Things to Remember When Moving Home in Dorset, or Anywhere Else

Posted on 25/02/2018 by Nick Johnson
Things to Remember When Moving Home in Dorset, or Anywhere Else

After months of negotiating, various inspections, back and forth with the estate agent and buyer it’s over. The house in Dorset is yours!  Now all you need to do is pack everything up and relocate to your new home. And if it were as easy as that, we’d all move more often. However, anyone who has done this before knows that moving to a new house is very stressful.

There are ways to reduce the anxiety and chaos that is relocating, and it all starts with planning. The earlier you begin to plan the big moving day, the higher the chances of a successful transition from your current house to your new home will be.

Create a Moving Checklist and Set Some Small Goals –

The earlier you start planning your relocation, the smoother the move will go. You’ll be able to shop around for the most suitable companies and compare prices. This also gives you time to go some online checks for things like Trustpilot and Google Live Reviews. You can get the best deals and ensure you’re booking a reliable removals company.

Clear out all clutter and use plastic containers and solid boxes to pack. Don’t take your bad habits with you to your new home. If you use the items, organise and pack them away, so they’re easy to identify and locate. However, if you rarely or never use them – sell or donate the items.

If you book with a reliable removals company like Johnson’s, we’ll take care of all your packing needs. That includes the packing materials, and we can assist with inventory of your possessions. We always recommend downloading a home inventory app. They’re usually free or cheap, and you can create a comprehensive list of all your belongings. You then save them with a photo of each item and what room they belong to.

It’s crucial that you do as much homework on the area you’re moving to as possible. That means checking what sort of amenities is in the local vicinity. Do they have a shopping centre or a few supermarkets? Is there a decent selection of local traders and possibly a weekly market? What sort of entertainment is close by? What sort of provisions for healthcare are nearby? Is it easy to find and use public transport?

There is no replacing getting a first-hand feel for your potential new location. Plan on visiting your preferred area at least two times, more if you are able. You need to see what the area is like at various times of the day, just to see if it meets your preferences.

It’s worth contacting a reputable removals company as early as possible. At Johnson’s, we always work through the details of our customer’s relocation well in advance of the big day. And the earlier you contact us, the sooner we can assist you with finetuning your relocation.

Other Things to Consider When Moving to Dorset –

You will have to notify the local council that you’re moving, where to, and on what date. This will save you getting a hefty council tax bill and a rude demand letter several months down the line. You need to do this with every utility company you use as well. They will continue to charge you if you don’t let them know when you’re moving out. Notify them with all the relevant details and send the last readings. If possible, do this by email or find a way of keeping a record of this information.

One of the most critical things you should do is check tyre pressure and oil before you set off. Also, make sure there is plenty of water to clean the windscreen. It’s also essential to get any cracks in your windscreen repaired before you set off.

If you don’t have a satnav, buy one as soon as possible and test it before you set off. Satnavs have come a long way since they first began sending people in the wrong direction. They’re now very reliable and will save you a lot of lost time. Google Maps has a built-in satnav. All you need to do is use a hands-free kit, and you’re ready to go.

The last thing to do – get something for the kids to do in the car. That means lots of snacks, colouring books, things to watch on a tablet. With a bit of luck, you’ll manage to occupy them long enough to avoid those dread words, ‘are we there yet?’

Johnson’s – Book Your Relocation with Dorset’s Favourite Moving and Storage Company –

The Johnson’s team pride ourselves on being Dorset’s favourite removals and storage provider. We are part of the Master Removers Group which is an elite network of companies that can move people from anywhere in the UK. We regularly relocate people to Europe and further afield. No matter where you’re relocating to, Johnson’s can get you there.

The Johnson’s ethos is to make sure our customers receive the right service to suit their needs. To us, customer service is an essential part of our company. All our services and removals packages stem from feedback from our clients. By doing this, we can offer a holistic removals service that covers all bases.

When people relocate, there can sometimes be gaps between moves. This can cause issues if you need to be out of your current property by a specific date. By using Johnson’s storage, you won’t have to worry as you’ll have a safe and secure way to store your possessions. Johnson’s offer secure warehouse for long-term storage, or if you need something with more access, we now have self storage.

There’s no job we can’t undertake – we have the equipment and expert staff to perform any removals or related service. Additionally, we offer the best prices on the market, and we match that with the best customer service available.

Contact us today to discuss your next relocation, and we’ll gladly go through our removals and storage packages.