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Why storage is vital in the UK 

Posted on 29/06/2023 by Nick Johnson
Why storage is vital in the UK 

Surprisingly, the storage industry has become a booming business since its inception in the US in the 1970s.  The UK is home to over 2,000 storage facilities that are all set to increase as expansion occurs to meet demand. Interestingly, compared with Europe, the UK has the most storage per person than our European counterparts Considering the accumulation and expansion of material goods in the generation of the Baby Boomers, it is easy to understand the 50.5 million square feet of storage space we have capacity for.  After the millennium, it became common for removal companies to twin their transportation services with storage, driving down the costs of storage in relation to a domestic or office move.  At Johnson’s of Shaftesbury, we understand how important storage can be when shifting location and why it has become such an essential service within modern life. 

Essential services during the pandemic 

Due to being part of the logistics chain for the food and medical industry, storage remained open as an essential service. The flexibility of the storage trade means that it is possible to provide simple solutions in moments of crisis as well as in everyday life.  As people adapted to working from home and set up home offices, storage became useful for transitions from larger offices and for storing domestic gear that was not essential for everyday functionality. Similarly, the pandemic and the Stamp Duty holiday increased movement in the housing market.  Storage is an essential component nowadays when in a chain and having gaps between selling, moving and completing and moving in.  While it is easy to find temporary accommodation in these gaps using platforms like Airbnb, it is not possible to transport all your possessions along with you. Storage makes for simple transitions when there are complexities of relocation to contend with. 

Ten common uses of storage in the UK 

  1. Decluttering

There are many ways to declutter a home and it is a process.  However, sometimes you are decluttering on someone else’s behalf which can be trickier.  There are so many decisions involved in the letting go process which can be hard particularly if there is a lot of sentiment involved.  Sometimes it is best when facing a monumental house move, to take it in stages, and use storage to break the process down. 

  1. Downsizing 

For people downsizing, storage can be a great way to break the process into stages and provide opportunities for selling and repurposing items gradually. Being able to store larger furniture pieces and equipment out of sight allows the move to the new place to happen easily, and then you will have time and space to reflect on what to do with the items going ahead. 

  1. Bereavement

In times of bereavement there can be a lot of administration to do, and a storage unit is a good solution to managing long term effects until legal processes have been completed and future plans established. 

  1. Relocating Abroad 

A temporary, but long-term overseas position is a good reason to use temporary long-term storage. With possessions safe and securely stowed you can set sail for foreign shores with peace of mind. 

  1. Business stock

Storage containers can be excellent for small businesses for storing excess commercial stock. Customers appreciate the climate-controlled units as they provide assurance that stock will not deteriorate during the storage period. 

  1. Online start-up businesses

Ebay businesses that rely on delivery and dispatch of goods can benefit from self-storage business containers.  Using a container as a business premise for delivery and dispatch can help keep rental costs down. 

  1. Airbnb and holiday let businesses

Whether it is renting out a bedroom when a family member goes off to university or switching the purpose of a house temporarily to a holiday let, storage can help provide a solution to storing many personal items.  The income from the short-term letting business easy surpasses the monthly expenditure on the storage unit. 

  1. Gardening and building equipment

For both domestic and professional gardeners and builders, having a unit to store tools and expensive equipment where it is not going to degrade is a sound investment.  For professionals, a self-storage unit can be helpful as you can have 24-hour access. Similarly, this works for photographers and other businesses which require valuable equipment that may not be used every day. 

  1. Seasonal Sports Equipment

Particularly in Dorset, the summer opens people’s passion for watersports. However, these can be fair-weather sports and during the winter it is good to store expensive equipment for the next season.  Whether it is for a family or a business with an emphasis on watersports, storage can help preserve the value of these investments and keep them out of the way at home. 

  1. Renovations

Renovations can take place before you move into a property, or at any point in time.  Depending on the degree of renovation, a storage container may be necessary to safeguard furniture and possessions against damage from the renovation.  If you are renovating a new home prior to moving into it, holding back the bulk of your possessions makes a lot of sense until the work is complete, and you are ready for the next phase. 

Johnsons of Shaftesbury – our bespoke storage solutions in Dorset 

As removals and storage experts in Dorset and the West Country, we know storage is well worth the investment in the right circumstances. Our container storage service uses special trucks that bring the container to your home. Our team will carefully load the vehicle while ensuring that there is a perfect inventory of all it contains. We can seal the container before leaving your home, demonstrating the security of your possessions in your presence.  When you are ready for these to be redelivered, we simply forklift the container back onto a truck and redeliver it to you wherever you request.  We also offer assisted self-storage which is a new service. Assisted self-storage allows you to access your possessions 4 times per calendar month, with 24 hours’ notice required for access. This way you can have the accessibility of self-storage but without the hike up in monthly costs. To find out more contact our team here.

Johnson´s of Shaftesbury – removals and storage in Dorset 

With 180 years of experience in removals and storage in Dorset, Johnson’s continues to serve the area, now with our innovative storage solutions. Check out our customer reviews to find out why our customers are so satisfied with our performance. As members of the Master Removers Group and BAR accredited, our services stand on a foundation of excellence which is required to meet stringent standards every year.  When it comes to handling your treasured possessions and prized effects, it is worth hiring the experts to handle everything on your behalf. With our fleet of specialized vehicles, we can tailor make a moving plan to meet your needs and keep costs down. If you are considering moving to or into Dorset, get in touch with us today for a free quote and to discuss your removal and storage needs.