Using Our Storage In Dorset to Take Back Control of your Garage

Posted on 22/04/2019 by Nick Johnson
Using Our Storage In Dorset to Take Back Control of your Garage

When we finally decide to tackle the rooms and spaces in our home that we clutter with boxes and things, it’s a bold but necessary choice. Our decision might be more about necessity than anything else, as the cartons and containers begin to reach the garage’s ceiling. The boxes have now officially overtaken the garage, and it’s time to change that. Your big task for the second part of 2019 is to take back control of the garage to put it to better use.

The main underpinning issue when we hoard is that we end up losing parts of our home entirely. Even if you don’t want to put the car back in the garage, just think of what you could use that space for instead? It’s usually because of one particular family member that creates the bulk of the hoarding, but we’re all guilty of it at times. Johnson’s of Shaftesbury has had many customers in this exact position, so we are imparting our collective wisdom to help you take back control of your garage.

How to Organise a Messy Garage by Decluttering –

There are different ways to recognise when you’re beginning to fall within the category of hoarding. Just to be clear – there is nothing wrong with trying to keep things to get value out of what you paid for. Additionally, it’s good practice to try and avoid throwing things away needlessly and causing more waste. You cross a fine line when you retain things that you never use or are nonsensical, like bundles of old electrical wires and rusty tools.

There are three ways of assessing things to work out whether you keep, sell or get rid when you begin decluttering.

Use it. If you’re adamant that your power drill you haven’t touched in over a year will be of use, then keep it. The only rule here is to make sure it still works and has a proper case. If you’re unwilling to get rid of appliances and gadgets that are broken, then you’re probably hoarding. So, be sure to enlist a family member or friend to prevent any hoarding activity.

Sell it. If you can make some money while you declutter, then you’re winning. Sites like eBay and Gumtree are an easy way to check if something is valuable. You can also sell at second-hand dealers or high-street shops, but you may lose some of the potential profit.

Give it away. It’s better to give something away if you aren’t using it. Many charities specialise selling second-hand goods at affordable prices. If you look online, you’ll also find a lot of upcycling companies who repurpose old items, and recycling collectives and businesses who take donations and give packages to people on low incomes.

The Advantages of Using Storage in Dorset –

There are times where we need more space to realise the potential of our home and garage, which is where storage fits in. By using self storage, you can keep all your possessions safe from theft or damage without having swaying towers of boxes. Essentially, you’d be replacing the garage with something that would prevent the elements from damaging your metal equipment and other valuable items.

The great thing about having a storage unit is you can use it for multiple reasons. If you have an outdoor hobby like cricket or golf, you can store them with your gardening equipment, tools and containers. And if you have any items from inside the home, you’ll be creating a lot more space in your house, garage and even your loft. Moreover, you’ll have the peace of mind that all your belongings are safe and secure.

At Johnson’s of Shaftesbury, we offer excellent domestic and business storage options to suit everyone’s needs. There is no lease or minimum storage period to worry about, making it easy to store for as long as you need to. Our storage rates are the lowest in the market because we believe everyone can and should benefit from using storage.

Johnson’s – We’re Dorset’s Best Storage Company –

Johnson’s of Shaftesbury is Dorset’s favourite storage company, and we love working with the people who use our facilities. We make a point of speaking with as many customers as possible to see what their needs are and if we’re meeting them. It also helps us further understand why people use storage and how we can use this information to assist and advise other people.

The Johnson’s ethos is to make sure our customers receive the right service. To us, customer service is an essential part of our company. Furthermore, all our services and storage packages stem from feedback from our clients. By doing this, we can offer a holistic storage and removals service that covers all bases.

We believe that a company should put itself in their customer’s shoes to understand the different needs of each person. This not only helps us deliver the best possible service, but it helps us improve our domestic and commercial storage packages. We can use each job we do as experience for the next one.

Decluttering is never something we like doing, but you’ll appreciate the extra room when it’s over. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss how storage can assist you.