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Upgrading Your Garden in Time for Summer in Dorset

Posted on 02/05/2021 by Nick Johnson
Upgrading Your Garden in Time for Summer in Dorset

With the summer months on the horizon, it might be time to start thinking of getting your garden ready to spend time in. It’s getting much easier to imagine enjoying those warmer evenings outdoors, possibly with a beer or glass of wine. Who knows, if things keep moving in the right direction, we might be able to invite several family and friends over to join us.

Sprucing up your outdoor areas doesn’t need to cost much, and there are several ways of doing it on a budget. That’s what this article will look into – practical, affordable tips for garden upgrades. And should you require some additional space and a secure place for your possessions, Johnson’s Removals has excellent storage options.

Making Home Improvements, Including the Garden –

While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, home improvements are an important part of a property’s upkeep. The longevity of certain features in your house requires regular attention and repairs. Woodwork, for instance, needs routine repaints to prevent rot from setting in. And it’s also helpful to your overall well-being to like the space you’re in.

This latter point is why so many people are relocating to Dorset from bigger cities that don’t offer the same types of homes. People who live in apartments found that lockdown was a claustrophobic experience, and the lack of outdoor space was all too evident. Back gardens are now in vogue, which is worth noting down if you’re selling up.

However, this is just as important for current Dorset residents, and you should have an outdoor area you want to spend time in. And with those warmer nights on their way, it’s time to make this a reality. All you need is some practical ideas and enthusiasm. We’re here to supply the tip for garden improvements, and your part is to inject some proactive zest into the project.

Creating Affordable Furniture and Decking –

If you’re really putting some effort into your garden overhaul project, then this is something you can get some quotes for. Installing some outside decking will transform your patio or garden into a charming and welcoming space. Not only does it cut down your maintenance duties, but you’ll also have a tidier and more accessible outdoor area. It’s the perfect addition for anyone who enjoys entertaining guests outdoors.

Let’s begin with assessing the current state of any wooden furniture and fencing. While it’s durable, wood is also prone to absorbing water which bloats and allows rot to set in. That’s why you’ll need to treat your fencing with creosote and mend or replace any broken slats. Repeat the same process for any wooden furniture to ensure it stands the test of time. This will save you money in the long run because you won’t have to buy replacement furniture or fencing.

Sand the rough edges on your fence and garden furniture to avoid any cuts or spelts. You can easily add furniture by utilising old pallets, which has been an ever-present trend that doesn’t seem to be fading. Click here to see an instructional article on creating pallet outdoor furniture. It’s an easy fix, and you can make some charming pieces with minimal investment.

Smart Uses for LED and Solar Lights –

You can create some stunning outdoor lighting with affordable solar and LED lights if you place them strategically around your garden. There are plenty of design options, including colour filters and stencil shapes, to add magical touches. It will help if you allow your creative juices to flow to see what you can do with this light source.

Using mason jars and rope handles, you can create a string hanging solar lights. Another method is to cut out a stencil to go into the jar, creating new effects and shapes. You can also experiment with plant holders and furniture to attach solar lights. Using smaller lights, install several wooden posts and make a string-light effect. Remember to ensure the lights get plenty of sunlight to charge through the day.

LED lights will require you to consider electric or battery supply, and that will depend on how extensive your upgrades will be. Unless you currently have a working source of electricity, we’re suggesting you purchase lights you can power with batteries. To keep things sustainable, invest in some high-performance rechargeable batteries.

High-Quality Grass or Easy Maintenance Stones –

We’re going to spend some time in the back garden now, looking at your improvement potential. Most people still have a traditional grass garden, but it’s not always easy to keep it in a decent state. For any balding spots, it’s easy enough to reseed with some child-friendly options. If you notice a pattern that’s getting worse, it might be wise to consult with a gardener and check the quality of the soil.

If you don’t need grass, it might be worth replacing it with decorative pebbles and stones. This is the lower maintenance option, but there’s a caveat. Weeds are unwanted guests for people who replace grass with decorative pebbles. So, make sure you use non-toxic weed killer and apply new rounds regularly.

You can also consider combining the two and having a mix and match of grass and pebbles. The latter is an excellent way of bordering a garden for both style and upkeep. Just remember to spray weed killer regularly to prevent any annoying sprouts. The best thing about using stones is they’re affordable and straightforward to place in your garden. If you set monthly reminders for maintenance, there shouldn’t be any weed issues.

Sustainable Water Features and Pot Plants –

If you go the route of using decorative stones, you might lack some much-needed greenery. The best way to work around this is to allocate some patches of soil and plant. Or you can use pot plants to add some shades of green. There’s also an option to have a vegetable patch in the corner. This can also double up as an activity for the little ones.

Water features can be tasteful additions to any garden. Their popularity waned slightly with concerns over water wastage and electricity use. Nowadays, it’s possible to recycle water, and most come with the necessary function as standard. And most have energy-efficient power supply set-ups, which are both environmentally sound and cost-effective.

If you’re feeling daring, you might take inspiration from Japanese garden curation. They combine an array of fantastic colour schemes. However, maintenance is crucial, especially for Bonsai trees. The result is worth the effort, as you can see in this example here. For the more adventurous style choices, we advise working with a professional landscaper.

Using Removals and Storage for Garden Upgrades –

So, where do Johnson’s Removals fit into all this? It’s true that we’re a removal and storage provider, not horticulturists. However, we have experience with removals where people take their plants and other items with them. Additionally, we work with storage customers who want more space in their homes, including the gardens.

One previous customer was undertaking a thorough revamp of their front and back garden, but there was an issue. Their car was too small to transport the items from their local garden centre, and there were no delivery slots available. Luckily, due to our experience, we can work with organic items like plants and soil. Our Man & Van service is ideal for collecting and transporting materials, such as fencing and decking.

To top it off, you can rent a self storage unit to store your gardening tools. The shed might be in a state of disrepair, or it’s simply taking up too much space. By using storage, you can also eliminate any issues of theft or damage, which is an unfortunate reality of having a shed. They’re easy to access, and water seeps into the gaps in the roof and walls.

Johnson’s Removals – Helping You Spruce Up the Garden this Summer –

After what seems like an eternity under lockdown, we’re finally turning a corner, and there’s hope for a better year ahead. With the easement of restrictions, it might be possible to have people over this summer. You might need to add an outside heat lamp in case the nights have a chill. After all, it’s England, and the weather sometimes plays tricks.

Johnson’s Removals is here to offer advice and a range of services to help your garden upgrades. We will gladly suggest some of the hands-on steps on how to perform specific tasks. And our affordable removals and storage packages are flexible, making it possible to apply them to any home and garden improvements.

If you’re upgrading your garden in time for the summer, please contact us today. We’ll walk you through our range of services and discuss how to apply them to your garden improvements.