note that first-time buyers benefit from information about Dorset useful when narrowing down their property search.

Customer service is the key to our reputation, and we strive to meet and surpass our customer’s expectations in every job we do. We’re residents of Dorset, and we love living here. The county has a range of towns and areas with varying property prices, so you’ll be able to find the ideal starter home here.

We know that saving for your first home can be expensive. That’s why our removals and storage packages are affordable and well below the typical rates. We make sure that our removals and storage services are designed to cover all bases. The Johnson’s Removals team know how difficult it is to get on the property ladder. That’s why we always try to help our first-time buyers as much as possible.

Contact us today if you’re planning to move into your first home. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote while discussing our range of services in Dorset.