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Why Do People Move to Dorset?

Posted on 01/02/2022 by Nick Johnson
Why Do People Move to Dorset?

Thousands of new residents move to Dorset every year, and it’s one of the prominent places for people who relocate from larger cities and towns. As evident throughout the various lockdowns, a shift in what homeowners consider vital features is changing. And the lure of city life seems to be on the wane. But what’s makes Dorset so appealing to those who want to trade the 24/7 lifestyle, and does it necessarily mean a completely new way of living?

At Johnson’s Removals, we live and work in Gillingham, Shaftesbury, and the surrounding towns. And we love everything about Dorset, and we’re always keen to find out why our county continues to be popular with former city dwellers. With this in mind, here is our guide to the reasons why you should move to Dorset.

5 Reasons Why People Move to Dorset –

Stunning outdoor spaces – You won’t find anywhere else in Britain with more sunlight per day than Dorset. And this means there are lots of outdoors and beach activities on offer. From the Jurassic Coast, Lulworth Cove, Golden Cap, beaches, country parks, and nature reserves, you’ll have a plethora of beauty on your doorstep.

Active business sector – Tourism rules the roost in Dorset. The county boasts some of the finest seaside resorts in the UK. And the knock-on effect is a micro-economy with a high employment rate. However, it’s not a one-trick location, with advanced engineering, environmental technologies and financial services finding success here.

Excellent transport links – Although Dorset has no cities, the transport links throughout the county are impressive. The smaller villages may require some journey planning, but most have a local train station within a reasonable distance. The travel time between Bournemouth and London is approximately two-and-a-half hours. And within Dorset, most areas have dedicated bus services.

Culture and year-round eventsDorset is a county that has many claims to literary fame. Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy and Paul Nash all called Dorset home. And you’ll find lots of information about them at the Dorset County and Lyme Regis Museums. Dorset is also a hotspot for annual festivals, such as Bestival, Mudeford Seafood Festival, Wimborne Vintage Cycle Ride and many more.

Rental opportunities for second properties – Dorset is also a sought-after location for people who want to buy a second property. This is often used as a summer/holiday home, representing an opportunity to rent out during vacant periods. And with the rise in freelancers who manage short-term rental properties, you won’t have to have much involvement.

Some of the Best Places to Live in Dorset 2022 –

Bridport & West Bay – You’ll find this bustling market town and its neighbouring fishing village on the Jurassic Coastline. West Bay’s claim to fame is hosting the famous TV series Broadchurch, so it’s one of Dorset’s favourite visitor locations. 

Poole – Set between Bournemouth and the Isle of Purbeck, you’ll find Poole’s lively seaside resort. This town is well known for its unspoiled beaches, most notably Sandbanks Beach. Poole has the accolade of being Europe’s largest natural harbour. 

Lyme Regis – The recurring theme of beaches connects many of Dorset’s favourite locations. Lyme Regis is a very family-friendly/orientated area due to the array of outdoor activities and water sports on offer. It’s worth making a note to fit in a visit to The Cobb harbour. 

Transport and Commuting Information – 

Dorset is welcoming many ex-Londoners as new residents. Anyone who trades in the capital for our county will have to consider the commuting aspect. While Dorset was previously a favourite for retirees, the demographic of age is changing. Young families and those formerly living in smaller inner-city apartments are looking for more outdoor spaces.

The good news is that the eastern parts of Dorset have reasonable average travel times to London. If you’re looking at places in Southbourne, the average time is 1 hour and 51 minutes. Bournemouth and Christchurch will take you approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes. This will likely suit people who only need to be in London a few times per week, but it might be a stretch for those still working full-time hours.

However, if you’re thinking of the locations in our previous section, you’ll have to factor in longer journey times. If you relocate to Poole, you can expect to be on the train for 2 hours and forty-three minutes. Anyone who moves to Lyme Regis won’t be able to get a direct train and will need to travel to the nearby town of Axminster. Then you’ll be travelling for nearly three hours. Bridport will likely be implausible for commuting, with a whopping three hours and fifty-two-minute commute.

House Prices and Cost of Living – 


Average house price – £454,658

Cost of living:

Standard of life – £3,433.68

London – £4,900

Lyme Regis: 

Average house price – £446,271

Cost of living – not enough information


Average house price – £388,572

Cost of living – not enough information.

As you’ll notice from the above points, there’s a lack of data to make an accurate cost of living comparison between Lyme Regis, Bridport, and London. Poole is the only town on our list to provide enough information to make a comparison for the standard of life index. There are various articles noting how expensive Lyme Regis is, but none are recent enough to use.

With the average house price in London reaching a staggering £704,138, every town in Dorset represents better value. While it’s disappointing to have such a scant level of cost-of-living figures to compare, the solution would be some offline research. You’ll need to visit each area and start undertaking some detective’s work yourself.

Second Homes and Short-Term Rental –

Londoners are buying second homes in Dorset, with many using them at weekends after a busy week at work. Unfortunately, this has mixed reactions with local people sometimes regarding rising property prices. While it shouldn’t prevent you from considering doing this option, it helps to understand that you’ll need to try and integrate with the local community.

Dorset’s towns receive tens of thousands of visitors every year. Due to flying restrictions, there’s also a drive for people to vacation in the UK. This benefits areas with vital tourism sectors like ours. And this means there’s a demand for short-term rental properties. Many people are looking for a more homely experience of holiday cottages and Airbnb options.

If you purchase another property in Dorset as a second home, it’s possible to rent it out when you’re not residing there. It’s also worth remembering that this needn’t cause you any concerns about managing the process. There are lots of Airbnb and short-term rental professionals who can maintain and greet guests. You can also install smart tech locks that allow guests to book themselves in and out with a temporary pin code.

Best Removals and Storage Services –

When you’re well on your way to organising a relocation, it’s time to book with Dorset’s favourite removals and storage company. It’s fair to say we’ve given a thorough account of why Dorset is an excellent place to relocate to. We regularly move people here from all over Southern England, including a significant number from London.

We have a range of removals and storage packages available to suit everyone’s requirements. If you’re moving out of an apartment, it’s likely our Man & Van service will match your specifications. It’s the perfect choice for people who live in densely populated areas with parking and loading restrictions. We will suggest using our Home Removals service for properties with three bedrooms and up. The larger vans can hold and transport everything in one go.

You might need somewhere safe and secure while you pack your possessions and prepare for the big move. Johnson’s Removals also has storage packages for both household and business purposes. If there’s a delay in moving dates, it’s no problem – we’ll arrange a self storage unit. We have container storage for anything you’re leaving in the UK for those lucky enough to relocate overseas. And Johnson’s works with companies from all over Dorset, providing them with business storage.

Johnson’s Removals – Dorset’s Favourite Removals Company –

Johnson’s is Dorset’s favourite movers and storage company, and we move tens of thousands of people in and around the county every year. We make a point of getting to know our customers, and that’s why many return to use us for future relocations or our other services. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to earn repeat customers who tend to refer us to their family, friends, and workmates.

Johnson’s operates everywhere in Dorset and the surrounding areas. Our ethos is to make sure our customers receive the right service to suit their needs. To us, customer service is paramount. All our services and removals packages stem from client feedback.

If you’re thinking of moving to Dorset, click here today. One of our friendly staff will discuss our range of services and any information you need about the area.