How TradesmenCan Benefit from Storage in Dorset

Posted on 06/04/2018 by Nick Johnson
How TradesmenCan Benefit from Storage in Dorset

For people who run their own trade company or enterprise, it’s vital to have somewhere secure to storage equipment. Larger trade firms may have a factory or depot to use. However, for smaller companies or enterprises, it doesn’t make financial sense to have that sort of monthly overhead. And this is why a lot of tradesmen leave their equipment and tools in their garage or work’s vehicle.

It goes without stating that storing expensive equipment and tools in either a garage or a van is a bad idea. For starters, the risk of theft is the obvious one. Thieves target vans that look like they may have power tools inside. And the same goes for a garage where a trading vehicle is parked. This is where storage can assist your tradesmen in Dorset.

How Storage Can Benefit Tradesmen in Dorset –

If you don’t have a workspace like a depot, warehouse or factory, you might use your work’s vehicle or garage. Lots of tradesmen don’t have a dedicated workspace. It’s a costly overhead that doesn’t make sense to outlay, which makes a lot of sense. So, the natural step is to store things at home or in the van overnight.

The main issue with storing your tools and other equipment in your van or your garage in theft. As soon as a thief sees a trade van, they’ll automatically assume that there could be valuable tools inside. Even if they see one outside of your house, the chances of finding them in your garage are also good. There is also the risk of damage from the damp conditions, and neither your van or garage are built to keep out the elements.

That’s where storage becomes a far better option for the storage of your tools. The security measures we take at Johnson’s storage facility leaves nothing to chance. We have CCTV in operation throughout the grounds, with security fencing surrounding the property. The units are made of rust-proof materials and are secure from break-ins.

You can access self storage unit 24/7 to work around your schedule. This is particularly handy for tradesmen who start early or finish late. Storage is also flexible, and you can store from one month upwards. There is no lease, meaning you can end your storage whenever you need to.

Johnson’s Other Services are Ideal for Any Business –

Lots of people who rent a storage unit also do their admin and paperwork from their storage unit. All you need is a portable modem, a laptop and possibly a desk and chair. We offer an archive document storage facility for necessary documents, such as blueprints and contracts. This means you have all the basics needed for an office, and the storage required for your equipment. And at a fraction of the costs of commercial rent.

We also have container storage options for people who require long-term storage where they don’t need regular access. This would be ideal for surplus materials or products or equipment. If you have a fleet of vehicles, we also offer vehicle storage options.

If you have instances where you need to transport fragile materials to a building site, our removals team are experts in this area. We also provide packing services and have all the right materials to protect any items for transport correctly.

Johnson’s – We’re Dorset’s Favourite Company for Commercial Storage –

The Johnson’s team are experts in business storage, and we aim to provide the best customer service possible. Every customer we work with is important to us, and we make a point of getting to know everyone. We think that all companies can benefit from storage, that’s why our prices are the best on the market.

Business owners and sole proprietors in Dorset choose us because of our track record for customer service. They know that our team will turn up on time and will complete the job on time, every time. We don’t cut corners, and we always deliver the services we confirm.

Johnson’s cover everywhere in Dorset and the surrounding areas. The Johnson’s ethos is to make sure our customers receive the right service to suit their needs. To us, customer service is paramount. All our commercial storage packages stem from feedback from our business clients. A happy customer will return to use us again in the future, as well as recommend us to colleagues and other tradesmen.

There’s no job we can’t undertake – we have the right storage size unit to suit everyone tradesmen’s needs, as well as our range of service. We pride ourselves on being Dorset’s number one company for commercial storage.

If you like the idea of the additional security that storage can offer, contact us today. We’ll happily discuss our commercial storage packages, as well as other services that could benefit your business.